What are the key things the resume of a Textile Engineer must reflect?

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2 answers

RE: What are the key things the resume of a Textile Engineer must reflect?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
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There are a number of things that the resume of textile engineer should reflect. They have to work on those things so that they can enhance their chances in getting a job. Below is the list of those things that they have to work on while preparing their resume:

1. First of all the work experience of the textile engineer has to be mentioned at the beginning of the resume. This is the most important part of their resume. They need to clearly mention the roles that they have played when they worked in various organizations. Their past track record tells what kind of professional they are and what is the learning and skill that they are going to bring with them to make a value addition in the current organization.

2. The textile engineers need to mention the projects that they have worked on. The projects could be academic as well as industrial. The work in project settings is important and tells the real contribution of a professional. Therefore the textile engineers need to highlight the important projects that they have worked on, along with their role so that they can mark an impact on someone who is going to read the resume.

3. The resume should contain the basics of academic achievements and qualifications. This is specially important for the freshers as they do not have much to write on the above mentioned points. They have to highlight the important subjects where they have excelled and have performed really well.

4. The skills section has to be filled carefully indicating all the personal and professional skills that a textile engineer possesses so that the other person can get the clear idea about what all the engineer knows and what all things he or she can do.

5. The achievements have to be mentioned in the resume so that it can highlight the important things that one has achieved as a textile engineer. It gives the idea of outstanding performances and the competitive advantage of an individual.

6. The resume has to be short and precisely prepared.

RE: What are the key things the resume of a Textile Engineer must reflect?

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
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Greeting's for the day!!!

The Textile Industry in India:
The Indian Textile industry boasts of having an overwhelming presence in the conomy of the country. The industry plays pivotal role through its contribution to industrial output, employment generation, and export earnings of the country. Currently, it contributes about 14% to industrial production, 4% to the GDP, and 17% to the country's export earnings. Notably, it provides employement to over 35 million people. And with the decentralization of power loom / hosiery and knitting sectors, and new techniques to produce a variety of products to suit different market sections, there is a huge demand for trained professionals in the Textile and apparel industry.

For the growth of the industry, the Indian Ministry of Textiles belives that there is a strong need to focus on aspects like product development, CAD to develop designing capabilities, investment in trend forecasting to enable growth of industry.

How do i get there?
One can enter the field after doing Diploma or Degree level programs in the textile and apparel ore related subjects like merhcnadising, fashion designing, textile retailing, product management and the like. The course duration can range from 1 year to four to five yearsdepending upon opted program level.

Students need to understand the industry from the scratch and then they can jump on to the specialized levels. The Master's programs are spcially designed to prepare students to meet the challeneges of design-driven industries though modules in manufacturing , merchandising, wholesailing, and retailing. Students learn aspects like innovative problem solving, product development, and managerial strategies that incorporate the application of new technologies.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates can have opportunities in prodution development and management, retail management, apparel designing, visual merchandising, technical designing, fashion writing and editing, quality control, musuem collection management and theatrical costuming,, and many more.

Required skills which must be reflected in Resume:
Textile/ clothing designer need:
1. To be creative
2. An eye for colour, texture and pattern
3. The ability to visualize things in three dimesions
4. Technical skills in areas such as patter cutting, grading and garment construction
5. To be able to draw, either by hand or on the computer
6. Good communication skills to explain their ideas clearly and persuasively.
7. The ability to meet deadlines and wor within a budget.
8. Business skills and commercial awareness, paticularly if they are self-employed.
9. Good negotiation skills when selling their own designs.
10. To keep ahead of trends in colur, fabric and style.
11. Strong organizational skills.

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JEE Main Previous Year Paper

JEE Main Previous Year CutOff PDFs

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RE: What are the key things the resume of a Textile Engineer must reflect?

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