Importance Of Career Counselling For Class 12 Students

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Class 12 is marked as the end of schooling or junior college and hence it is the beginning of the lifelong hustle. The hustle to choose the right degree, right college and city, academicals or financial challenges and so on. Therefore, guidance from a certified career counsellor can have a positive impact on your career. The article will highlight the 8 key points that reflect career counselling for class 12 students.

Decision-Making Year

The most crucial year of a student’s life after one has selected their stream in class 10 is class 12. Career guidance can potentially help in making a career decision after you leave your school. As life takes a complete turn and things don’t remain the same after school, consulting before any move you take is always a safer option.

Selection of a Career

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The importance of a career is pretty well known to us and therefore making a decision that can spoil the future is not what an individual want. Most students remain confused on what degree to take up and due to lack of complete knowledge, students usually remain unaware of many trending options around them. A career counsellor can help them to match their interest with an educational degree.

Helps to Eliminate Confusions

If anyone is confused about what career path should they opt for, a career counsellor can be the best solution to look for in that case. A career counsellor will examine you by a Psychometric Tests, i.e., they will suggest which career option suits the best for you matching your set of skills and interests. They will let you know all the possible career paths that match your personality and the chosen stream in class 12. Many of us may not be demented but remain in dilemma between two different career options. Career counselling can also alleviate such confusions and suggest you the best for you.

Helps in Avoiding Peer Pressure or Societal Pressure

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A very common phenomenon that is faced by most of the students is peer pressure or the societal pressure which remains under the ground. Peer pressure can lead you to certain career-based decisions which might not be the optimal choice for you. Students may also face some sort of Societal Pressure, either from their family or relatives and might end up choosing the wrong career path for them. In these situations, a career counsellor can help you to cope up with all these sorts of pressures and help in putting you on the right track.

Knowing a Better Version of Yourself

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As every student is set to step into a completely different setup after class 12, knowing oneself becomes a prerequisite. By knowing yourself, it means knowing your area of interests, knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Different psychometric tests are available and are conducted by career counsellors to give a clear picture of one’s psychometrics. By knowing yourself, you will be a step ahead of others at every level in your life.

Opens Up the Gateway of New Opportunities

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Many of us remain unaware about the coming up career choices in all major streams which are well known to all the professional career counsellors and hence opting for a session of career counselling will never go futile, even for those who believe that they are confident over their stream. Knowing the current opportunities in their stream will not only act as an option but will also give a brief idea about the market movements and worth of their degree.

Choosing a College or a University

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Choosing a college or a university could be challenging. With every day passing by, a new college is established, and with different governing bodies, rankings of various colleges vary remarkably. Therefore, a career counsellor can help you out by suggesting the best and most feasible college depending on one’s degree and preference of a city. They could also help you by providing a few tips and tricks for the entrance exams or interview rounds to get into your dream college. Therefore, to avoid any sort of mishappenings, career counselling before confirming your college is suggested.

Five Years Down the Lane

Five years down the lane is a crucial fact that should be taken into consideration by everyone. One needs to choose a degree that will have the same worth when seen in the near future. A career counsellor could be very useful to answer all your similar doubts. They can also brief you about the market requirements in future and what all jobs can your degree fetch, once completed. All these factors will therefore determine your career journey and your financial stability. Hence, career counselling could be the safest choice before a career-based decision is made.

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