Top Ten Air Hostess academies in India

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As the field of aviation is expanding in India, the requirements of the cabin crew staff and air hostesses are also increasing. If you like to travel to new places and meet new people, then career opportunities as air hostesses and cabin crew members are for you top air hostess training institute in india. To meet the rising demand of the aviation industry, many air hostess training academies have opened in India. Here is an article on top ten air hostess academic in india.

Here you can find all the information about the top air hostess academies in India and the air hostess training courses offered and the eligibility conditions of these courses top air hostess training institute in india. To get a job in the aviation industry, the interested candidates should take professional training at any well-known aviation training institutes that provide excellent training and generate exceptional air hostesses. The top air hostess institutes can help you learn essential skills that will help you to get excellent placements with the leading domestic and international airlines top air hostess training institute in india.

1. Frankfinn Institute Of Air Hostess Training

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Established in1993, the Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training is a registered company in the UAE. One of the best training institutes in the aviation industry, it has more than 100 branches throughout the country and also has international branches in Dubai and Hong Kong top air hostess training institute in india. The institute is famous all over the world and has been tied up with various star airlines.


Candidates of 18-24 years and class 12th class pass-outs can apply for air hostess training programs.

2. Bombay Flying Club College Of Aviation, Mumbai

Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation is approved by DGCA, the Government of India


Candidates who want to join the Bombay Flying Club should have completed their 10+2 and should be of age 18-25 years.

3. Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai

Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai is very popular with the candidates planning a career as cabin crew members top air hostess training institute in india. The institute follows a detailed selection process and has a very good reputation.


The candidates should be 17 years and above in age and must have cleared class 12th, can be a graduate or even postgraduate. They should have good interpersonal and communication skills.

4. Jet Airways Training Academy

Jet Airways Training Academy has branches in metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata top air hostess training institute in india. Candidates enrolling for the training program at Jet Airways Training Academy get exposure in every area like aircraft safety, hands-on training and flight catering, etc.


Candidates should have completed their 12th grade and should be between the age of the candidates can be 18-25 years.

5. Indigo Training Centre

air hostess training
Indigo Training Centre provides jobs along with training to the would-be air hostesses and cabin crew members. Candidates are educated well by the professionals and capable staff of Indigo Airlines


Candidates must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination and should be a female and an Indian national having an Indian passport. They should have good communication skills and a minimum height of 155 cms and comparative weight top air hostess training institute in india. After the selection, the candidates are offered a stipend of Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 every month.

6. Air Hostess Academy (AHA) Bangalore

AHA Bangalore is a well-known choice with candidates wanting to make a career in the aviation industry as air hostesses top air hostess training institute in india. They are provided with exclusive hospitality training and personality development programs, hospitality management, and speaking skills. The institute also gives great placement chances to its students.

7. Air Hostess Academy (AHA), Delhi

AHA, Delhi is the second most famous branch of AHA Academy offering different diploma and degree courses like Aviation and Hospitality Diploma, Personality Development, etc. They have a well-organized course design and they follow a rigorous selection procedure.

8. Indira Gandhi Institute Of Aeronautics (IGIA), Nagpur

The Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics is famous for its diploma in cabin crew services and hospitality management courses top air hostess training institute in india. The time span of the program is 1 year. It gives training to the students about in-flight operations, personality development skills, and customer care skills.


The candidates should have passed the 12th examination and must be of the age of 17-26 years. The height of the females can be 157 cm and 170 cm for males.

Admission Criteria:

Admission is given based on performance in Interviews or Group Discussions

9. Institute For Personality Etiquette And Grooming (IPEG)

The IPEG institute provides various personality development and grooming programs for jobs in the areas like aviation, hospitality, and travel.


Candidates must be a 12th pass and should possess good communication skills to be eligible for the program.

10. Center For Civil Aviation Training, CCAT

air hostess training
The Centre for Civil Aviation Training provides advanced diplomas in air hostess training and ground handling. It is present in New Delhi.


Candidates should be a 12th pass and must possess good communication skills to be eligible for the program.

I hope these institutions mentioned above will give you an idea about choosing an institute of your choice and having a wonderful career path in the future top air hostess training institute in india.

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