Most Dangerous Jobs In India

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Many jobs involve risk. For many people it might be their passion for their career and some may be forced to do the job. Here is the list of the 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the world.

1. Fisherman

If you have thought that fishing is easy, then you should ask a fisherman who slogs fish to earn their livelihood by fishing in the deep sea. It is one of the dangerous jobs in the world because of the unexpected weather conditions of the sea. They are at risk of drowning in the deep sea by turbulence.

2. Army

Indian Army

These are the real heroes of the country. A soldier has to sacrifice his life for the integrity and safety of the nation. Every country needs a military and defense. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world as the person has to fight in the war and protect the country by leveraging his life. They have to face war, conflicts, and enemies to serve their nation.

3. Pilot

The pilot flying the planes is at constant risk of life making it one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. They are responsible for other people’s life and safety. The change in the weather, pilot error, maintenance defect, etc can cause a plane to crash which risks the life of the pilot as well as the passengers.

4. Astronauts


It is one of the riskiest and most dangerous jobs in India as it involves going into space. There is a lack of resources in Space. Walking in a vacuum is very dangerous. There are chances of death in space due to lack of oxygen, radiation exposure, the temperature of the space, etc. Also if an astronaut runs out of food there he might die. Astronauts have also died while training for space missions, such as the Apollo 1 launch pad fire which killed the entire crew of three.

5. Rag Pickers

Rag pickers’ jobs also have risks as they have to collect the garbage from different places and have to come to the dump yard and work there. Due to the garbage around them, they can suffer from dog bites and rat bites, redness of eyes, headache, backache, accidental injuries, and diseases. It also involves fatal risks as the garbage can contain lethal compounds or radioactive materials.

6. Electric Power Line Installers

Electric Power Line Installers

Electric Power Line Installer’s life is fraught with dangers. They put their health and safety at risk to inspect and repair power lines making it one of the most dangerous jobs. They are at the highest risk of getting electric shocks as they work with high voltage electricity, usually at great heights. There could be a power leak in the line while we are working on it. There can also be the risk of falling as the power lines are very high sometimes.

7. Stuntman


They are the real heroes of movies. There are some great stunts performed in movies that are performed by a stuntman who risk their lives to perform them. Stuntman is one of the dangerous jobs in the world . The stunts are very dangerous and many stuntmen die during the shooting of these stunts. Some stuntmen have insurance some don’t.

8. Workers In Construction Industry

Workers in construction industries have many risks at work. They have to work at heights without much protection, they can fall from heights and die. They also have to work with wires and can get electric shocks. This is also among very dangerous jobs in the world. They have to move heavy objects from one place to another and if they slip or trip they can get major injuries.

9. Workers In Chemical Factories

Workers In Chemical Factories

Chemical Industries comes among very dangerous jobs in the world. The temperature at the production stages in the chemical industry is very high due to chemicals. One wrong chemical mixture can blast the whole factory. Many chemicals, both organic and inorganic, maybe flammable or corrosive to the skin and eyes.

10. Firefighters


Firefighters are the real heroes of people and this job is one of the most dangerous jobs in India and all around the world. As they risk their lives in the fire to save people and buildings from fire. In this job, any time a call could come and they have to be ready in seconds. They frequently come into contact with high levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic hazards.

FAQs about dangerous jobs in the World

There can be various reasons why people choose to work in dangerous jobs. Some might be attracted to the thrill and excitement of such professions. Others may find these jobs financially rewarding or believe they are contributing to society by taking on challenging roles.

The risks associated with dangerous jobs can vary widely depending on the occupation. Some common risks include falls, physical injuries, exposure to hazardous substances, explosions, fires, drowning, and the risk of being attacked or shot.

Employers in dangerous industries are legally obligated to provide a safe working environment for their employees. They often implement strict safety protocols, provide training, safety gear, and conduct regular safety inspections. Many industries also have safety regulatory bodies that oversee and enforce safety standards.

Several international organizations, such as the International Labour Organization (ILO), work to establish and promote safety standards for workers globally. Additionally, each country typically has its own labor laws and safety regulations to protect workers in dangerous jobs.

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