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What are the key things the resume of a Biologist must reflect?

can you suggest a solution to it

by Janhavi Dipak Talele
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RE: What are the key things the resume of a Biologist must reflect?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

For your kind information resume is the mirror which reflects the profile image and you can project your skill, education and future career in the same script that is your resume. A resume of biologist is just like autobiography which is created by the past effort and kind of potential work you have done. Since the presentation skill through your CV must be crystal clear and in chronological order then yo u should decide what is the ideal keys of success to be written in CV. A biologist does the phenomenal job for the society under certain tag names like I am molecular biologist, microbiologist, animal biotechnologist, human biologist, plant biotechnologist, clinical researcher etc. But you have to earn the kind of certificate/degree for that only then you can claim a certain tag in resume, again certificate and degree is not the sufficient for a true biologist. Certificate an degree are the kind of accomplishment proof of certain course structure which is still not proven and translated into your act which is the ultimate key of your success. Therefor you can explore the resume of any famous biologist and assess ones qualitative approach of life what have been arranged and cataloged in a meaningful manner.

You should know the following modules in chronological order while making your CV, make sure that you are not giving any bogus inputs you must be having the certificates/degree/written proof issued by authority:

1. Curriculum and biography both are distinct from each other so never mix together, go for CV as it contains only your academic and professional achievements

2. First start with your Name as written in certificate/degree, followed by communication ddress
3. Career objectives should be reliable and having synchronous with your background
4. Academic presentation in descriptive manner

5. If you have done any biological project research then mention the outcome in brief along with the affiliation details and your mentor
6. Technical skills
7. Interest of your academic life
8. Publication details in chronological order
9. Conferences, workshop, training details
10. Statement of your purpose being a biologist classified and sub-classified with academic niche, research focus and future industrial involvement.
11. Name of your academic and research referees with the prior consent so that your referee can stamp your written claim in CV whenever your future recruiters will contact them.

Best of luck

RE: What are the key things the resume of a Biologist must reflect?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Freind, this is indeed a beautiful and genuine question. Since I am also a biologist (microbiologist), therefore, I am happy to reply it.

The basic thing one must understand that, we should prepare our resume as per the requirements of the job. Now gone are the days, when we have only one resume and for every post advertised, we send the same resume without making any chane or correction. Now we modify our resume as per the requirement of the job. We emphasize that part of our qualification, experience which is needed by the organization at the time of advertisement.

A biologist (it could be botanist, zoologist, microbiologist, biotechnologist, biochemist, environmental scientist) should write only required things in resume. Lets take an example of a botanist or microbiologist or biotechnologist.

On top of the first page, informations like your name, communication address (including email and telephone number). If possible you may stick your latest and good photo (in formal cloths) on the top right side. For female candidates if they feel comfortable, they may paste their photo.
Then write your educational qualifications. Some people write the objective or aim of their career, this line goes suitble for a private company job. If applying in a university, college or research institute, please avoid such pharases.

You should mention your professional experince, starting from the current position. The achievements (award, schlorship, some recognition). A biologist is supposed to be memeber of scientific society, therefore also mention those. The number of students guided (MSc, M.Phil and PhD students).

Your area of expertise, the courses you tought and the field of your research. If you know some latest and uncommon techniques, you may also mention those.

Your professional achievements; it includes, any patent, any novel discovery.

A list of publication is very important. You should prepare list of publications (research papers, review articles, book chapters, edited books, books written, newspaper articles, letter to the editor) separately. The reason is that some people want your brief resume, which should of three to four pages. If required you sould send your list of publications also.

How many conferences / workshops / symposis (national and international) you have organized. How many conferences / workshop you have attended, participated or presented research papers as oral or poster. These all things reflect the total out come of a biologist.

Good luck....

RE: What are the key things the resume of a Biologist must reflect?

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