Hello Ashwin, Nowadays in this competitive world creativity is very important for everyone and in every profession. By being creative you can make a boring and regular dish very interesting,attractive,delicious and nutritious by the skills,equipment and knowledge you possess. Creativity is a must have in the profession of chef as the responsibility lies on his/her shoulders in making every usual dish look different ,tasty , type of different accompaniment/s served .The point is that by his/her creativity he/she has to win the hearts of the customers and to maintain the reputation of the r

The typical day of a Tourist Guide/Manager involves following activities: Starting day early and checking the emails to see if there is urgent attention required. They have to get back to the clients with all the information that they require. They often have to conduct a lot of research to collect the relevant information about a tourist place and get all the details. They may have to talk to people to get all that information. A lot of planning and scheduling activities go behind the tours and the trips. They do it carefully. Now comes the best part of their wor

Hello,   Thank you for reaching CareerGuide.com.com Aspirants who are really interested in the marine field can join marine Engineering courses so that they can secure a job and enjoy the reputed position in the society. Many after 12th class continue to pursue studies in marine engineering due to job opportunities and for the pay. You can opt for Btech in Marine engineering and few are my sugestions for you. Candidates should opt for B.Tech in Marine engineering if you are really passionate in the marine field. Many universities and institutes offer marine enginee

Hello My Dear...                           I am very happy that you have decided seriously your career path and rightly approached CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance from the experts here. I am glad that you have started preparing for future at the right time.     Hotel Management is a fantastic and exciting and growing career option.   But My Dear, why are you searching for a crash course suddenly just when you are still to pass HSC? This is not good as per industry requirement.

There are many myths about the Chefs and the kind of work they do. I am listing down some common myths: 1. Being a Chef is like Domestic labor: Gone are the days when Chefs were treated like domestic labor. The world has changed. It's not the same today. It is one of the respected professions today.  Not just in terms of money but also name and fame, Chefs are doing great job. Sanjeev Kapoor is a wonderful example. 2. Chefs only cook: This is another common misconception. Chefs role has changed over the years and today they perform various roles from directing culinary t

Hello My Dear...   Glad to know your interest in Hotel Management and also for your decision to approach CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and clarification and information about your future career option of Hotel Management. I would like to compliment you since you have already decided your future career option which is very rare considering that you are in first year of your graduation. I appreciate this! Keep it up!                     You can definitely opt for Hotel Management course. There are under g

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Hello Dheer,  A marine engineer is a technical person who looks into the engine detailings of the ship. He is responsible for the smooth functioning of the systems and its wear and tear. A student to pursue marine engineering, must have cleared 12th in the PCM stream. After 12th,  would have to clear an entrance exam for engineering like IIT-JEE, AMIE, CET etc. The student  an specialise in marine engineering in the final year or can opt for mechanical engineering and then pursue marine engineering at the M.Tech level. A student can also pursue a diploma in marine engineering af

Ma'am I chose these institutes because I want to pursue my masters on the lines of luxury and brand management. Since, this is a very specialised field that I have chosen, I do not have very good choices in India at this time. I will definitely look into the aspects that you have suggested. Also, if you are aware of any other instututes for the same, please do mention. Thanks a ton for the help!  

Dear Piyush,   A career in tourism provides a lot of exposure and earning opportunities, and promises growth avenues for the worthy. There are umpteen medium and small size tourism companies doing good business in Indian market. At undergraduate level, the eligibility criterion to pursue travel and tourism courses is 10+2. Many renowned institutes conduct their own entrance exams followed by a Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Apart from regular course, various diplomas and certification courses are also available to get the entry in this vibrant industry. Eligibility for certifica

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Dear Aspirant, It would be better to be an Engineer with specialisation in IT, where you are taught programming, coding, etc. BE / BTech in Information Technology or BE / BTech in Computer Science Engineering is suggested. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, I would like to know your basic graduation you have done? Is it from Commerce or Science or Arts? If you are an Engineer, Sustainable Enterprise Management post graduation is fine, however I would not recommend this if you are a fresher engineer candidate. I would suggest you to look out for a job and even if you are employed, I would not recommend leaving your job and going to Poland and doing that Masters. It is ideal for a person having at least five years of experience in the relevant field to take up add on and value add education to grow. Best wishes

