Hi There, Firstly, good that you are managing both work and study. Here, p[lease note that, do not get swayed with the work environment, because [for any higher studies, whether MBA or any certificate or a Post graduate degree][1], you will need a minimum of 60% or a first class. So do work but at the same time, see that studies are not affected. As rightly said by the previous counselors, to pursue a Part-time MBA, you need a minimum of 3 years work experience, which you already have, but you need a masters degree too. As far as choosing a specialization is concerned, since you have menti

Hi Greetings of the day!!!!Insurance is one of the most heard name in today times but with very little knowledge about it. Insurance is very commonly used word but still lot of people do not know what is insurance and what are the cost and benefits of  insurance.Today insurance are of many types, some of the common types of insurance are :Life Insurance Travel InsuranceMedical InsuranceFire Insuranceproperty InsuranceMany more As we can see above there are many types of insurance available and thus it leads to increased need of diverse function one has to fulfill as a insur

Dear Aspirant, an insurance claim officer has necessary skills set to carry out the job requirements effectively and sincerely. This type of work require them to develop good communication skills, be well organized, managed and have the skills to analyze the customers demand and meet them effectively. Good communication skills are are an important consideration while looking for an insurance claim officer. You have to demonstrate that you listen carefully, to waht your colleagues and clients want to tell you so that you can resond to their queries accordingly.An insurance claim officer carry o

The typical day for a health and life insurance agent, agency owner, or executive heavily centers around communication. Whether internal or external, communication is essential for the agent, owner, or executive to do their job properly. This communication includes: A significant amount of time filing and documenting information A few hours of responding to emails and voicemails/answering calls At least one internal or external meeting (more depending on the time of year) To learn more about what makes up a typical day, I asked the experts. I interviewed 5 agency executives to lear

Dear Aspirant, [MBA in Insurance Management][1] has been dying in many Universities. For an Insurance Officer, the most important skill which is required is Marketing. So MBA Marketing can help more. Best wishes [Is Insurance Officer your Ideal Career? Take Ideal Career Test to know -->Click Here][2] ======================================================================== [1]: /ask/management-marketing/banking-and-insurance-management [2]: /know-your-ideal-career

Insurance officer is the management officer who Provide day to day management and administration of insurance services across the Group, liaising with staff, customers and insurers to ensure effective communication and the efficient administration of Claims. Principal Duties and Responsibilities:- Manage the insurance services for the Group, ensuring appropriate and cost effective cover is in place at all times. To be responsible for maintaining a register of all insurances that the Group hold. To be responsible for processing all insurance claims in accordance with agreed procedures, includi

Dear Aspirant, I am very happy that you are looking to become an IPS Officer and would like to know more about it. Do let me know if you wish to discuss further. You can give a call to me through this system as well. This criterion states that there is a rise in the upper age limit and number of attempts of applicants. ♦ Age limit: General-The maximum age for a candidate is 32 years. OBC- The maximum age for a candidate is 35 years. SC/ST- The maximum age for a candidate is 37 years. Physically handicapped- The maximum age for a candidate is 42,45 and 47 years for general, OBC, SC/ST res