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What is the pattern of NEET exam?

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RE: What is the pattern of NEET exam?

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Prior to starting with the blueprint of NEET exam, one should be completely aware of what is NEET with reference to. So, NEET is an undergraduate examination which stands for National Eligibility cum entrance test. This test is for those students who wish to do any graduate medical course whether it is MMBS or BDS or postgraduate course like MD OR MS from any medical college. The college can be private as well as Government College. NEET exam has replaced all-India pre-medical tests (AIPMT) exam since last few years. NEET exam is conducted by the system of the central board of secondary education (CBSE). This exam provides most of the seats to candidates.

Here comes the pattern for this exam:

A number of questions:

The page is in the outward appearance of OMR answers. Examination hall itself will provide all the basic stationary to students; they don’t have to bring their own. There will be 180 questions in all. Questions are from three subjects i.e. Physics, chemistry, and biology. The division of 180 questions is in this way: 45 from physics, 45 from chemistry and 90 questions from biology.

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Types of questions:

There are objectives questions in the question manuscript. Every question will have 4 options and students will have to choose the most excellent suitable answer among those options. Also, there are diverse sets of question paper so that students don’t cheat. There are 4 sets of question paper in all. Though there are same questions in all the sets they are arranged in order like chalk and cheese. This means they are arranged in altered order.

The Medium of Language:

The question paper is conducted in 10 languages namely, English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Assamese and Kannada. Whichever language the student has selected, they will get the question paper in that language only. One cannot transform the language after selecting it at the initial case in point.

Syllabus for NEET exam:

The multiple questions are from physics, chemistry, and biology. The syllabus is from books of 11th and 12th. The books of CBSE and NCERT have to be referred. Topics under physics include electrostatics, current electricity, laws of motion, electromagnetic waves, gravitation, thermodynamics, electronic devices, optics, atoms and nuclei, dual nature of matter and radiation.

Topics under chemistry include structure of atom, solutions, solid state, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, coordination compounds, hydrogen, hydrocarbons, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry in everyday life, organic compounds containing nitrogen, equilibrium, redox reactions, chemical bonding and molecular structure, states of matter: gases and liquids, haloalkanes and haloarenes. Syllabus under biology includes Diversity in living world, reproduction, a structural organization in animals and plants, cell structure and function, plant physiology, human physiology, genetics and evolution, biology and human welfare, biotechnology and its applications and ecology and the environment.

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Marking scheme for this exam is as follows:

Every one question carries 4 marks. For every accurate response student will get 4 marks and for every wrong answer -1 will be deducted. If the student has not marked the answer only then he/she will get no marks.

Qualifying marks to pass:



Those students who belong to the general group should score at least 50% marks to meet the criteria of this exam and those who fit into SC/ST/OBC type, have to obtain at least 40% marks to make the grade of this exam. In special cases, like if the students are handicapped then they should score 45% marks at least.

Duration of time for this exam:

Time duration is 3 hours or 180 minutes. One could say that 1 minute is given per question.

How to prepare for NEET exam:

  • The most important center of attention should be on physics, chemistry, and biology.
  • You have to organize your time and must know to a large extent that what time you should give to each one subject. It is best recommended with the aim to qualify this exam; one should give one and the same time to all subjects during the examination.
  • Always keep in brains the marking format and mark your answer accordingly.
  • At all times be attentive of the ultimate course outline of NEET.
  • Study material of NEET is also offered; one can refer that book material also.
  • At all times run through the question papers of preceding years. Students can download the previous year question paper from the net. Last year question papers are very helpful.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!












RE: What is the pattern of NEET exam?

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