Hello Ashwin, Nowadays in this competitive world creativity is very important for everyone and in every profession. By being creative you can make a boring and regular dish very interesting,attractive,delicious and nutritious by the skills,equipment and knowledge you possess. Creativity is a must have in the profession of chef as the responsibility lies on his/her shoulders in making every usual dish look different ,tasty , type of different accompaniment/s served .The point is that by his/her creativity he/she has to win the hearts of the customers and to maintain the reputation of the r

Tour guides work in the travel industry, giving guided tours to groups of visitors. They are experts on the history of the location and offer their tour groups interesting or enlightening information about points of interest at nature attractions, historic sites, museums, scenic locations, and other travel destinations. Guides may give walking tours, bus tours, or even lead river tours on a boat. Often hired by visitors' bureaus or travel companies, tour guides are typically residents of the region in which they give tours. In starting it seems difficult but in actual its really interesting.

Hello,   Thank you for reaching CareerGuide.com.com Aspirants who are really interested in the marine field can join marine Engineering courses so that they can secure a job and enjoy the reputed position in the society. Many after 12th class continue to pursue studies in marine engineering due to job opportunities and for the pay. You can opt for Btech in Marine engineering and few are my sugestions for you. Candidates should opt for B.Tech in Marine engineering if you are really passionate in the marine field. Many universities and institutes offer marine enginee

Hello My Dear...                           I am very happy that you have decided seriously your career path and rightly approached CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance from the experts here. I am glad that you have started preparing for future at the right time.     Hotel Management is a fantastic and exciting and growing career option.   But My Dear, why are you searching for a crash course suddenly just when you are still to pass HSC? This is not good as per industry requirement.

There are many myths about the Chefs and the kind of work they do. I am listing down some common myths: 1. Being a Chef is like Domestic labor: Gone are the days when Chefs were treated like domestic labor. The world has changed. It's not the same today. It is one of the respected professions today.  Not just in terms of money but also name and fame, Chefs are doing great job. Sanjeev Kapoor is a wonderful example. 2. Chefs only cook: This is another common misconception. Chefs role has changed over the years and today they perform various roles from directing culinary t

Hi.. You can join for MSc in Hotel Management or MBA in Tourism and Hospitality, once you have done with your five year graduation course. It will help you to get more weight in the job market. Visit   the websites like Jamia Millia Islamia, Institute of Hotel Management, Lovely Professional University, Symbiosis  etc for more   info regarding your eligibility and methods of admission in Hotel Management course. 

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Hello Riya... A masters degree in Hotel management field will definitely help you to build a successful career in any fields you interested like Food industry, Aviation, Hospitality management, Event management etc. You may can opt the courses like MBA in Tourism and Hospitality or M.Sc in Hotel management in leading institutes like Vogue institute, Lovely Professional University, Christ University etc. It will definitely open a wide area for seeking jobs. These institutes are good in placements also. 

The profile of a hotel manager is one of the most coveted positions in the hospitality sector. But as each coin has two sides so does this vocation. Here a few advantages and disadvantages of being a hotel manager. Pros The job will never get boring as one gets to dabble into a wide array of tasks with new challenging, different encounters and experiences every day.   The pay is good.  After reaching the managerial level, one can earn up to Rs. 50,000 on a monthly basis.   Not many degrees required.Practical education is paramount when it comes to hotel management. Those wh

If you wish to pursue a career in hospitality, the following ten colleges may be of interest to you.   Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Delhi   The Delhi branch was founded under the auspices of the Government of India by Sir Belfield Smith in the year 1962. The various courses extended include the following: BSc in Hospitality & Hotel Administratio MSc in Hospitality Administration Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery Craftsmanship Course in Food Production & Patisserie The institute admits students through the entrance test of NCHMCT JEE. The qualification stan

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Masters in Hotel Management will give you much more opportunities in Airline, Hotels, event management,  Tourism department etc. So you can go for the courses like M.Sc in Hotel Management, MBA in Tourism and Hospitality etc.    Good institutes for Masters in Hotel Management are Vogue Institute, Symbiosis Institute, Lovely Professional University, Institute of Hotel Management etc. You can get placements in good companies like Oberoi groups, Qatar airways etc if youa re pursuing your courses in these institutes,.

