List Of 6 Qualities To Become A Good Teacher

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The teacher is responsible for preparing lesson plans and educating the students at all levels. Their duty is to assign homework, give tests, and document the progress of the students. A teacher should be able to instruct in a variety of subjects and should reach students with teaching lesson plans. There are some qualities to become a good teacher which include communication skills, active listening, empathy, adaptability, and patience. The characteristics of an effective teacher include engaging classroom presence, Real-world learning and best practices to teach the students to make them understand whatever is being taught in the classroom. Here are the list of 6 qualities to become a good teacher.

Teaching is the process of imparting knowledge, skills, and values to others. It is a crucial profession that has a significant impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. The goal of teaching is to facilitate learning and to help students acquire knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and become responsible members of society. Teaching can take place in a variety of settings, including formal educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities, as well as non-formal settings such as vocational training centers, community centers, and online platforms.

Effective teaching involves creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, setting clear learning objectives, using appropriate teaching methods and strategies, providing timely and constructive feedback, and evaluating student progress. Good teachers are knowledgeable, passionate, patient, and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They are committed to their students’ success and are continuously learning and improving their teaching practices.

Good communication skills

Having good communication skills is mandatory in today’s world. Good communication skills are very important for any career option. And for a teacher, communicating is very important to connect with the student’s whether you are in a college or school. The teacher has to be expressive so that they can clear all the concepts and also explain a concept in simple terms, so that every student can understand them properly. Understanding the psychology of students is also very important and with the help of that, you have to shave your communication. So you should work on your communication skills to get through to your students. This is one of the most important steps that will take you One Step Closer to become an excellent teacher.

Avoid spoon-feeding

It is also said that successful teachers do not spoon-feed their students. It is not the best quality of a teacher. A good teacher uses the curiosity of students to make them learn better, rather than spoon-feeding them. Spoon feeding, as a result, is not effective and also doesn’t help students in a meaningful way. You have to try to appeal to your students to learn and make them more curious about their concept. The duty of a teacher is to help their students while they are struggling. In this way a student can learn and can result in the best outcomes.

Be a good listener

As we all are aware that active listening is a very important part of effective communication. As a teacher, if you are looking for the qualities to make you a good teacher then you should surely be a good listener. If you are listening carefully to your students to understand their issues and problems, because if you are listening actively you can help your students to solve their problems. If you are actively paying attention to your students while he is talking to you. You can understand whether the students are anxious or whether they are not confident about the topic. Actively listening can help you to realize many hidden ways which are important for a student’s development.


The quality of a good teacher is that they are highly resourceful. And being resourceful is a trait of a teacher. You have to be ready to fulfill the needs of your students to learn more and never depend on textbooks provided by the school. You have to introduce new techniques and ways by which students can learn more. You have to interact with your students and try to engage in learning experiences. In Today’s world, the internet is a great place where lots of resources are available to aid your teaching. Using videos, animations, images, and any other things to make your students more attracted to studies. Being a resourceful teacher is very important to become a successful teacher.

Try to engage more

To become a good teacher and a teacher who is the favorite of the students. you have to engage more and more with your students because no one likes to sit for hours in any boring lecture. Maximum students learn because those teachers don’t make them learn by not engaging with the student. If you want to make students learn and understand the concept well you should try to engage with them. There are various methods available to engage with the students like you can use physical objects and you can take help of a video to explain concepts to the primary students. And for High school students, you can use humor, relating concepts with real-life scenarios and many more ideas related to engaging with educational experiences.


A teacher needs to get ready to learn to grow and to adopt modern ways to teach and make their teaching more effective. Good teachers are always ready to learn new things from the students. Sometimes students have some information that you are not aware of. You should always be ready to learn and open to new experiences, never mind where they are coming from.

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