How To Start As A Freelancer In India?

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In today’s time with the increase in the usage of Smartphones and the Internet, freelancing has become the preferred way to work for many individuals. It is comfortable, money making and it has the freedom to write. Also, it is a popular preposition for the youngsters of our country. Unlike many others, if you are also looking for ways to become a successful freelancer in India, you should note that it is not that easy, how it looks from the outside. Freelancing can be liberating but it is also difficult sometimes you have to understand both aspects in this field. Working as a freelancer needs dedication, hard work, determination, and commitment towards your work. An individual should know the different ways in which he can gain freelancing projects in his future. Here are a few steps which will guide you to kick start your career as a freelancer:

You have to define your goals

It is very important for an individual to clearly define his goals with measurable milestones. If you are not clear about your goal it will be very challenging for you to know where you want to reach. First of all, you have to understand why you are freelancing. Is it to earn? or do you want to enjoy the benefits of being a freelancer? You need to have clarity in your mind towards your defined goals. Your journey becomes easier when your goals are defined right at the very beginning of a career.

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Choosing a Niche

You have to identify a profitable Niche under freelancing. Let’s take an example that you are an amazing cook and your family loves your meals. Whatever you cook, you always get complimented for your food, by your family and relatives. There is no doubt that the market is full of people who will provide various types of cuisines at competitive and affordable prices. The dishes are also delicious at their price. You have to understand that there is nothing to compete with the pricing of others who are freelance chefs. You have to think and take your time by identifying the profitable Niche to start up your business as a freelancer. According to the example, you have to identify the right cuisine which is having demand and the right dish that will require skills and quality.

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Start determining the targeted market and audience

When we talk about starting any kind of freelance business, we have to target the market because it is a very important thing just like choosing your Niche. As soon as you start you can take approaches to crack the first few clients. Also, you can make plans like who you want to reach and with whom you want to work. Once you get to know these are identified clients you will get knowledge about what type of clients you need. If the clients you have targeted are similar to what you need then you can continue with them if not then you have to identify a different set of clients for your business.

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Start making pricing strategies and setting prices

if you make the right price it will give a huge impact on your freelancing business. If you spend more time on analyzing the value you deliver, and then determine your expected rate. You have to make sure that the rate should decide to meet your income goals and your expenses to at least fulfill your expected needs. The most common mistake freelancers make is, deciding the price based on the competitors. You have to remember one thing that you need to ask for: the price of your work, your value, and the quality you are providing. Secondly, the pricing will depend on the targeted market. While you are targeting smaller clients you have to keep low pricing accordingly.

Working on building a portfolio

When you think about becoming a freelancer in India, you have to also think about how you can showcase your talent to the targeted audience and clients today. Nowadays you have a lot of options like starting with a website, Instagram handles, Facebook page, or with a blog. These will be depending on the nature of the business you are going to run. The main purpose of making a Portfolio is to showcase your skills in the best manner to make yourself get noticed by the audience and clients.

Start pitching to your clients

After making your portfolio you have to start pitching, you have to find potential clients by using different sources such as freelancing websites and social media. Depending on the services you are providing. Also, you have to remember that you are working for quality work, not quantity.

By: Varsha Yadav

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