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What should I do C.a.or C.s?in which I can do something best according to my interest.i.e.law and income tax.all works should be done under

My interest is in Income Tax and Law.and I have given IPCC for four tumes but didnt clear ,Now I lost my interest in C.A.course..Now I want to do C.S.So according to my interest what should I di?I also want to Think about IRS i.e Indian Revenue Service.I am totally Confused.

by Yogita KPandey
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2 answers

RE: What should I do C.a.or C.s?in which I can do something best according to my interest.i.e.law and income tax.all works should be done under

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
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  • Ahmedabad
Dear Friend,

It is good to know that we are sharing a similar interest.

See, Income Tax and Law are upto certain limits only similar otherwise both the fields are different and both have different way of practices.

As far as Ca CS is concerned, competitively is very tough and hard than Llb. And considering you have failed four times in past, I suggest you should opt for becoming a lawyer only.

Ambrose Bierce in his Devil's dictionary describes a lawyer as someone who is skilled in the 'circumvention of the law'. The notion of a lawyer who is adept at finding 'loopholes' in the system is a popular one in our country too but we cannot deny that to one up the law must know the law. From writers to politicians to freedom fighters, lawyers have donned many hats. Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Rajea Prasad, Franz Kafka and Abraham Lincoln - all these were lawyers.

Law is one of the popular career choices in our country for a long time. Those whose families have been into the profession for generations in India usually opt to study law too. However, to become a lawyer it is not mandatory to have a family background in law neither is it necessary that you belong to an affluent family. Anyone can choose to study law as long as one has the passion for it.

Traditionally, students could specialise in either civil or criminal laws. However, this concept has changed and now students can opt to specialise in any of the various options offered like patent laws, corporate laws, etc. A degree in law not only lets you practice as a lawyer in the courts in the company but also opens up career options in sectors like corporate management, legal services and administrative services.

As per my opinion you have to make your career in corporate lawyer.

To become a corporate lawyer you need to get a degree in law taking up a five-year bachelor of law (B.A L.L.B) /(B.B.A L.L.B) After compilation of your higher education or by pursuing the three year L.L.B after obtaining a bachelor degree in any discipline. To be admitted in to a law school in India you need to take an entrance exam called the common law admission test.

Determine whether you want to pursue a postgraduate course or directly join a law firm after obtaining a L.L.B, you can practice as a lawyer. To specialize in corporate law, it may be good idea to purse a post-graduate law degree or diploma course in corporate or business related law.

Full time one year L.L.M Courses offered by following Law school

Jindal global law school
L.L.M in corporate and financial law.

University of Mumbai
L.L.M in business law.

NLSIU Bangalore
L.L.M in business law.

Nalsar Hyderabad
L.L.M in corporate and commercial law.

NLIU Bhopal
L.L.M in business law.

L.L.M in commercial law.

NLU Jodhpur
L.L.M in corporate law.

HNLU Raipur
L.L.M in corporate law.

GNLU Gandhinagar
L.L.M in corporate and commercial law.

RMLNLU Lucknow
L.L.M in business law.

RGNUL Patiala
L.L.M in business law.

NLU Odisha
L.L.M in corporate law.

NLUJAA Guwahati
L.L.M in business law.

Distance Learning Course.
MBL (master in business law) from NLSIU Bangalore

This particular course is the one of its kind in India as well as abroad. MBl is a course combination of MBA & LLM, it is highly recommended for any of the law graduate in India and the good thing about the course is only NLSUI in India offeres this course.

I hope you have now a clear picture bout what would you like to do in future.

I wish you all the very best and good luck for your future career.

RE: What should I do C.a.or C.s?in which I can do something best according to my interest.i.e.law and income tax.all works should be done under

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
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Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear...

Reading your career query, made me feel excited since I also belong to your field... I am glad that you decided to approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance to your career confusion. Firstly I would like to tell you that do not get discouraged or disappointed due to your career confusion. Let me tell you that there are many students who face such confusions and therefore you need not feel that you are only confused. Relax! I am sure we experts can guide you and help you.

You say that you appared for CA examination four times but did not clear. My Dear, please do not take this as you cannot be a Chartered Accountant ever. Not clearing the exam means may be you have studied selectively and selective study should not be done at all especially for professional courses like CA, CWA, CS. You also say that you have lost interest in CA now and would like to study CS. You also say that you are also willing to appear for IRS.

My Dear... Dont think too much. Too much think leads to wandering and confusions.

I would suggest you to concentrate on your CA course since you have now studied it four times. I would suggest you to study once again for the last time and try clearing it with good amount of practice, dedication and by studying everything almost.

Since you have interest in Law and Income Tax, why not think for a Diploma in Taxation Laws (DTL) from your local University and from a good Institute. Doing DTL will make you well aware of the taxation laws and it will also keep you interested and occupied in income tax. You can become an independent consultant or join a company in the taxation department.

Best Luck

RE: What should I do C.a.or C.s?in which I can do something best according to my interest.i.e.law and income tax.all works should be done under

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