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What is the procedure for becoming a doctor in Army?

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RE: What is the procedure for becoming a doctor in Army?

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Health is wealth. Everybody is very much aware of this saying. Nowadays people are more prone to disease because of the fact that eating habits have taken a drastic change. People fall ill, and to cure them doctors are required. Medical has become the new streaming profession and is evergreen. It has a huge demand in the market because of the fact that more and more people are falling ill. This is a bad sign as well as a positive one.

A medical student who wants to serve the nation and also want to continue with a doctorate, Army is the appropriate option for them. It gives them a huge salary with mental satisfaction and responsibility. It gives them a widely accepted platform to prove their worth. They learn lot many things and act upon them to provide the best services. Being a doctor in Army is a huge honor. 

There are two ways through which a person can join Army for the medical branch which is listed below.

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  • Through CDS
    The Combined Defence Service (CDS) examination is conducted twice every year to recruit eligible candidates for the vacant posts. This exam has two rounds of written examination. Those who clear the written test are called for SSB. In SSB they have to go through a series of interviews and physical test. A merit list is created thereafter. Those who make it through the merit list until the point of vacancies available are taken into consideration and hence are sent a letter which states the timing and date of reporting to the academy.


  • Non-Tech Entry.
    Army opens up Non-Tech entry courses notification occasionally for entry. All those who fall into this category can apply for the course online. It has very limited seats. It is very important to keep a check on the notification date so that you do not miss on it.



  • The applicant must be of Indian nationality.
  • The age must be between 21-27 years. For birth date proof, the selection panel accepts only the matriculation certificate admit card or an equivalent examination.
  • The applicant must have a score of minimum 55% in post graduate degree. This degree should be from a reputed college which is accepted by the Indian education system.
  • The candidate must be physically fit. There should be no injury to the bone and skin.
  • The proportion of height and weight must be according to the standards mentioned on the official Indian Army website.

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To join the army, certain physical standards have to be maintained. Army looks for candidates who are physically fit and can survive in all types of conditions. Therefore, to join army not only intelligent but also physically fit candidates are required. The physical test is one of the main selection processes. If nobody from the current batch passes the physical test, a certain amount of time is given to the candidate to improve the condition. If the condition still does not improve then you will not be taken into the academy. Now, to have a look at the physical standards that Army has laid out, you can go to the official army website of Directorate General Recruiting,






The best thing about Army is that even during training you have a salary. What else do you need? A respectable job with a salary that begins right from your training. There are a couple of things one needs to keep in mind when you are in for training.

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  • The candidate must not be married till the training is over.
  • Training duration is for 49 weeks (11 months).
  • The candidate is not allowed to stay with their parents/guardian. The candidate has to stay in the academy itself.
  • The academy is set up in Chennai known as OTA (Officers Training Academy)
  • Government funds the basic requirement for the candidate.
  • No phones are allowed inside the academy.

This is a very respectful and satisfactory job. One can always go up for this and choose a career in this. This demands the person be true to his profession and work honestly. Hard work is always paid.

Hope this article has served its purpose. Hope to see many new recruits in the Army who will take an army to a new level altogether.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!




RE: What is the procedure for becoming a doctor in Army?

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