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What is Educational Technology? How is it transforming the ways of learning?

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RE: What is Educational Technology? How is it transforming the ways of learning?

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You’re in your home, lying on the bed and watching that video lecture on YouTube. Life’s easy, isn’t it? Now let’s rewind back ten years, and you will see that students are going to school with loads of books on their backs. But now that we’re in 2017, all those books can go down the bin (not literally, duh!) and instead you can use a phone or tablet. That’s how much technology is influencing our day to day lives. Be it communication, health, work or any other, none of the aspects have remained untouched from this wave, and such an aspect (and a very important one) is that of Education, which has been taken by storm. From smart classes to e-learning, distance courses to examinations, everything has changed.

Now everyone can find projectors and screens in schools even in remote areas. Hands which used to hold a pencil and notebook are now holding phones and tablets. Students from a small college can attend lectures of a professor from Harvard University. Learning has become much diverse than just sitting and taking notes in the class. It has become more interactive, more fun. Apart from that, advances in Technology has helped in huge reduction of costs and made distance learning a viable option.

But not only Education, work has also become as convenient as Education. From managing a business to maintaining the designing and fabrication of a product has become a lot easier. And because of these reasons, we can now work in a direction which has been largely unaddressed so far, i.e. Brain Drain. For people unfamiliar with the term, Brain Drain, as defined by Wikipedia is ‘the emigration of highly trained or qualified people from a particular country’. It has been widely affecting the country for around two decades, but significant steps were taken not to curb the condition until now. One might wonder how advances in technology can affect Brain Drain, so here’s some insight.

People immigrate to other countries due to many reasons. In search of better jobs, good education, more money, wider recognition in the industry are the major ones among others, but the most important factor is the level of education and facilities they provide. It is a well-known fact that in India, there are only a handful of universities which offer facilities that are at par with good universities abroad. And this is also one of the major reasons of Brain Drain in the country. Even in the ranking list of the topmost universities of the world, not one institute from India ranks among the top 10.



Part of this can be blamed to the education system of India, which seems to be outdated, if not flawed. The system hasn’t changed much since decades, and this causes the most harm to students only. As a result, either students are not able to reach their full potential, or they go to foreign universities for better education. But this is not the only reason. Apart from this, lack of proper facilities and faculty, lack of resources and exposure also play an very important role in Brain Drain.

However, with the increasing use of technology, the level of education and the facilities that are provided in India can be equally good too as that in foreign universities. With the advances in technology, and especially with it becoming cheaper, Universities may be able to afford the latest technology to help the students. Moreover, the study material for these universities are now very easily accessible, there are a lot of online as well as distance learning courses available.

Although these are the basic requirements that various universities are providing, a lot of advancements need to be done. The similarity between off-campus and on-campus courses needs to increase. More and more lectures and tutorials, a lot of interactive sessions and a more robust learning scheme need to be developed. And due to these, students can learn from foreign universities from the comfort of their homes at a fraction of the cost that they would have to pay.

And this not only applies to education, but the same thing applies to work too. So much of our work can be done with the help of the Internet; one can work for a company based in any corner of the world even from their homes. Projects, meetings, write-ups, connections everything can be maintained and executed over the Internet. And all of these combined can contribute a lot in addressing the issue of Brain Drain. It will not become necessary for people to move from their homes to other countries in search of better education or career opportunities.

It can’t be said whether the benefits of online presence will completely replace the current system or not. That’s not the topic of discussion here so let’s save it for another day. But it will definitely decrease the amount of people emigrating abroad for opportunities.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What is Educational Technology? How is it transforming the ways of learning?

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