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What is a typical salary structure of an average Bio Technologist?

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3 answers

RE: What is a typical salary structure of an average Bio Technologist?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
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Biotechnology is the application of living organisms to make commercial products. bio technologists use their scientific knowledge of plants, animals , microbes, biochemistry and genetics to find solutions to problems and develop new products. biotechnology has its application in almost all industries including textiles food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical , agriculture etc. certain personal attributes along with required qualification such as long concentration span, an enquiring mind, imagination, capacity for original thought , organizing ability , ability for team work, methodical and practical approach to scientific problems enables a person to be a successful bio technologist. post graduation in biotechnology can lead to placements in pharmaceutical companies, in the chemical industry, in agriculture, food processing and allied industries as well as research laboratories run by the government and the corporate sector. the pharmaceutical industry contains the maximum number of multinational companies with the chemical industry. the biotech business is growing at an accelerated rate and the number of companies in this business is multiplying fast. the average salary of biotechnologist is between rupees 15000/- to rs. 20000/-

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RE: What is a typical salary structure of an average Bio Technologist?

Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma
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Hello Friend,

Starting Salary of a biotechnologist varies with type of job he is getting.

Hard core R&D personal with M.Sc. can easily earn from 10,000 to 25,000 pm.
A Ph.D. can earn 30,000 to 50,000 based on assignments.
While a management personnel in biotechnology can earn 15,000 to 30,000 pm.
An average salary of a biotechnology assistant professor in college varies from 30,000 to 45,000. But it is very hard to get into these position.
In USA average salary of biotechnologist with Ph.D. is $50K to $60K pa.
Situation varies with the qualifications.
Value of fellowships by Indian government-
M.Tech. - Rs. 8000 pm
Ph.D.- Rs. 14000-20000 pm
Post-Doctorate- Rs. 25000 to 35000 pm
JRF of UGC, CSIR or DBT- 16000 + 30% HRA pm
A Ph.D scholar abroad receives approx. $1500 pm.
Post- Doc Salary in Abroad- $3000 pm approx.

Above salaries are generalized and are based on a general survey however actual salary structure might differ. An early stage biotechnologist can expect a salary suitable for living and expenses for a single person.

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RE: What is a typical salary structure of an average Bio Technologist?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

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Definition of Biotechnologist and its offering salary range is quite variable according to your positioning and level of contributions are giving to the scientific world. Irrespective of any particular qaulification background I am citing a structural details of salary band, requirements, and opportunity etc:

  1. With physcis, chemistry and maths or biology you can join B.Tech in Biotech or B.Sc in Biotechnology similarly you can explore B.Sc/B.Sc Hons in Botany, Zoology, or any stream of fundamental biological sciences.
    2. After spending three to four years at Under Graduate level you have score at top level which reflects your academic credibility to claim the higher degree -Postgraduate in the same subject or you could be able to explore job in biotech industries at entry level-technician, lab manager, research assistant those are having B,Sc degree. salary range will be 12-18k in range
    Those are having B.Tech degree can explore juniour scientist level with the salary range of 15-25 K in a range.
    Both types of aspirnats with simple biological sciences or biotech btech background can join any of these companies as follows:
    1. Biocon (
    2. Syngen (
    3. Panacea Biotech (
    4. Reddys Laboratory (
    5. Biotech Park (
    6. Biotech Consortium of India Ltd (
    7. Indian Oil RD (
    8. HP ltd (
    9. Relience Life Sciences (
    10. ITC Cellulose (
    11. Biochroma (
    12. Monsanto (
    Above listed compnies can appoint you either in RD, or production or sales depends on your requirement and your academic performance.

    3. If you are willing to pursue higher degree then join Post Graduation in B.Tech-M.Tech / M.Sc Life Sciences/Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Biophysics/Bioinformatics/Botany/Zoology/Biotechnology/ Marine Technology/Nano Technology
    With this degree you will be now in better postion for job perspective again you could be asborved in any of the above listed company and else---the job range will be 20-45 k depends on your acquired skill and academic record, make sure you are working on your aptidude and communication skill very important factors for overall personality test.

    4. Following the journey at postgrade level you will be able to explore jobs abroad/offshore depends on your interest, so many opportuniteis are waiting for you out side country as India supplies manpower to them just explore relevent job portal online and get registered online or offline, make sure everything in proper manner about the genuinity of that portal and consultancy agency now it is very frequent observation of cheating students at different level.
    5. You can go for Ph.D degree which makes you top class scientists after investing three to five years of research duration with scholarship for that you have to qualify UGC-JRF/SRF/CSIR-JRF etc which supports you financially and enable you to get entry at national level of premium institutes for doctorate degree. Ph.D scientist get very good salary range at diiferent level starting from 45k to never ending goal

    For other queries you can contact us telephonically.


    Dr. Manoj

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RE: What is a typical salary structure of an average Bio Technologist?

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