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What is the detail of Master of Science in Marine Science and which all colleges offer this degree?

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RE: What is the detail of Master of Science in Marine Science and which all colleges offer this degree?

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The very short description of this course can be described in following the way which can help a student know about the course at a glance.

  • Duration of the course is 2 years
  • Level of the course is Post-graduation
  • Type of the title is Degree
  • Eligibility required is Graduation

This course is all about Oceanography. The areas that are covered under Marine Science are several like Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry and Physical Oceanography and so on. This course of the master in marine science is designed for the period of two years and is spread over four Semesters. This pattern may vary from one institute to other which has to be specifically looked into by the student applying there by visiting their official website or by looking into their brochure designed for such course. For example, the one university offering this course is the University of Goa which offers this course for two years. For all practical reasons the ideal time required to complete this course is of two years term. This course of Masters of Marine Science has a lot of scope for jobs especially when the Peninsular India is blessed with the vast exposure to marine activities because India is blessed with a big and long coastal line. This is an added advantage to the Indian Students to go for some such course which has a correlation with the existing resourcefulness of India and which can help the country in turn in generating revenue by employing such graduates and post graduates.


Eligibility Requirements for M.Sc. (Master of Science) Marine Science:

  • Sc. Chemistry and Honours in Bio-Chemistry, Geography, Zoology, physiology, Botany, Geology, Microbiology (Chemistry being a general subject amongst many subjects in the course structure)
  • The requirement of minimum marks for admission may vary from one institution to another.


Syllabus of Mater in Science (Marine Science):

The following is the syllabus that is presently prescribed by many colleges, Institutions or universities that offer this particular course. It includes almost around 33 subjects that have been categorized into compulsory subjects and optional subjects.

Compulsory Subjects are:

The subjects listed here are some of the compulsory subjects which have to be taken by a student and there is no choice. They are Marine Biochemistry, Marine Chemistry, Computational Methods in Oceanography, Marine Geology, Sedimentology, Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions and Climate change, Marine Geochemistry, Marine Microbiology, Marine Geophysics, Geophysical Fluid Mechanics, Physical Oceanography and Marine Meteorology, Marine Ecology, Estuarine and Coastal Oceanography, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of sea-water, Marine Biodiversity and Conservation.

Optional Subjects are:

The subjects listed here are some of the optional subjects which a student may not take according to the choice and interest and there is choice of choosing one over another and they are  , Marine Chemistry Dissertation, Sedimentology Practical, Marine Biology Dissertation, Marine Geology Dissertation, Marine Sciences Practical I, Marine Biology, Marine Pollution and Bio-deterioration, Remote Sensing and its Applications, Marine Sciences Practical II, Geophysical Fluid Mechanics Practical, Marine Geochemistry Practical, Open Atmosphere Interaction and Climate Change Practical, Marine Biochemistry Practical, Marine Microbiology Practical, Marine Ecology Practical, and Physical Oceanography Dissertation.


Various Colleges and Universities offering this course:

  • The University of Chettinad which is in Kanchipuram.
  • The University of Bhavnagar which is in Bhavnagar itself.
  • The University of Goa, Which is in North Goa.
  • The Calcutta University which is in Kolkata itself.


Master of Science (Marine Science) Suitability of the course:

  • The one who is thinking of applying for this course must have proficiency in subjects like applications calculus computer which relate to techniques of laboratory and natural science, physics and chemistry.
  • Other essential skills required for undergoing this course can be Physical Oceanography, marine ecology, marine biology, introductory oceanography and chemical oceanography.
  • There is also a requirement of the kind of thinking which is critical and they should have scientific method which includes the abilities to design an internship project and a research based on inquiry and carry it out, also compile a portfolio, write a research paper write a scientific proposal or analyze primary scientific literature.
  • A student should also have knowledge of field techniques and Oceanographic and marine biological laboratory methods.

The benefits of Master of Science (Marine Science) Course:

India being a coastal country it has vast potential in the field of marine activities. Hence there is no doubt that this course in marine science will be useful and has many benefits. Resultantly there are various job opportunities in this marine field. Some of the benefits after completing this course are:

  • Seeking job at Department of Science and Technology and Environment of the states who have a coastal area or at any other private consultancy firm or at Goa’s National Institute of Oceanography.
  • A lot of non-profit organisations in eco-tourism, to be a science teacher at public and private schools to teach them science or more particularly marine science and marine agencies of the government offer a lot of jobs as Marine Research Technicians and a student can also practice the law of the environment.
  • Areas like the food industry, biotechnology, research institutes, bioinformatics, the pharmaceutical industry, in water conservation etc offer employment opportunities to such graduates and post graduates from marine science.
  • All other candidates interested in teaching can approach various institutes, colleges and universities to seek teaching jobs and if the candidate clears National Eligibility Test he is sure to get selected as a professor with higher salary package and they can simultaneously do research studies further.

Various types of posts and jobs for Master of Science (Marine Science):

  • Service Manager
  • Tender Support Analyst
  • Manager Project- Pharmacy Biotech
  • Associate Director-SCI Port
  • Marine Instructor
  • Trainee Marine
  • Quality Assurance Leader
  • Officer Excise and Logistics
  • Strategic Marketing Manager.
  • Accountant- Marine Lines


Once the Master of Science (Marine Science) degree is completed a student has an option of becoming an engineer in Marine Science.

The scope of advanced studies in Master of Science (Marine Science):

If any candidate has a good amount of knowledge and has done proper research but is willing to take his research to further levels then he can doctorate in this subject and can do so by registering for Ph.D. (Marine Science). Further clearing National Eligibility Test or JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) would be held in getting admission to a reputed college and do Ph.D.

RE: What is the detail of Master of Science in Marine Science and which all colleges offer this degree?

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