How to Become a Software Engineer After 12th

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Software engineering is a rapidly growing field with high demand for skilled professionals. If you are interested in a career in software engineering, there are a number of courses you can take after 12th grade. One popular option is to pursue a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. These programs typically take four years to complete and cover a wide range of topics, including programming, data structures, algorithms, software design, and testing. A Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree. These programs are typically three years long and focus on the practical aspects of software development, such as programming, web development, and database management.

How to Become a Software Engineer After 12th

Eligibility Criteria for Software Engineer

To become a software engineer after 12, it is necessary to have PCM then only you come one step closer. After the 12th stream you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any of the courses, BCA.( 3 years), B.Tech(4 years), BSC computer science, BSc software development & Security, Bachelor in software technology, BE computer science.

    Diploma course :– diploma in computer science Diploma in computer application, diploma in software engineering, diploma in a computer programmer.
  • Master Degree :–
    • MCA (3 years), M.Sc IT (2 years), M.Tech (2 years). For becoming a software engineer, it is not a degree is not sufficient. If you are keen to become a software engineer , then you need to have an internship program during your bachelor program courses and training. This internship and training program  will teach you the things which you might learn after job experience but having an internship experience will help your future. Many companies hire a candidate who has some kind of internship program. The internship will enhance your knowledge and skills.

Skills Required To Become A Software Engineer

  • To become a software engineer, you need to have good quality to work in a team.
  • You should have good communication skills.
  • You must know the c, c++, VB coding language, etc.
  • You must have the skills to think about all possible solutions you can provide to your software.
  • To become a good in an analytical approach to a problem.
  • You should know sound thinking so that you can provide a quick and better solution for a particular work.
  • You should be aware of the new functionalities and technologies used in your platform to cope up with the new designs.

Top Software Engineering Colleges in India

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Visvesvaraya national institute of technology, Nagpur
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Rajasthan
  • Aligarh Muslim University, Uttarpradesh
  • Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University.
  • Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Anna University, Chennai
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Some popular entrance exams for admission to software engineering programs in India include JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test),

Along with technical skills in programming languages like Java, Python, or C++, important skills for a software engineer include problem-solving, logical reasoning,

Both options have their merits. A bachelor’s degree provides a comprehensive education with a broader understanding of software engineering concepts

While it’s not necessary to learn multiple programming languages, having knowledge of multiple languages can be advantageous. It allows you to adapt to different projects and technologies


To become a software engineer after 12, there are various specialization options are available. You can choose the specialization in any of the branch. But two are the most famous software engineering in application and software engineering system development. Now there are also a software engineer degree that takes two-year-old study. Software Engineering associate degrees give you an entry-level position in the software engineering line. There are also engineering associate programs such as Database management system, web application development, operating system, and networking.

Job Profile

  • Software designer :- software designer develops conceive of, design, and build a computer program. They use research, design, and planning techniques and tools to create the foundation for software to be built.
  • Software programmer :- software programmers design, develop and test software and ensure software adhere to best practice in performance reliability and security.
  • Project manager :- project managers are accountable for every aspect of the project, including leading a team capable of meeting or exceeding client expectations for their vision.
  • Informative system manager :- They plan. Install and monitor software and hardware to meet overall information security and implement new technology as needed.
  • Software executive :- They establishes and direct the strategic long term goals, policies and procedures for an organization’s software development programmer.

Top Recruitment Company

  • TCS
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Persistent
  • Oracle
  • Adventure
  • Wipro limited

Certificate Programme

Being it with higher qualifications will give you a lot of experience and a great job position so, you can go for the certification program which not only develops your field knowledge but also gives you a good hick in job procurement. Few top famous certifications
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web service certification
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Scrum
  • Oracle

FAQs About Study for Software Engineer

Q. What is software engineering?

A. Software engineering is a discipline that involves the development and maintenance of software systems. It covers all aspects of software development, including design, coding, testing, and maintenance.

Q. What courses can I pursue to become a software engineer?

A. To become a software engineer, you can pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) or Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Software Engineering. You can also pursue a Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Technology (M.Tech) degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.

Q. What skills do I need to become a software engineer?

A. To become a software engineer, you need to have strong analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills. You also need to have a good understanding of programming languages, data structures, algorithms, and computer networks. Additionally, you should have good communication and teamwork skills.

Q. What is the salary package for a software engineer?

A. The salary package for a software engineer depends on factors like the company, the location, and the experience. On average, the starting salary for a software engineer can range from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh per annum. With experience, the salary package can go up to Rs. 15 lakh or more per annum.

Engineering Branch Selector Test

The Engineering Branch Selector Test is a specialized assessment tool designed to assist individuals in exploring and identifying suitable branches or disciplines within the field of engineering. This test aims to evaluate an individual’s interests, skills, values, and personality traits specifically related to the various branches of engineering, providing valuable insights into potential career paths within this diverse and rapidly evolving field.

The test begins by assessing an individual’s interests in different areas of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, computer, or aerospace engineering. It explores their preferences for working with machines, structures, electronics, software, or specific applications. This assessment assists individuals in narrowing down their interests within engineering and identifying potential branches that align with their passion.

In addition to interests, the test evaluates an individual’s skills and aptitudes relevant to engineering. It examines their abilities in problem-solving, mathematical analysis, technical knowledge, design thinking, programming, or laboratory work. By understanding their skills within engineering, individuals can explore branches that allow them to leverage their strengths and contribute meaningfully to their chosen field.

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