6 Useful Study Tips for Class 12th Students

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This time we come for our Class 12th Board Exams Students. There is a misconception about 12th exam preparations it’s not easy to score more than 90%, It’s tough, not everyone cup of tea. So in this blog, we will give 5 tips or Brahmastra by which any student can score more than 90% very easily. So without any further due let’s begin with 6 useful study tips for class 12th students.

6 Useful Study Tips for Class 12th Students

Know Your Self, Your Syllabus, And Resources

This is a very important tip that students should know. Students should know their  strengths and weakness, their speed of reading, and learning. How fast they can understand a topic. It would prefer that students should do a ‘SWOT’ (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for the board exams. Students should also clear about their syllabus, how much he has to cover, for how much time he should go for a particular subject all these questions should consider while SWOT analysis. Know more about Career Counselling For Class 11 & 12 Students .

Students should only be focussed on a particular resource and not use multiple resources or multiple writer’s books for the same subject. This will create confusion for the subject which can’t afford at this time. So that’s why Know your self you study pattern, Know your syllabus and develop your notes accordingly.

Control Your Environment And Be Discipline

Some of the words that attract students very much are PUBG, MOBILE PHONE, SERIES, MOVIES, PARTY, NETFLIX, etc. these all words are distractions. Many students waste their time due to these distractions. In a case study its found that students do not take the initial 9 months seriously and the rest of the 3 months study hard. Time management is also an important aspect of exam preparation and many times students who score 60% or 70% complain about the shortage of time for exam preparation. 

Trust me Nothing like that a 90% + student has the same amount of time as a 60%+ student but the only difference is how they utilize it. Cutoff all kind of distraction can help you to give plenty of time in which a particular student can plan, organize his studies, can revise it syllabus, can do group studies, etc This study tips is helpful for 12th class students.

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Practice makes a man perfect this is a very famous quote almost all of us heard about it. Similarly, exam preparation has an essential element which is the revision that gives individual confidence and strength during an exam. The more you practice the more you can secure the question and save your time. It is preferable that students should do a minimum of a 3-time revision of the complete syllabus. Revision is very important and can increase the probability of higher marks and will make students super confident. 

Revision doesn’t mean write or read the complete syllabus again and again but it means to prepare smart the complete syllabus again and again. One can revise the syllabus through youtube, make notes, can make plackets of important points in a lesson, group studies all are considered in revision.

You Need To Be Optimistic And Super Positive

Your neighbors, friends, relatives all try to demotivate you try to give mental stress but be confident and be the best of yourself. Many times you could feel that your preparation is not up to the mark and your friends have got greater marks. But wait, before going to any conclusion just keep faith in your preparation, revise continuously, Practise important questions, prioritize your subjects can help you a lot. Think super positive be in the coolest mind, keep smiling can helps you to fight back. This study tip is helpful for 12th class students.

Handwriting And Presentation Skills

To understand this point lets understand an example: We all love restaurants and food their weather its Shahi paneer or Butter korma, but what if your mummy cook the same food would you eat the same food with the same enthusiasm. So what makes it different it tastes no. All that matters is the way it present, before eating our mind will make a perception to eat that food because it seems delicious. 

A similar thing is happening with our exam, imagine an examiner has bundles of answer sheets to check, and before even read to an answer he plotted imaginary marks for the candidate. So how even this can possible this is because examiner scanned students copy in initial 5 seconds. So presentation skills and neat handwriting is very much important.

Give The Mock Exam

Mock exam test series or simple test in your coaching can improve your score very effectively, not only this it can tell you your weak areas, where you should take care of, it helps to gives you real examination conditions. Minimum 5 Mocks should be given by a candidate for every subject time to time with proper analysis after each Mock. So this is our 6 tips for you to score more than 90% in the exam.

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What are the eligibility criteria for studying Arts and Humanities?

The eligibility criteria for studying Arts and Humanities vary depending on the institution and program. Generally, students must have completed their 12th standard or equivalent examination with a minimum aggregate percentage.

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