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What are the perks of being an Air Hostess?

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RE: What are the perks of being an Air Hostess?

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Air hostess has become a dream profile for young girls these days. The aviation sector has seen terrific growth since past few years. Air hostess is kind of a fun job where there are various options to enjoy. A person who can enjoy his/her job is the happiest person. Although it is not that easy profile as it looks like, their many responsibilities too on an air hostess. Sometimes they have to work for long hours when a flight gets; they have to make sure that every passenger is at ease and that their journey is comfortable too. Some other times they have to deal with difficult and strange passengers.

Taken as a whole it is a nice job profile; air hostess even gets promoted to head flight attendant and after that, they work with management level. They get to meet passengers who are very interesting. Being an air hostess means increasing your general knowledge about different places and things as they get the chance to visit new places and gets to know about their culture.

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The only thing required by an air hostess is that she should have a good command over English, she should be groomed well. Height should be correct; weight should be in ratio to their height. They have to cut their extra weight and have to gain some extra kilos if they are not up to company’s requirement. They should be having an attractive personality and their voice should be pleasant enough. They should have an ability to work with the team. They should have a positive attitude always during their work.


Perks of being an air hostess

  • Opportunities to visit other cities: whenever flight lands somewhere, air hostess can have a rest for a small number of days around the city and can enjoy this part as their vacation. The best part is nothing have to be paid by them, everything is paid by the airline company itself from staying to their meals everything is paid by them.
  • Special allowances: salary is another best part in this sector; it starts from Rs 20,000 and goes up till Rs 80,000. All allowances are covered in this.
  • Free clothing: here girls don’t have to buy clothes for them to wear on a daily basis, even their makeup is provided by air line companies. Some international air companies even provide laundries for the air hostess. Thus, girls save a lot by not spending their money on girly things.
  • Opportunities to meet new people and celebrities: it would be so great to meet stars whom you have seen just on screen and now you get the chance of to meet them, you can even take a picture. All this would be so exciting and one can do this in this job profile only.

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  • Much more relaxing time: normally people in other jobs work 5 days per week, in comparison to this, an air hostess just has to work approx 3 days per week. Therefore they are more relaxed than others.

Some more remuneration in this field



  • Free package for family: Air line companies provide free travel to an air hostess and their family once in a year. These families can save a lot and can enjoy a lot at the same time.
  • Gets discount on tickets: air companies provide amazing discounts on tickets, they are almost free, very little amount has to be given as their discounts are too excellent.
  • Benefits in the area of medical: air line companies provide free medical benefits to every person working in air line companies; they even provide insurance free of cost.

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Being an air hostess is an amazing job. Companies also provide a retirement plan for the crew members; as a consequence, the pay package is really good. What in addition one needs, flying in an air plane, gets the whole lot for free, travel for free, food for free as well as getting paid, every vital thing is provided by air line companies. This is a type of job that a lot of people must dream about. For that reason, it is an incredible field which offers a bunch of high-quality remuneration.

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RE: What are the perks of being an Air Hostess?

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