Top 5 New age Career Options

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What is meant by new-age careers? With the advancement of technologies and the times we live in, we are exposed to various career options every day. These options are such that nobody from our previous generation could even think of, let alone making a living out of it. The best thing about these new career options is that everybody can try their hands on them. Moving away from the conventional career options, these new careers are all about your interest and talent.

Here is a brief list of these options that you can try:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing career option is at the boom right now. Ditching the old-age traditional marketing way, we’re now heading towards online marketing through ads, social media, etc. Till the time we have internet, this career option will be at its peak. In a country like India, wherein currently we have 700 million users and, this number is on the rise, digital marketing is surely something that you can ponder upon.


YouTube, as we know, is a worldwide video sharing platform with 2 billion + users across the globe and more than 300 million users just in India. This career option is open for all. The best thing about being a YouTuber is that it doesn’t have age or gender barriers as some of the traditional careers do. It doesn’t even require any qualification. However, it is a bonus point for people who share their specific knowledge or talent on this platform. From entertainment to education, YouTube has it all. As a YouTuber, you earn by its monetization process, which is through ads. More subscribers, more views, and you’re good to go.

Career As A Youtuber


Initially, Instagram was a picture-sharing platform for the world, but now it has advanced its features and is also a video-sharing platform but without ads, unlike YouTube. You must be wondering how Instagram can be a career option? Well, the answer lies in sponsorships. If you work hard for some time to increase your followers on Instagram, you will gain high profit out of it. All kinds of brands will reach out to you for their product promotion and will pay heaps. Many people have grown just from Instagram and social media marketing.

Content creation

We have search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. we have content writing as a career. Whatever you’re searching on the internet and the results that you get are created by content writers. People specify their fields and write about what they’re interested in. It is this content that the search engine shows to clear queries or information about anything required by a user. In this field of content writing, you can either work as a freelancer or for a regular job. There is no language barrier in this career option. You can write in whichever language a person feels comfortable with and can explore too much more.

107.what Is A Content Creator

Video editing & Graphic designing

Why should creativity lag? In today’s time, there are emerging courses on video editing and graphic designing.

Graphic designing is creating visual content to put out a message. It is also creating different types of logos for the company. This career option is high on-trend. If you are someone who likes to create visual images, you can think about it as a career option by becoming an expert in this field.

Video editing is as crucial as video making. The result of the videos we see on the internet is attractive because of the editing in them. Content creators are looking out for video editors in heavy numbers so you can think yourself, the demand and need of video editors.

Both of these are high-paying careers, either as freelancing or regular job with a company.

computer science


Above is a small list of new-age career options that you might be searching for. However, the sea is too deep to pick out all the marbles. Searching and exploring more options will make you realize the importance of being unique and creative. In the present era, there is nothing that can stop you from creating a career out of your talent or interest. Be unique, consistent, and hardworking. There is a long way to go.

: By- Aditi Tanwer

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