List Of 5 Steps To Becoming An Amateur Boxer

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Amateur boxing is a type of boxing that is practised at the college level, in the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games, and also in many associations. It takes around 1 to 3 years to become an amateur boxer. You have to get a decent trainer who has fought before in order to teach you. Amateur boxing lasts for a short duration. They have only 3 rounds and they consist of 3 minutes, one round for one minute. The Boxers who lose also get paid some amount. To start as an amateur boxer you should have the willpower and dedication to reach your target, as it is a very basic thing. You should have passion for your career if you want to be successful in it. Boxing is a sport where you don’t need a formal education. Anyone can become a boxer, if they want to become an amateur boxer they can go through few steps. Here are 5 steps to become an amateur boxer.

Finding a gym

Finding a gym is a very necessary step if you want to set in a boxing career. You have to start in the gym while choosing a gym, you have to be very careful not all the gyms are suitable for you to help you, in your career to become a boxer. If you are really into boxing and you devote yourself to this career you have to find a good gym as your first step towards your goal. In the first step, you will be finding a gym which is an actual boxing gym that will be journalized in multi-sports gym’s and you will have to find a boxing Centre gym if you want to be a professional boxer in the future.


Finding a coach

After finding a gym you have to find a coach for yourself. At the time of choosing a gym, you have to make sure that you have picked a gym that offers private coaches and instructors to help you. Mostly in the gym, you will find coaches and instructors who are under contract, so you have to talk to the manager or someone responsible for the gym, about your goals and your needs. After evaluating all your requirements, they will offer you the best thing they have and it will help you in that aspect.

Training yourself

After solving all the prerequisites you can start your training in boxing the training is very specific no one is going to train you by a specific method, you have to work a lot and you have to work in a lot of elements to become successful. So amateur boxing is not as demanding as professional boxing but you have to give it everything in order to achieve something.

Getting license

Before starting with actual fights, you have to get an amateur license, which is required to start as an amateur boxer. There will be rules which depend on the jurisdiction and there are some organizations that have their own rules and they are not that different from each other. Everyone has some specific requirements which you have to fulfill, so make sure you are aware of these things. These organizations require physical exams like- There will be some basic tests which will be done like checking blood pressure and heart rate, hand injuries, brain scans excluding X-rays, and so on. These are the basic things so you don’t need to worry about them. These things are to check whether you are a sound mind or not.

Have your first fight

After you get your license you are free to go for your first fight. Always make sure that you have to carry your license with you if you’re planning to participate in any competitions. It is the easiest part generally in the amateur boxing society. It is just a small world. Once your coach says you are ready he will give your name on the lists. There are two types of events for which you can apply: firstly the local club fight tournament and then the tournaments which are well known and everyone has heard about it like National championships which will help you to increase your reputation. Depending on every tournament and your weight class you have to win several fights to get the Championship.

By: Varsha Yadav

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