Scope of a Career in BA History

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BA in History, also known as Bachelor of History, is an Undergraduate course, on the whole pursued by way of college students after clearing category 12th board exams. Admissions to BA in History are achieved on the basis of advantage in some schools and some colleges conduct entrance exams, such as Jamia Millia Islamia Admission Test, BHU UET, AMU Admission Test, PUBDET, etc. There are countless factors that take a look at the various reasons as to why candidates have to pursue BA in History job opportunities after ba history. Below elucidated are some of the most important reasons for pursuing a BA in History.Here is an article on Scope of a Career in BA History.

Why BA In History?

  • Transferable Skills: Studying records prepares students with an extensive set of abilities which is perfect for preserving professional picks open. Analytical abilities are essential and necessary for any job sector, the ability to analyze as nicely as prioritizing data is vital in decision making.
  • Relevant Content: History as a problem is now not simply restrained to the past, it additionally covers substantial matters which are from modern records in depth. This helps students apprehend current affairs, as everything that happens these days is influenced by what has already taken place in the past.
  • Investment for the Future: A degree in History, if studied from a reputed and prestigious University can be magnificent and make your CV attractive. A degree in records can land you various interesting jobs like that of an archeologist, historian, etc.
  • Learn from our Past: The best teacher for any person is the mistakes that s/he has made. History courses us in a way, which states the errors that have been dedicated and the results it introduced along with it, thus assisting us to decide wisely from the past experience.
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Who Should Pursue BA In History?

  • Students who are willing to make a profession in History can pursue BA in History
  • Students who desire to specialize in Archaeology, Museology, and Archival Studies can take up a BA in History
  • Any student who desires to take up research in records as a career choice can study BA in History, followed by MA in History and ultimately Ph.D. in History
  • History is a very vital and frequent topic in the Civil Service exam, so any students who desire to sit for the Civil Service exam must study history and get clarity on the subject.

Here a few career options that you will have if you choose BA in history as a career:


ba history

An archaeologist has to do work that is research-based or field-related. It consists of excavation, however, that is solely one factor of archaeology. You are free to specialize in precise objects of study. For instance, you can be an expert on coins known as a numismatist or an epigraphist who decipher inscriptions job opportunities after ba history. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) employs archaeologists and is entrusted with the renovation of 3,600 monuments, state departments of the archaeology of distinctive nation governments, heritage bodies, museums, and different research institutions job opportunities after ba history.


Museologists or professionals in museology are the ones who deal with the design, organization, and administration of museums job opportunities after ba history. Their work is stuffed with research, administration, and public relations. For instance, The National Museum Institute in New Delhi offers Masters in Museology.

Museum Curators

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Museum curators are specialized in natural history, metals, terracotta, textiles, paintings, and related things job opportunities after ba history. The area requires a creative and aesthetic bent of mind alongside administrative skills. It additionally consists of maintenance of information of every item, for instance, from the place it has been discovered or acquired, its estimated age, conservation treatment, and such details job opportunities after ba history.


Archivists are professionals in preservation, repairing parchment and paper manuscripts, and microfilm documents. They get work in museums, libraries, the National Archives of India, and in unique state archives job opportunities after ba history.


ba history

A historian’s job is to find out about and research history, and speak it via written or published works job opportunities after ba history. The prerequisite to turning into a historian is a Bachelor’s diploma in records followed by way of a Master’s in precise areas such as political history, navy records, etc.

History Experts

There is an outstanding demand for History specialists in the movie houses as nicely who may want to undertake research work for costumes, jewelry, film sets job opportunities after ba history. These specialists work intently with each director and the cinematographer. A history specialist can also pursue a production house as a research analyst as well


Those who have an interest in teaching can share their understanding by becoming a Professor either for foremost colleges or for universities. To be a teacher you want to have pursued records in your graduation and have to have pursued Bed job opportunities after ba history. If you want to teach at the college level, you will have to whole your Master’s degree and then clear the NET examination. In addition, you can additionally be employed as a researcher in historical research corporations such as the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) and the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research (ICSSR) job opportunities after ba history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What are the job prospects for BA History graduates?

Graduates with a BA in history have high employment chances. The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that employment of historians will increase 11% between 2020 and 2030, which is nearly as fast as the average for all occupations. The continuous need for historical research and analysis across a range of industries, including education, government, and industry, is anticipated to fuel this rise.

Q:What are the salary ranges for BA History graduates?

Depending on the employment route they select, BA history graduates earn a variety of salaries. The typical yearly compensation for BA history graduates is $52,000, according to PayScale. However, depending on the particular job and amount of experience, earnings might range from $35,000 to $75,000 or even more.

Q:What are the educational requirements for BA History graduates?

For the majority of positions in the sector, a bachelor’s degree in history is the minimal need for schooling. However, certain employers would favour applicants with a history PhD or master’s degree.

Q:What are the challenges of being a BA History graduate?

The following are some difficulties faced by BA history graduates:
  • Job competition is a possibility.
  • Long hours and extensive study might be part of the tough profession.
  • Finding a profession that suits your interests can be tough due to the field’s potential specialisation.
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