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Most students are afraid of board exams and find the Class 12th board exams to be toughest after the 10th exams. 12th class is also a future defining class as results of this class are important in deciding the career of the students. Sometimes the students suffer from anxiety and stress after the dates of the examinations are announced. But it will be better to prepare yourself for the exams rather than becoming stressed. Some important facts which the students should keep in mind while preparing for the board exams are:

Always Prepare From The Beginning

Once the new session for the class 12th starts and you have bought new books for the class, encourage yourself to start afresh from the very beginning. If you start preparing for the board exams from the first day, you will be able to get outstanding results in the final board examination. If you feel that you can’t be regular in your studies, push yourself a little harder. Tell yourself that I am my own competitor and I can do much better if I am consistent.

Preparing for Exams: How To Get A Good Score In 12th Class?

Consider Main Course Books

Sometimes the students forget the course books allotted by the board and the school and study only the reference books. Although reference books help you to understand different topics easily, it is not a good idea to forget the course books completely.

Try to study every topic given in the coursebook and don’t skip anything. It is seen that mostly the examiner set the paper from the course books so it will be good if you study these books thoroughly and pick up the reference books for competitive exams only. Students who study from the main syllabus books score good marks in the final exams.

CBSE Main Course Books: How To Get A Good Score In 12th Class?

Be your own competitor

Remember that your competition is with yourself. Try to perform better than your previous attempts. You can perform better if you’re regular in your studies. Aim to get higher scores. Focus on increasing the overall percentage along with the individual scores of the subjects. Give more time to the subjects in which you score average or poor marks. This will help you to analyze the areas of improvement and will boost your performance and score.

Be positive

Keeping a positive attitude is important in every aspect of life and can take you a long way in handling difficult situations.  Maintaining the right attitude helps in solving the tough problem with ease. Also, a positive attitude along with regular studies can,  not only help you score higher but will boost your confidence and help you crack the highly competitive exams after your 12th class.

Be positive: How To Get A Good Score In 12th Class?

Focus on each subject

In the class 12th, students choose different streams like Science, Commerce, and Humanities as per their interest. So focus on each subject individually and give more time to the subjects in which you are weak. Give proper time to the language subjects like English which are common to all streams and sometimes students ignore these subjects. It can drop your overall percentage. Give more time to the subjects in which you score average or poor to improve your performance.  Sometimes if a student is weak in one or two subjects, he or she starts avoiding those subjects. This is the mistake you should avoid. Try to give such subjects more time and you can also take the help of your teachers in this. Teachers are always willing to help the students in subjects which they find tough.

Focus on each subject: How To Get A Good Score In 12th Class?

Time Management

Make a timetable as the new session for the class 12th begins.  Make sure you follow it daily. Some students like to wake up early and for others to study late at night is good. Manage your time accordingly. Although waking up early in the morning is a good idea, it may not work for students who like to study in the wee hours of the night. Each student can have their own preferences whether to study early morning or late at night.

Try to give equal time to each subject but give more time to the subjects in which you are weak. It will improve your overall performance and also turn your weak points into your strengths. Start revising the syllabus at least 3 months before the final examinations.

Time Management: How To Get A Good Score In 12th Class?

Solving previous years papers is a good idea

Solving old papers can be a good idea to improve your score.  If you solve a given paper in parts or you take more time than given in the paper, it will not solve the purpose. Solve a paper as if you are sitting for an examination within the time limit. Initially, you may not perform very well but the more you solve previous years’ papers, the better your performance will be. Solve as many papers as you can. Make notes of all important topics and questions for each subject.

solving question papers, Previous years question paper: How To Get A Good Score In 12th Class?

Take care of your health

Exams are stressful at times so take care of your health. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. Play some outdoor games you like to keep yourself stress-free. Always remember that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body.

Eat healthy: How To Get A Good Score In 12th Class?

Clean answer sheet

Keep your answer sheet clean but that doesn’t mean that you don’t write anything on it. Jokes apart, sometimes students cut the words and lines repeatedly, thus making the answer sheet untidy. A clean answer sheet is not only pleasant to the eyes but can fetch you more marks.

Take proper sleep before the exam

Last but not the least, take proper sleep the night before each exam. Waking up throughout the night to revise the syllabus is not a good idea. Take enough sleep to keep yourself fresh for the examination. Eat a light and healthy breakfast. Don’t revise all the notes and books at once as it will confuse you. Revise only important notes and keep yourself calm.

Proper sleep

On the day of the exam

Revise only important topics and questions as it is not possible to revise the full syllabus. It is better to leave your books and notebooks at home and reach the examination center at least half an hour before your exam. 

Once you are inside the hall and have taken your seat for the exam, tell yourself that I will perform my best. Read the question paper twice and start answering the questions for which you are confident that you know the answer well. Try to solve those questions which you are not confident about in the end.  Don’t panic if you forget something or if you don’t know any answer. You can solve such questions in the end or leave them altogether. Once you have solved the paper, read the answers carefully.

Class 12th Board exam

By following these tips, I hope that you will come out with flying colors in your board exams.

By- Suman Lata

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