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Which field should I do my mba in ? what is the procedure?

I am currently working in an insurance company as an admin manager pursuing my S.Y.B.A I want to go ahead in insurance and opt it as my career I wanted to ask you what is the procedure of applying for part time mba? will I have to give entrance exam? and which field shall I do my mba in?

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3 answers

RE: Which field should I do my mba in ? what is the procedure?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

I am very happy and would like to appreciate the fact that you wish to continue and complete your education while working. Today there are less number of candidates who wish to complete and enhance their education even while working. In my more than seven years of career counselling experience, I have rarely come across candidates like you who wish to continue education while working through hard work and determination.

I am glad and thank ful to you for approaching for seeking guidance and advice for your career concern.

You wish to continue your career in insurance is a good thing since you have already gained experience in the field. I am happy that you are liking the field and have also managed to get an Admin Manager designation.

I am happy that you have decided to hear to your inner voice and do not follow want to follow the herd mentality by running after sector just because other people are running after it. I am sure that you will be successful in this.


You have mentioned that you arein SYBA and would like to study further in insurance sector by doing an MBA and you wish to know and decide which stream in MBA you should do and will be suitable.

Since you are in SYBA, you will first need to complete your graduation (BA) with atleast 55% aggregate marks. On the basis of this you will be then eligibile to apply for MBA course.

Part time MBA course is available to only thos candidates who have post graduate qualification of three to five years in the relevant industry. Since you are not a graduate still, according to me you will have to gather minimum three years of experience after your graduation and then only you will be able to apply for part time MBA.

For admission to part time MBA, there is an entrance test and personal interview round.

Condidering your administration background, I would suggest MBA in Human Resource first. However if you wish to go into hard core insurance field then an MBA in Insurance Management would be suitable to you.

However as said above, first you need to complete your graduation and then you can do MBA.

Please do come back to us for any more assistance.

Best Luck!

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RE: Which field should I do my mba in ? what is the procedure?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing and writing to us. I appreciate that you are concurrently working and studying as well. Fortunately, you are also holding an Admin Manager position and this will offer you a great lead for your future career. As you would like to progress only within insurance sector, it is advisable to further study that is only related to insurance. Before that to make sure if you are actually going into the right path, why dont you consider taking up the psychometric assessment from this website? Taking the test you will understand if you are a person really suited to insurance sector or is it just a temporary attraction. If the test also identifies your suitability to working in insurance sector, then you can confidently go ahead with this insurance career.

As said you need to complete your SYBA course and get a minimum aggregate of 55%. If you are willing to study your MBA at a reputed college in India, then getting a first class, i.e. 60% in your SYBA is highly essential. Completing this basic degree, you will be qualified to apply for the post graduation course like an MBA. And yes for this you need to wait until you complete your present educational qualifications.

Regarding which branch of MBA is advisable, there are many branches of MBA like the Human resources, marketing, Accounts, Finance, Project management, Operations management and Insurance management. As you desire to work for insurance sector, studying an MBA in Insurance management is desirable. But there is a little toughness in studying MBA in Insurance management. If you choose to study this course, then it will require you to life long work with only insurance companies and your MBA Insurance management will never be applicable/ considerable if you change careers at later stage, for example if you go into construction sector or even the IT sector. Therefore, to play safe I would highly recommend you to study MBA Marketing management. AN MBA in Marketing management will offer you excellent scope in any industry and is very much apt to the insurance sector as well. You can either study MBA full time or part time but my sincere advice would be is to finish off the present degree with a good percentage and continue working in this insurance sector for at least 2-3 years. And then study an MBA either full time or part time and this will equip you more professionally towards your career.

As far as the professional exams are concerned, if you aspire doing an MBA full time, you should prepare for CAT/ MAT/ XAT. If you aspire doing MBA part time, then you will be required to attend the University/ college entrance test where you want to study the part time MBA. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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RE: Which field should I do my mba in ? what is the procedure?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi There,

Firstly, good that you are managing both work and study.

Here, p[lease note that, do not get swayed with the work environment, because for any higher studies, whether MBA or any certificate or a Post graduate degree, you will need a minimum of 60% or a first class.
So do work but at the same time, see that studies are not affected.

As rightly said by the previous counselors, to pursue a Part-time MBA, you need a minimum of 3 years work experience, which you already have, but you need a masters degree too.

As far as choosing a specialization is concerned, since you have mentioned, you wish to continue in the Insurance sector, but which department you would like to continue is important.
As an Admin head, which is your current designation, then HR would be advisable. In-case, if you wish to sell the policy to people, then apart from Financial knowledge, you would also need good marketing skills,
Marketing skills can be developed over the period of work, but financial knowledge and reading of financial markets, is where financial terminology needs to be mastered.
In that case an MBA in Finance can be helpful.

An MBA in either Finance, Marketing or HR, makes you applicable to work in any industry. You are not restricted to any particular Industry as such.

Though these are the age old specializations, I would also like you to expand your horizons and look at different specializations available. As getting jobs, is easier in the different specialization rather than the old customized ones.
So during your break time, I would like you to do a,little research on the other specializations available mainly:

As far as pursuing MBA is concerned, after Graduation, you would have to appear for an Entrance exam either All India level ( CAT) or state wise ( CET, SAT), or private Institutes ( XLRI , NMAT) depending on your interest.
After that there would be a Personal Interview as well as Group Discussion rounds.

Hope this answers your query.

Wish you all the very best.........

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RE: Which field should I do my mba in ? what is the procedure?

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