Hotel management is yet another amazing professional course in today’s time. Hotel management course is not so difficult and has a very good scope after one completes his/her degree. Hotels are being constructed every now and then, with such increasing scale there are many jobs for graduates with hotel management degree. Hotel managers have to see all financial matters also. They should have the ability to work in nonworking hours. Hotels job are very comfortable and if they are 5 stars hotels, then the job is even more cheerful. This job is great because people here get to take an expo

Hello Pradeep,   Being a Post graduate in English, why do you wish to work in a hotel???   Anyways, the choice is yours. I would say that first decide on the postilion you would like to work in the hotel.   You can choose from guest relationship executive to receptionist to supervisor to trainer.   Though you would join in as an entry level executive. With experience and needed qualifications you can move up the ladder.   I would suggest join the admin department as a trainer, especially language trainer.   You can pursue an MBA in Hospitality management too, thro

Hello Akash..  Best institutes to pursue BBA in Travel and Tourism includes: -Christ University -Chandigarh University -Lovely Professional University -Asian Pacific Institute of Management -Panache institute   Please visit the websites of these institutes and find the details regarding the courses. You can definitely find the best option for your course with good quality education and less fee with scholarships. Best wishes. 

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Hello Bhawna.. Travel and Tourism course is the best field to those who are interested to build a career in travel, Airlines, Tourism sector, Event management etc. You can also be an entrepreneur in the field. Major institutes to pursue BSc or BBA courses in Travel and Tourism or Hospitality management etc are  Christ University, Gems B School, Lovely Professional University, University of Mumbai, SRM university etc. You may can get good exposure and learning environment with practical experiences if you are pursuing courses in such institutes. Scholarships are also provided in these univ

Hello Raghav,   Benefits of a course happens only when a person works in that field. So as such before you pursue and begin to work, sorry you would not be able to understand not reap the benfits of this industry.   Only thing I can say is that, this course helps students understand the hospitality industry better, as well as respecting others time, and choices.    Wish you good luck...

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Many good institutions are there in India for Hotel management like Institutes of Hotel Management, SRM institute of Hotel Management, Lovely Professional University, Kurukshetra University etc. 

Hello Ketki,  Whichever course you choose it would mean shifting from the field of science completely. Hope you are ready for this shift. Incase you are interested in films and production, light and sound, camera functioning then pursue a course from the institute of films Whereas if the duty of guest relations, hospitality, reception, chef etc interests you enter the field of hotel management. For admissions you need to clear an entrance exam. As a counselor my advise would be opt for a secured job like the hospitality industry. The film industry is too shortlived. Every second a new fac

Hello Archana,  So you wish to move into a deskjob so as to avoid standing. Please note even then a little movement would be there. Hoping you are a graduate, you could opt for an MBA in HR whereby you would initially begin as a recruiter folliwed by a generalist profile. Or you could work as a counselor after pursuing a degree in psychology or a career counselor after pursuing a course in guidance and counseling. Other option is working as a receptionist. Language fluency, computer knowledge and a pleasing personality is needed. Hope this helps you. Wish you good luck...

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Hello There,   What do you mean by not able to fetch a good career???   Please note, if you choose a career based on your percentage or any other criteria, and not on the basis of your likes and or interest matching it with your skills, then it is for sure not a good career. Think twice.   Hotel management as such, has great demand. Hospitality industry as such is booming.   As a hotel management graduate, you can find opportunities in various hotels depending on your interest in terms of guest relations executive, front desk, chef, bartender etc.   After a degree, you