Hello There, If one thinks the only work of a chef is too cook dishes and be innovative think again. A chef is engaged with tasks of not just cooking and experimenting with food, but right from deciding the menu to serving to administrative work etc. A chef whether he works in a hotel or is an owner is not the question. Even if he does not own the hotel, he is assigned the job of actually owning the hotel. Since he is responsible for the smooth functioning of it.  Looking at a Life of a chef in details: He arrives before any other staff and makes sure he sets the menu for the day. He als

Dear Aspirant, Catering and Hotel Management is one of the lucrative and growing industry for career.  Doing a Bachelors in Catering and Hotel Management preferably from IHM Munbai or Delhi is recommended if you are determined to choose this career for life. You need not be worried about salary and growth in this sector. This is a global industry and may give you opportunities to work abroad too. Taking the Ideal Career Test from CareerGuide will help you determined whether this course and sector is suitable according to your aptitude, interests, inter personal abilities, etc. or no.

Dear Shravani,The total market size of Indian tourism and hospitality sector currently is about US$ 117.7 billion and is expected to touch US$ 418.9 billion by 2022. In the past few years the real growth has come from within the domestic sector as around 30 million Indians travel within the country in a year. Hotels are an important component of the tourism product. Please have a look at some popular career option under Tourism / Hospitality & Travel industry :Cabin CrewChefHotel ManagersInterpreters & TranslatorsMarine EngineersTourist Guide/ManagerVideo JockeyTour OperatorsHealth TourismAd

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Dear Aspirant, Hotel & Catering Technology courses are available at under graduate as well post graduate level as well as vocational level. You can go for Bachelors in Hotel Management & Catering Technology after 12th (any stream) with Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. You can go for bachelors courses with any other Institute which is recognised by a University. You can do Hotel Management or Hospitality Management MBA after graduation from any stream. Best wishes

Yes Dear, there is no dearth of good colleges, you may live your dream of getting a degree in Hotel management any of the below listed colleges across the country - Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai,........................Welcome group School of Hotel Management, Manipal,..................Institute of Hotel Management, Delhi,..........................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara

Dear Aspirant, Nice to know that you have realised what you really want to do in your career. I would suggest that since you are already doing BCom, you can do Hotel Management after completing BCom. I would not suggest a diplom but a degree in hotel management. Which city you belong to? I will then suggest you colleges for Hotel Management. However the top college is IHM, Mumbai and Delhi. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Top Colleges for Hotel Management & Catering Technology are as below: IHM, Mumbai and Delhi Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, For Hotel Management, after 12th (any stream) you can pursue BSc Hotel Management / Catering Technology from a recognised college under a recognised university. You will have to appear for the entrance test after 12th. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, As you are a fresher still, I would recommend you to continue in your current job and gain atleast 3 years of work expeirence. You can then think for certification in Project Management from PMI USA. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, If you are interested in core hotel and catering, then finding a job in hotel industry is recommended and not any further education at this stage. Later you may go for MBA in Hospitality Management. Best wishes

Hi There, From your question it is unclear whether you wish to begin a business or wish to study hotel management. Please be specific so that we could help you accordingly. Wish you good luck...

Hello Sachin, As far as the scope in Travel and tourism is concerned, it is immense. These days because of hectic work life, everyone is looking out for breaks. Preferably a short trip with reasonable  spending and all under one roof. What I mean here is, right from traveling means, reaching the destination, to tour sites, to hotel reservations, to shopping etc. So in-case, if you could start a tourism business and sync in with local guides and hotels, reservation centres, airlines, trains, car agency, restaurants and shopping arcades, it would be a successful business. But please note, i

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Hello Sai Yes, you can pursue the career of a flight attendant without doing travel and tourism or aviation related course. Many airlines hire fresh graduates and then impart a training course. The selection procedure varies per airline. You may keep checking the websites for advertisements. However, strong communication skills, smartness and personality are the things every airline will look for. All the best

Hello Sahil, Interesting career option. To make a career in the Hotel Industry, you would have to be a Hotel management student. Hotel management can be pursued by any 12th clear student, but after clearing the entrance exam. Please note majority of the University have an entrance exam. The entrance exam consists of GK, current affairs and logical reasoning. The course is for 3 years. But it is not just a theoretical course, but would consist of practicals too. Whereby you would be attending lectures in the morning and would be allocated a hotel where you work as an intern in the evening. Plea

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