Everything you Need to Know About Career as a Mathematician

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A mathematician is someone who has extensive knowledge of mathematics and uses it to solve problems. Despite 20 years of job volatility and job losses, the government is fairly optimistic about 10 years. And a job, as well as money, is pretty good in this job area.


Maths is a versatile subject and has real-life applications. Till class 10th maths is a compulsory subject for students and in class 12th you can choose to study maths. Science, commerce, or humanities you can choose a math subject and study. The subject itself has importance and improves other fields too. Formulas, models, new rules, puzzles, numbers, etc are part of a subject.

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What Mathematicians do

Mathematician’s task is around many areas. They work with teams and professionals including engineers, scientists, chemists, and business people. The mathematician decides what data is in need for a specific problem, they develop new mathematical theories and rules, design surveys, experiments, to collect the data, also use data analysis to support and improve business decisions, report conclusions are drawn from their analysis, etc. 

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Education Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in maths is a good start in this field. Typically a Mathematician then goes for a master’s degree and then depending on the goals can go for a Ph.D. (especially if you are planning on going in the field of research).

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Jobs and Opportunity

Main employment areas where most mathematician’s work are:

Research and Development Area: Design experiments for product testing and development. Help develop marketing strategies and prices for consumer goods. 15% work in research and development

Federal Government: Government and semi-government job opportunities. 40% of mathematicians work in this field. 

Consulting: 5% of mathematician’s work in consulting. Communication skills, mathematics, people skills, are some of the traits that recruiters look for in this field.

Actuary: Main work is risk management and assessment. Managing finance, and the investment-related company works.

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Higher Education: Working in a postsecondary education institution may study theoretical concepts in mathematics or statistics. With a Ph.D. in mathematics, they usually have a mix of teaching and research responsibilities. Then can collaborate for research or do individual research. 19% work in higher education

Other Areas: Remaining mathematician’s work in other areas too which is related to mathematical science occupation, statisticians, and mathematician core job area.

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Top Metro Areas for Mathematicians

Based on the number of jobs, costs of living, and average salary Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, and In India Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Mumbai, are the top job areas most preferred by employees. 

Top Mathematicians

If you want to know more readout about the top mathematicians ever to know their work and to increase your interest. Aryabhata was the first of the major mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics. Brahmagupta was an Indian mathematician and astronomer. Srinivasa Ramanujan has made contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and fractions. Bhaskara was the greatest mathematician of medieval India, C.R. Rao is a research professor.

Top mathematicians Movies

There are also good movies if you are not fond of books you can watch movies related to mathematicians:

  • Goodwill hunting
  • A beautiful mind
  • The imitation game
  • Hidden Figures
  • Gifted

Who Should not Take Maths as a Career

Mathematics is a creative and beautiful subject but if do not know a lot about the subject. Then to be employable is a tough task you will find. There are a lot of specialization demands in this field that make job finding hard. If you are not ready for struggles then you should rethink your career. Patience, hard work, and being updated are important in this field. 


Pros of Mathematics Major

It is a respectable field. It is fundamental science and technology and pretty much everything.  Job flexibility is an advantage as you can do a lot of things with this degree. You can learn and do hard things pretty well.

It is a very nice building block for grad school, what you will do will help you in many other areas in your life no matter whatever career you want to pursue. You can use your math degree in many different subjects or fields. It’s a really good stepping stone because it shows you can learn, it’s a versatile and analytical subject. 

Cons of Mathematics Major

Content is fairly challenging and requires time and practice. Sometimes it’s extremely hard to solve problems and you can get frustrated. With a maths degree, not many people go for a mathematician job and many become teachers. There is no exact path major for the math major after school. There are not a lot of people that can help you in those higher-level math classes. Therefore fewer tutors for teaching analysis or algebra topology. It’s hard to get help. 

By: Priya Panwar

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