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What are the tips to be a successful ‘Architecturer’?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the tips to be a successful ‘Architecturer’?

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Be ready to face some tough years

In every field, you have to face tough years, where there is no work or payment is not so much. Same in architecture, you have to establish yourself. Persistence is the key to success. You should be putting everything you have into your job.

 You should have the quality to resolve anything. Initially, you should have a distinctly resolute approach, which will help you grow. Many times you may think of quitting, many times the situation may not seem right, many times you may not get anything to work. It's not like it is only there in architecture, in every business initially you have to face everything.

You will have to wait for an opportunity. You will get there, where you want to go, it will take time. Whatever your work s, do it with enthusiasm, no matter how small the work is. People will pay attention to you. Get involved in everything, whatever the work is going on, be it management, contract, client relations, marketing. Do work, you will get noticed.

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Seek mentors

 Find people who have skills & knowledge & experience. Find your fellow workers, talk to them. Find people who can inspire you, help you with your work, suggest you. These mentors will help you develop & instrumental to career advancement. Ask for their advice about life not only about the field. They will have the most influence on you. You can learn for them. But you will have to be careful while choosing the mentor. They can either take you to new heights or take you down with themselves. 

Presentation skills

You may have some really good ideas, you can be really creative, you can be best at you job, but it’s nothing till you deliver your ideas to clients. You have to deliver your ideas to everyone in your office. You should be ready for public speaking & speak to anyone who is there. This is a must for architects. Practice makes a man perfect; to be good at presenting you should practice more often. Some people are born with the ability of public speaking while some needs to develop it.  A 10 min presentation can change your whole life, it can make your career you can’t afford to lose it.

Technology will always help you:

 You must now about every technology that comes in the market. Learn new things always, keep learning. Education never ends. Keep that curiosity inside you, never let it die. If you keep up with the world, you will always be ahead of your fellow members.





Seize the moment

 Whenever you think that there is an opportunity, seize it, and never let it go. Always try something new out. Keep trying until you succeed. Volunteer to do things. Take responsibilities & never back down from your responsibilities. Always be alert for opportunities.

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Get out of your comfort zone

Keep trying something new every day, so that you can improve. Watch your fellow workers & your superiors, you will learn. Adapt good things that are there around you, avoid the bad things. Be with people who are positive thinkers, avoid negative people because they bring you down. Try different fields; don’t restrict yourself to your field only. Take a new course or a new class. Take risks. Taking risk helps you develop new approaches & methods. Extraordinary architecture comes only when the architect tries something new. You won’t be successful always, but it’s fine. Do try something else. Don’t just follow the pattern.



 This is important in every field. Get to know your community & experts in your field. Get a membership to different communities, from allies, make friends. Whenever you get a chance to make connections or networks, do it, without even thinking much. But remember always make good friends, who can help you grow. This is a service industry, so to survive you need networks. A lot of things dependent on how fast & good are your network. Strong network not only makes your job easier but also sometimes helps you land a job. It’s all about establishing yourself in the market. Your talent & creativity will come into play after you establish your network.


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Accept failure

It’s alright to make mistakes, everyone does. But the important part is what & how you learn from your mistakes. You should always learn from the last job. Try to improve upon it. Make sure that you don’t commit the same mistake ever again. Don’t Get Upset by Clients that Think They Know.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the tips to be a successful ‘Architecturer’?

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