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The Indian Police Services is considered as the main pillar of Indian Civil Services which already inculcates distinct 27 amenities. These services are further dispersed into two decisive sections. The first is All India services and the second is referred to as Central Services. Well, IPS comes under All India Services, it is considered as the toughest gate to unlock because several candidates every year try but only a few succeed.

The entrance examination is hard beyond the comprehension of the normal individual. For preparation purposes, candidates invest 18 hours daily with proper devotion towards the subject. It looks a bit of a challenging obstacle but when you conquer the different levels of examination with ease, then you receive certain rewards which are extraordinary or captivating. All Indian officers are appointed by the Indian Government directly.


These professionals are ready to be on their toes as police officers. Their major duties revolve around the investigation to extract out and cross-check the facts, crime identification, and case solving. This profession offers a golden opportunity to work and coordinate with Central Government Organizations like Research and Analysis Wing, Intelligence Bureau, Border security, and Central Reserve Police Forces.

It is a batch of honour and this batch of pride promotes a sense of responsibility and commitment towards their duties. To be the ideal IPS officer it is important to have fitness, energy, enthusiasm, bravery, and dedication to protect India as a nation from terrorism. They try to command Indian Intelligence Agency and besides, they lead the Research and Analysis Wing also.


Liabilities of IPS officers encompass traffic management, supervising and arranging stringent security for the prominent members of the society, railway law enaction, handling corruption in public life, retaliate against terrorism, keeping track of drug trafficking or smuggling practices, supporting disaster management to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

They can also associate themselves with several esteemed agencies like RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), Intelligence Bureau (IB), BSF (Border Security Force), ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police), and many more.

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They also provide offers to the head of departments under the control of both central and state constituencies and public sector undertakings. Also, they communicate, disseminate important info and coordinate with the associated members of the other All India services, Indian Armed Forces, and Civil Services.

They work under unimaginable pressure spontaneously without taking any break. At some point in time, they have to work for an entire month. Sometimes during national holidays and festive seasons also these working professionals don’t get off. But after engaging themselves in the work they try to enjoy this profession and they learn through this process.

In the current scenario, terrorism is on its verge to outbreak and affect innocent peoples. The threats and mind games played by goons are becoming severe. India as a nation has already witnessed several terrorist attacks and these attacks are now becoming a major challenge. So, to break such a series of terrorist attacks and to penalize or punish the terrorists, IPS officers are always ready. From cybercrime to the emergence of white collars, no matter what, the IPS officers are always on the battleground.

Required Skill for becoming an Ideal IPS officer

1) The candidate should be dedicated, passionate, and hardworking with a hint of smart working.

2) Must have clear thought and vision. Secondly, the officer should be capable enough to analyze or interpret the situation before taking any decisive steps.

3) Must have a sensitive and considerate side towards the public aspirations.

4) Must have an impeccable command of communication skills and should be a good listener.

5) IPS officers must know the nitty and gritty about the Indian Constitution, law, amendments, policies, and principles.

6) Should emphasize physical and mental fitness to meet the high demand of the jobs despite the immense amount of pressure.

Banes and Boons of Pursuing IPS Officer Position 

Powers Of An Ips

1) The command to enact or enforce the laws, policies and the authority comes under your control after completing 2- 3 years duration as a District SPs 9 (and before that by the asset of being IPS officer). This is unmatched w.r.t to any private sector professionals.

2) The chances to perform well will enhance automatically when you will become capable to handle and manage thousands of officers under you effectively. But if unessential factors will emerge then differing factors may come into the scene, which will further, deplete mechanisms of retaliation and criticisms.

3) This powerful authoritative position allows you to grow faster than any other professional vocation because you will connect and communicate with diverse people who will be coming from different backgrounds and positions.

4) You have to be active 24/7 because the job of IPS officers is to work day and night without any break in terms to protect the nation.

-Hruditya Kumar

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