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Which post Graduate degree Should I prefer, which college should I select for doing my MS Or MBA in abroad?

Hai, I did my biotechnolgy, and I completed it in may 2013. Now am planning for doing my Post Graduate, I dont know whether to choose MBA or MS. please provide me some idea regarding choosing my degree and which college should I choose to do my PG. And tell me whether NTU will be good to do my PG. Thank you

by Kirithika Rudrapathy
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3 answers

RE: Which post Graduate degree Should I prefer, which college should I select for doing my MS Or MBA in abroad?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru


Thank you for contacting counsellors at Mera career guide and i am very happy to see you interested in expanding your interest and development zone out of India. It is appreciating to see students willing to study abroad without any fear. I am definitely inspired seeing your similar wish for studying abroad. Before we go on please let me introduce myself. I am Mrs Gomathi and i am the Managing Director for GV Counselling group based in Bangalore and recently established in Chennai too. I have been into this counselling industry for over 23 years now and i specialise in education and career guidance. Now lets look into your query please.

I see your interest in studying abroad and preferably in Management subject. Before that i suggest you take up the psychometric assessment on our site to help you assess your career option better. Taking this assessment will also help you to have some clarity in what sort of personality you are and what you want to do further in future. I say this because you have done your btech in biotechnology and wanted to shift your career line to management so we need to ensure this new field suits your personality and interest level or not.

Next regarding MBA or Ms? I suggest you study an MSc abroad instead of an MBA. MBA requires you to have some work experience for minimum three years before you begin studying an MBA. If you still want to do an MBA, you will have tough time finding jobs upon graduation as you lack prior work experience. But there are reputed colleges all over the world who offers MBA degrees for freshers with no or less work experience but again you need to compete with very talented and experienced professionals for jobs when you pass out. Please be aware of this scenario. To avoid such dramas i always suggest students to take a one or two year masters degree in management as this doesn't require work experience and more over it costs you less compared to the cost for an MBA. Also scholarships for MS are more than MBA scholarships. placement opportunities are also pretty good and easy for masters graduates.

Yes you can definitely consider NTU. It is second rank university in Singapore and almost in top 100 world wide. You can choose to study at NTU Business school for your Masters in management degree and you are certainly good at job prospects upon graduation from NTU.

Good luck.

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RE: Which post Graduate degree Should I prefer, which college should I select for doing my MS Or MBA in abroad?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing and writing to us. Hurray! Biotechnology and then Management! You are almost similar to what I have been doing in my career. This got me enthusiastic in posting my opinion on this thread.

I understand you are a BTech Biotech pass out. May I ask you what have you been doing since graduation? Are you currently working? And if yes, in what field? Studying abroad is crucial and it requires careful selection of the university, program of study and the country of study. I understand you have an interest in MBA. My humble suggestion is, please do not consider doing an MBA if you have not got a minimum of two to three year work experience. Studying MBA is very challenging especially at abroad institutions compared to studying at home institutions. Without a genuine interest into MBA and relevant work experience, every student will find it very challenging. More over, employers abroad prefer recruiting students with prior work experience post MBA graduation. If you had studied an MSc, this prior work experience may not be an issue to employers. they will be indeed happy to recruit freshers without work experience. So my sincere advice is to consider only an MSc and not an MBA.

Next, MSc in what? Are you interested in doing an MSc Biotechnology or MSc Management? You will have to jot down your interests and arrive at a degree you want to study. If you have genuine interest to study MSc Biotechnology, please carry on with it. I can suggest some of the world reputed Universities for MSc Biotechnology here. (I am writing top 10 in the world)
  1. University of Harvard
  2. Cambridge UK
  3. Oxford UK
  4. Imperial college London UK
  5. Stanford USA
  6. Johns Hopkins University USA
  7. MIT USA
  8. Yale USA
  9. UC Berkeley USA
  10. University of California San Francisco USA

For an admission in the UK: IELTS score is alone sufficient.

In case you are interested in doing MSc Management abroad, the top 10 universities are down here.
  1. Imperial College London
  2. University of St Gallen Switzerland
  3. HEC Paris
  4. Rotterdam school of Management Netherlands
  5. NUS Business school Singapore
  6. Grenoble graduate school of business France
  7. LSE UK
  8. Cass business school UK
  9. Strathclyde business school UK
  10. Durham Business school UK and
  11. Cranfield school of Management UK

I sincerely suggest you to consider an MSc instead of an MBA, considering the job prospects post study. If you also opt for an MSc, your tuition fee costs will also be relatively less compared to the MBA tuition costs. And there are many scholarship bursaries and funding available for MSc students compared to MBA students. If you still wish to study an MBA, a study after 2-3 years of work experience is desirable.

I hope this helps. All the best.

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RE: Which post Graduate degree Should I prefer, which college should I select for doing my MS Or MBA in abroad?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend
After doing btech in biotech engineering putting such query seems to be difficult to answer. Our academic system seems to be helpless, why students like you are being self groomed with such dilemetic questions about future career. As you have spent your four years to obtain the quality degree and now racing with the confusion whether I need to do MBA or should continue same which indicates the mind state with great confusion where confidence is lacking on your deed at btech level. Why it is so? I use to hear such remarks from young genereation like biotech is worthless due to saturation, computer is jobless, mechanical is irretating likewise remarking in rackless manner and misleading subjects, coming genereation because of our own fault , one has to spend time in justfied manner before taking time, we have opted the certain program based on certain references seem to be irrelevent which came to the realization after commiting the problem (after doing the degree is real statement). Why it is so?? after spending money, time and effort and now taking U turn where a big corwd is travelling in opposite direction so be ready to face the consequence. Of course you will argue MBA is the great option even govt has approaved the MBA in biotechnology where managerial skills are required it is true as exceptional candidate does go for such study at advance level where ratio is very thin even IITans are doing so after B TECH and then enjoy the life. My dear friend same type of examples are available in UPSC also many medical students, engineers and other aspirants opt the odd jobs after finishing the core course program. But it is realized in poor ratio where exeptional students crack it after hard and tough decesion.
I am trying to explain you that do the self analysis with the bent of your critical mind then discuss the pros and cons of your current strength without allegating the subject where you are not eligible to define it academically. Once you draw the conclusion then you can give the solid trial to attempt a career where you will explore the best out of it, not for the sake of bread and butter which is a mediocre approach. Focus on the real world without raising the doubts----

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RE: Which post Graduate degree Should I prefer, which college should I select for doing my MS Or MBA in abroad?

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