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 The HSC Examination is the second career deciding milestone in a student’s life. This exam decides about what a student’s aims and what direction he will go in further in his career. The 12th standard examinations are also known as the Higher Secondary Examination. The 12th standard examination for the science division bifurcates each subject in its respective category.

In other words, we can say that they give each subject the required weightage. The subject here includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics-1, Mathematics-2, English and elective subjects for respective branches such as Electronics, Computer Science, Psychology and various such other relative subjects. The subjects are given both theories as well as practical importance. The Chemistry subject is also given equal weightage in terms of Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry.

Physics also is bifurcated into Optics, Modern Physics, Kinematics, and Kinetics. Mathematics also is bifurcated into Mathematics 1 & 2 wherein Mathematics 1 has subjects like Vectors, Logics, Venn Diagrams and some part of Statistics and Mathematics 2 contains subjects such as Differential Equation, Probability, Integration, and Differentiation. Electronics has the section of Applied Electronics and Circuit Electronics named Electronics 1 and Electronics 2.


Being said the examination is very tough but with proper guidance, preparation, hard work, and efficient facilities this exam is achievable with good marks and can take your career to higher altitudes. There are various techniques for studying in this examination but with apt knowledge and guidance, your studies can be enjoyed in a certain manner.

There various tips and tricks about how to achieve good marks in this examination to benefit your career. So below given are the top 15 tips and tricks which will help you in the HSC Board Examination which are given as follows:-

  1. Make short notes and footnotes where and whenever necessary in the textbook itself which will in turn benefit you while reading textbooks when you are preparing for the examination.
  2. Take the help of notes and digests as the last step for finding the solution for a problem. Always rely on your basic concepts and your teacher’s guidance when you are stuck on a particular problem.
  3. When studying for Inorganic Chemistry always keep in mind the basics of the periodic table when reading the chapters which will help you memorize the whole periodic table when studying Inorganic Chemistry.
  4. When studying modern physics always keep in mind some basic equations of Frequency, Wavelength, and Amplitude because these equations are the basic building blocks of the whole syllabus of Modern Physics.
  5. Keep in mind the process of nomenclature process of Organic Chemistry with their suffixes and prefixes which make most of the questions asked in Organic Chemistry.
  6. The best way to deal with English which is mostly ignored in this examination is to just read the textbook and read the notes.
  7. The best way to remember the Logic and Venn Diagrams is to practice it and remember the conditional statements, Unions, Intersections, etc. which will help you in the exams.
  8. It happens many times that you do not get ample time to complete your paper then in this case the best way is to leave spaces and complete the things you remember first.
  9. Never try to memorize the formulas of Mathematics-2 which can lead you to mental stress. The best way to avoid this problem is to practice the problems of Mathematics-2 regularly.
  10. In the elective subjects Electronics 1/2, Psychology, Computer Science, Hindi, etc. try your level best to grasp the basics of the subject which will help you to grasp the full subject easily without any extra efforts.
  11. Never refer to the book “21 Expected Questions” of any particular subject because it will add more to your stress and increase your confusion.
  12. Always try to remember the Mole Concept, Molecular Masses, Atomic Masses, Avogadro’s number, Universal Gas Concepts, etc., and various such other concepts which prove as a building block when solving numerically for Physical Chemistry.
  13. Never try to burn the midnight oil for this exam as doing so will make you fail in the Final Exams or you will just pass the exams with aggregate marks.
  14. Make a strict timetable for each subject with equal time given to each and make sure that it is strictly followed with sincerity.
  15. Do not open the books on the day of the paper until the exam is over because this will overburden you and you will start feeling nervous.

            These were the 15 points to be kept in mind while appearing for the HSC Examinations. Hope this will help you, Good Luck!!    

-Asim Phadke

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So this is the end of the post 15 Tips for a Successful HSC Examination. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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