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Chef is the person who is responsible for various activities in kitchen like- ensuring the quality and taste of meals, managing the staff and maintaining healthy surroundings.

Hello Ashwin, Nowadays in this competitive world creativity is very important for everyone and in every profession. By being creative you can make a boring and regular dish very interesting,attractive,delicious and nutritious by the skills,equipment and knowledge you possess. Creativity is a must have in the profession of chef as the responsibility lies on his/her shoulders in making every usual dish look different ,tasty , type of different accompaniment/s served .The point is that by his/her creativity he/she has to win the hearts of the customers and to maintain the reputation of the r

There are many myths about the Chefs and the kind of work they do. I am listing down some common myths: 1. Being a Chef is like Domestic labor: Gone are the days when Chefs were treated like domestic labor. The world has changed. It's not the same today. It is one of the respected professions today.  Not just in terms of money but also name and fame, Chefs are doing great job. Sanjeev Kapoor is a wonderful example. 2. Chefs only cook: This is another common misconception. Chefs role has changed over the years and today they perform various roles from directing culinary t

The scope of your career as a Chef depends on a number of factors that have been mentioned below. Please consider all these points before you pursue your career in India or abroad:1. The job opportunities are more in countries like USA where the economy is developed and the hotel industry is in a very good shape. If we talk about India, the opportunities are lesser but they are growing with time. It will still take few years before you will have similar opportunities here.2. The salary of Chefs is much higher in countries like USA, UK, Australia. In India, Chefs do earn a lot but the starting

You can become  a Chef by a number of paths.One of the most preferred and valuable path is to pursue a course in hotel management after class 12. These are three years courses and have many benefits such as campus placements, good education base to do Masters such as MBA etc. It is a good option where you learn a lot about the hotel industry and at the same time you get your Bachelors done. Eligibility criteria for that is as below:Minimum of 60% aggregate marks in 12 standard.You must appear for a two-hour entrance exam comprising English, Reasoning, General Science and General Knowledge

Below are few books that every Chef must read:

Interesting career to think of.But please note that even a post graduate certificate program needs a base in Hospitality management. So you need to get into completing a B.Sc in hospitality management.Though there are short term courses related to bakery, confectionery, culinary ART and so on, which you can pursue, just so that you could get an entry into the main stream hotel.Apart from this, a degree just helps you get into a hotel, mainly helps you secure a job. Its how you perform thereafter that would give you the title of Chef executive.Even to reach the position of chef executive t

From one of the most interesting and creative corners of science, cartography is a branch where research is the key. The very art of studying or practicing the making of maps is called cartography. It is not just purely science, but a combination of both science’s techniques and aesthetics which builds the base or the structure. The main aim of a cartographer is to communicate spatial details in a way that is effective and informative at the same time.   There are broadly two parts of cartography, either to study the making and history of maps and mapmaking or to make the maps with

Hello Raman,  Cardiology is a part of the medical profession. To pursue cardiology, you first need to clear 12th under Science PCB stream. After that appear for medical entrance exam like AIMS, etc.  Then based on your score at both entrance and 12th, you would be allocated a seat in a medical college. Duration of the course is 5.5 years, whereby 6months are dedicated to internship specifically rural zone. At the end you are awarded MBBS degree, which makes you a general practicioner. But as you have shown an interest in Cardiology, it is a specialization available at the post gradua

Hello Aslam, Archaeology is a complete research oriented field, whereby one visits the excavation sites and studies ancient buildings, museums, temples, fossils etc to get more information about the culture at that time. Please note it is a complete research oriented field, whereby one would have to spend days at a particular site, excavating and digging the place for information ofcourse with a team. But you may have to live in any condition  In order to be an Archaeologist, one needs to pursue a Bachelors degree in History, followed by a masters degree in Archaeology. The famous institu

Dear Aspirant, It would be better to be an Engineer with specialisation in IT, where you are taught programming, coding, etc. BE / BTech in Information Technology or BE / BTech in Computer Science Engineering is suggested. Best wishes

Hello There, If one thinks the only work of a chef is too cook dishes and be innovative think again. A chef is engaged with tasks of not just cooking and experimenting with food, but right from deciding the menu to serving to administrative work etc. A chef whether he works in a hotel or is an owner is not the question. Even if he does not own the hotel, he is assigned the job of actually owning the hotel. Since he is responsible for the smooth functioning of it.  Looking at a Life of a chef in details: He arrives before any other staff and makes sure he sets the menu for the day. He als

Dear Aspirant, Hope you wish to become a good cabin crew member. Ensure that you also work upon and build the following skill sets for your long term growth. 1. Though the eligibility is 12th pass, ensure that you continue education and complete graduation may be through correspondence course. Do not remain just a 12th pass candidate. 2. Try to learn to have extreme patience levels 3. Try to be more tolerant and non-egoist 4. Customer centricity is crucial and you have to be flexible, cooperative and matured to achieve that. 5. Ensure that you have excellent communication skills, good characte

Hi Ankit, To pursue a career as a Gemologists, you need either a certificate or a Diploma program in Gemology. Though certificate course is not recommended, but to know tyour skills, I would suggest first pursue a certification course and then after you Graduate You could opt for  a Diploma program. Also please note Designing Institutes offer a 4 1/2 years course after 12th in Jewellery designing, which covers aspects of Gemology too. You could opt for the course after 12th any stream. Only that they have an entrance exam, which you would have to cear. Please note that there are various i

Hello Vrishti, Drug Inspector is a very important job which is related to health of each and every single individual. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1945 made it necessary for the centre and all the state government to recruit the drug inspector. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act also gave powers to the drug inspector which he can use for the good health and safety of citizens. Drug Inspector needs to ensure that all the rules and legal standards that are set by government of India for drugs and cosmetics are being practiced at places where either these items are manufactured, stored or sold. Drug

Dear Aspirant, There is no equation to become successful or a successful artist. In the artistic world, success is known when the art you present or perform is received well, praised, acknowledged well by the people and society. Answer to your question of How to become a successful artist is nothing but keep showing your art, be passionate about it, believe in it and try to improvise on it daily for life long. Best wishes