Interesting career option.Adventure tourism these days is very very popular amongst the youths who like to be on a hype all the time.Some of the options in Adventure Tourism includes:Trekking and Mountaineering: Helping tourists in mountaineering, para gliding etc. Here not only knowing the trick is important, but keeping a track of the climate and the necessity of each troop is importantWater and Aerosports: Water sports these days are quite leading in tourism. Boating and gliding, under water and aquatic sports is another big sports people prefer.Now here anyone with a little knowledge and e

Hello Friend,Don't be upset as you can't get into army always remember one thing  in Life"The Past has no Value but to fuel a more BRILLIANT TOMORROW." Congratulations for completing your :) . As you have said that basically you are outdoor person who loves traveling than definitely you can make your hobby or passion your profession. How we can make your Outdoor Traveling into a fruitful career lets have a look to it:Let me come square to square:Difference between PGDM and MBA:-PGDM:PGDM means Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Students often get confused whether its a Diploma cou

Interesting. This is a rare career opportunity.As such FOX is an international brand, so mostly students are taken from their nationals.If at all you wish to join the Indian tours and national geographic channels, then there are few options like you can join the team as:ResearchersPhotographerJournalistsMedia relatedCommentatorSince you are more interested in traveling the world over, this is possible through two different streams.You could either opt for Photography or as a Commentator or Researcher.As a Photographer, there are courses available, both short term and diploma programs available