Dear friend, many thanks for your question, and I am happy to answer it through Meracareerguide. Here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. The zoologist is a person who study the animals, their behavior, classification, distribution and physiology in their natural habitat and also in captivity. Technically speaking the person holding a degree of post graduation in zoology is known as zoologist. But now a days the post graduate (MSc) in zoology get a job of school teacher, or Research associate, senior research fellow or technical office

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Hi there. I am not repeating what the earlier counselor anandwadadekar wrote. It would all be a repetition. But only a word of caution here is that the field of zoology is a tough one. Though it sounds, every industry has scope, but mind you getting a job is not easy as they require just one or two people and they already exists. At the same time since this is a Research field it requires a lot of patience and one can get a job only as a Research co-coordinator. I am writing this on the basis of personal experience which my niece is facing. She ultimately went ahead and pursued an MBA in

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Dear friend, many thanks for your question, here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing ate present. In fact the job of a [zoologist][1] do very interesting job, and the subject has huge job opportunities. The zoologist is a person or scientist, who study the behavior of animals. If anyone is good at science, wants to know about the animals and their environment then this the good subject. [The nature of job of a zoologist is][2]: developing and testing new drugs improving [agricultural][3] crops for the livestock disease and pest control of animals

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Dear friend, th The zoologist study the animals and their behavior. If you have interest in science and specially in animal science or zoology and you wish to know about the animals, their nature, their habitat, their life cycle, their conservation their physiology, then the subject zoology is for you. The person or scientist who study the zoology, is known as zoologist. To become a zoologist, you will need to be able to carry out the detailed work in an accurate and organized way. You will need patience and the ability to concentrate for long periods. Besides all these things, you wil

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The zoologist study the animals, their classification, physiology, distribution  and their behavior. The working hours and need to work during night depends upon the nature of job. The job of a zoologist could be in school, colleges, research institutions, government laboratories, zoo, museum, forest department. Technically speaking, the person holding a post graduate degree in zoology is known as zoologist. The post graduate person will be eligible to get join as school teacher or in the research project in the universities and research institutions. In schools, the working hours are

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Most zoologists work for museums, zoos or research laboratories. A typical day for a zoologist consists of ensuring the well being and safety of the animals that they are taking care of. They also assist other team members in maintaining proper shelter and providing right food. The important partof any zoologist's work is to do the research on animals, which includes collecting, dissecting and examining the specimens from various animals along with preparing slides to examine the various specimens for diseased tissue. A zoologist also spends a lot of time in observing the animals behavior

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