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A graphic designer is a person who works in the graphic design and graphic arts business and creates designs by combining images, typography, and motion graphics. A graphic designer primarily designs graphics for printed, electronic, or published media, such as brochures (sometimes) and advertising. They’re also in charge of typesetting, graphics, user interfaces, and web design on occasion. One of the designer’s primary responsibilities is to present information in a way that is both understandable and memorable.

There are numerous excellent options for becoming a professional Graphic Designer. Well-known designers gain greater visibility and earn more money than others in their area. Follow these 7 steps to become a professional graphic designer and gain greater acclaim in the design world.

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Pursue Formal Studies

Yes, some persons who do not have a formal education can become graphic designers. A university degree, on the other hand, remains the safest and most reliable path into the industry. It’s not only about finding a job; you’ll be able to do a good job if you have a solid foundation in design theory and practice.

However, not everyone can afford to take three years off from employment to pursue their education. It should also be noted that several design degrees still leave graduates with many of the fundamental skills and aptitudes required in today’s design environment.

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Get an Internship

A placement with a good design studio or in-house department can provide you with vital experience that you can utilize throughout your design career. You’ll get experience in how design firms operate, as well as a deeper knowledge of customer needs and task management.

With luck (and keep in mind that you must make the majority of your own luck), you’ll be able to demonstrate your abilities and commitment to the organization and convert your internship into a full-time career, gain valuable experience, and establish your own network.

Use a Sketchbook

Keep a sketchbook to record all of your thoughts. To conceptualize the design and construct a map on paper, use book names, phrases, URLs, sketches, and all of your thoughts. Draw lines linking the essential concepts and highlight significant phrases and terms. The design map will assist you in creating the final product. When you’ve come up with a good idea, try it out on the computer in low resolution. You don’t have to worry about colors or size; simply look to see if anything has to be changed.

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Create a Business Website

Creating a design website to exhibit your work is one of the most effective strategies to gain a lot of attention. Make an idea that isn’t already on the internet. Consider how much it will cost and how long it will take to develop the site. On a prominent design site, a well-designed site with a blog, galleries of your work, and a “about” page can boost your chances of success.

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Do online Interviews

You may have various ideas, but if you follow these 7 steps to being a good Graphic Designer, your chances of success will increase, and you will have a rewarding profession. A designer must think of unique strategies to get their name in front of prospective clients. Designers with innovative ideas are always sought after by design publications, blogs, and websites. Begin contacting website proprietors about doing online interviews. Consider how you may use your experience to assist other designers. With each interview, you’ll get recognition, and if one of them goes viral, you’ll gain media exposure.


Write an eBook

Writing an eBook is another approach to become a successful Graphic Designer and fast establish an opt-in email list. Professionals in the design field are continuously looking for new ways to advance their careers and earn more recognition. You can provide new promotions and special offers once your name is on the eBook and you have an email list. You can give out the book for free or sell it for a minimal cost. The goal is to amass a large number of followers.

Get a design Book Published

One of the more difficult of the five ways to become a good Graphic Designer might be worth your attention. Obtain the publication of a design book. A collection of designs by you or your studio, tutorials, designer resources, and design theory are just a few of the suggestions. It’s tough to have your work published by a large publishing house, but self-publishing is a viable option.

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By: Sananda Kumari

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