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What are the various topics I would be studying during BA LLB?

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RE: What are the various topics I would be studying during BA LLB?

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National Law University are the best colleges for Law in India. Common Law Admission Test is an entrance test conducted by the NLUs every year. CLAT is for admission is graduation & post graduation level in NLUs.  Applications are filled online through CLAT’s websites. In the websites, they provide for the admission procedure.

Since last two years this exam is conducted online, earlier it was a pen & paper test. There are currently 17 Law Universities which give admission to students on CLAT score. Other private universities also take students on the basis of CLAT score. The BCI (Bar Council of India) is the main regulatory body of Law education.

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Every University has a different curriculum, the University teaches almost same subjects but just with different Hons paper depending on the University, availability of teachers etc.

Some basic subjects which are taught in BA.LLB are:





Compulsory subjects

  • BA Subjects: LLB. consists of two parts BA + LLB, so along with your law subjects, will also have to take BA subjects. Mostly the Universities provide for Political Science or Sociology or Economics as the BA subjects.
  • Legal methods: this is not another field of law, but a subject to teach you fundamental skills of legal profession.
  • Jurisprudence: they teach you theories & history of law.
  • Law of Contract: Contract law covers all of the features of contracts: when a contract is formed, how to end a contract, and what counts as having performed contractual obligations.
  • Law of Tort: this contains civil law, a tort is when a person commits a civil wrong, meaning wrong against the whole society not against a particular person.
  • Family Law: Law which governs family disputes.
  • Law of Crimes: Crime in India is governed under Indian Penal Code. This Code include every crime, what are the essentials of proving a crime, what are the punishments given to the person committing such crimes.

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  • Human Rights: Our Constitution provides some elementary rights to its citizen because they are human. These are rights are allotted because they were born human. It is an additional subject taught in law schools.
  • Constitutional Law of India: Constitutional law refers to rights carved out in the Constitution. This is everything in law. Understanding law of the land is the basic task of the lawyer.
  • Public International Law: Public international law are rules that is legally binding on States in their interactions with other States, individuals, organizations and other entities.
  • Property Law and Easement: Law governing transactions related to property is taken under this. Transfer of property, validity of transfer of property are dealt here.
  • Commercial Law: here, lawyers handle corporate deals & ventures.
  • Labour Law: Labour law defines the rights and obligations in the workplace. They mostly govern workers, employer & trade unions. They were mostly enacted because of unfair treatment & assaults suffered by the working class & labor
  • Administrative Law: this is related to functions of administrative offices. Governmental agencies must act within Constitutional parameters. In this, it is made sure that all the governmental bodies are working within the sphere allotted to them by the Constitutional & also ensures that there are no unconstitutional steps taken.
  • Investment/Competition Law: this law ensures fair & equality in the competitive market.
  • Law of Evidence: proving someone guilty is the work of the prosecutions. Court came into existence because of crime committed by the people. Law of Evidence is an integral part of the legislation. This is also something which every to-be-lawyer should learn.
  • Banking Law: law applied on Banking is covered in this field of law. Students having Hons in Banking Law works in the Banks as legal Advisor or as legal head.
  • Code of Civil Procedure & Law of Limitation: discovery, pleading, pretrial motions, etc.are included in this part of law. Rules by which Civil procedure is governed.

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: this is not a new method to resolve issues but a method used since Vedic period. Here, solving issues or dispute between the parties are done outside the court with the help of another person.
  • Professional Ethics and Court Craft
  • Equity, Trust, Fiduciary Relationship & Specific Relief Act:



Optional Subjects

  • Criminology, Penology & Victimology
  • Air and Space Law
  • Law and Medicine 
  • Women and Law Relating to Children
  • Cyber Law 
  • Intellectual Property Laws
  • Environmental law

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the various topics I would be studying during BA LLB?

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