7 Innovative And Creative Career Options

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During this competitive scenario, everyone is surrounded by career anxiety. It acts as a scar on every child’s mind and, has a great impact on their subconscious which is related to their career. According to the myths existing in our society, only some professional career options are given more importance than others. It is somewhere engraved in every parent’s mind that if a child is a boy, he should opt for the careers like an engineer, police officer, IAS officer, etc. If a student is a girl, then she should go for the careers like doctor, teacher, homemaker, nurse, and the list goes on.

But do you think the comparison that everyone makes is ethical? Is it mandatory to opt for the already existing professions in this era where we all are modernizing our ways?

No, during the 21st century many new professions have evolved as a part of developing the nation in innumerable ways. Many new technologies with a new concept are in the market today. Those in demand for the new masters to handle them. With the advancement in every field, there are many new career options that every student can choose for. We can say that the career choice of a student depends largely upon his/her interest, passion, and dedication to a particular field.

There are many creative and innovative career mentioned that is always a dream of every student.


If you have a passion for organizing various events, this option is best for you. It provides you a chance to explore all your creative thinking and put it in a single frame to make someone’s day more beautiful. This profession prepares you for every single planning and organization of the events like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, engagements, musical concerts, movie nights, grand fashion shows, and many more. At every step, you learn how to make the events successful with a real-time television-like experience.


This profession demands the artistic skills that you can put on a piece of paper and then convert into reality by giving luxurious look to residential areas, hotels, banquets, offices, auditoriums, cafes, restaurants, and many more. It only requires your designing and thinking skills, so if you have a passion for drawing, you can make it your career choice.


This field is for those who aspire to work in corporate foods and beverage companies like Nestle, Britannia, ITC group, or Dabur, as a quality control manager or wants to work as food inspectors. It is one of the most evolving sectors in India as many of our Indian population rely on packaged food products. So this profession demands your scientific skills to mix and, match the various nutrients together, to come up with a healthy food product. 


This gives you the knowledge regarding various types of clothes in the market, designing done on them and the companies that provide you the chance for doing such things. Firstly you learn about the selection of the cloth, development of different apparel, designing and merchandising. 


This career option demands your strong interest in the virtual world. It requires your skills to influence the opinions and actions of the public through digital means. If you have a passion for learning some key techniques for promoting online services, this career is a perfect choice for you. You can learn SEO, SEM, and SMO techniques that enhance your technical skills and make you a master to excel in the world of digital marketing. 


If you love to explore different places, you can choose this as your career. This profession only needs your interest to be sociable and adaptable to different changes. You can work in tour operating companies, travel agencies, different government tourism departments, travel and tourism offices, and many more.


This profession is becoming one of the most popular professions among all. Today, mostly youth want to showcase their presence in society by becoming real heroes at an early age. By doing journalism, you can be the reporter, anchor, work in different media houses, and many more. This profession makes you versatile by grooming your various skills and allows you to accept different challenges. 


Just adding a new twist to your thinking, we can say, expand your boundaries to polish your skills and explore your existing passion creating a new version of yourself. It is rightly said by Caroline Myss, “Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow”. So adopt some newly evolving career option that you think is not under your potential to turn it into reality.

:By – Muskaan Sehdev

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