10 New-age career options that didn’t exist decades ago

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We live in an era full of opportunities. There has been an enormous change in the working of industries from the last three decades. With the internet coming up, online opportunities have increased drastically. You have access to a lot of information just on one click. It has also given rise to career options for the people. There are infinite career options for youth. Here are 10 new-age career options that didn’t exist decades ago.

Web developer

With the internet becoming popular in the ’90s, web development became high on demand. Even today, if you are good with HTML, CSS, JS, and some other tools of web development, you can easily earn money and can convert it into your career. Software engineering is a very high profile job demanded in almost every sector. There are various online free and paid courses that will help you to learn from zero.

Digital marketing

When we talk about new-age career options that didn’t exist decades ago, we can’t neglect this. This is becoming popular day by day with the increase of social media and internet users. It has a very bright future ahead. You can do a short 6 months course on digital marketing and start from your home. You need two things, a laptop and an internet connection at your home. There are various types of digital marketing, like SEO, content marketing, etc. It is one of the best career options for youth. Many people have made a great career in digital marketing.

Data scientist

This is a new name; we now hear an exciting day. You study specific methods, processes, algorithms, etc. through which you study structured and unstructured data. Data mining is also a part of it. Even colleges provide a course in data scientists, and it is one of the most popular courses. Data scientist as a career is fascinating. Not only you get decent pay but also your work on some of the exciting things.

Business coach

Yes, there are coaches for your business. With the increasing number of business and startup opportunities, being a business coach is a perfect option if you are a startup or business enthusiast. Business coach will guide from idea to scaling of your product. Usually, they either take a stake in your company or charge some amount, which is generally very high. Business coaches are very high in demand with increasing startup culture.

Life coach

It is one of the most exciting career options for youth. Some people will guide you in life. They help you to build your personality. They help you to set up your goals by improving your experience through some methods. You will grow your personality and emotional aptitude. Life coaches are usually located in big cities. Being a good life coach depends on your skills to interact with people and understand them. But if you master this, you will have a bright career ahead.

Affiliate marketing

It is one of the easiest ways to earn money online at home. This is by far one amongst the most easy new-age career options that didn’t exist decades ago. You earn commission by promoting another company’s product. The more products you sell, the more you earn. There some online platforms for the same. One of the best platforms is Amazon, which has a separate affiliation program. You choose a niche, build your platform, create and publish, and then you earn. This is something everyone can do without much effort.


If you are good at writing, proofreading, or many things, all you can do is work for your client with your desired amount. It gives you freedom of time and client. This is very popular amongst the students who freelance for their pocket money. You can do almost every kind of job at freelancing. You need to register yourself on some websites which will give you a customer base for which you can work efficiently.

Social media influencer

Social media influencer platform is used by millions of people daily. You can open an Instagram account and start building your followers. Once you acquire a certain amount of followers, you can tie up with certain brands and will get paid for it. Another straightforward and famous option is YouTube. All you need to do is choose your niche and work on it.

Virtual assistant

It can literally pay you a lot, but many people don’t know about this option. You will be an independent contractor who will work online and provide administrative support. You will typically operate from your home and will get access to necessary documents such as calendars etc. There are various companies which hire a virtual assistant for themselves. You need to develop multiple sets of skills like word processing, communication, computer skills, etc. one you acquire all those, you are ready for work as a virtual assistant. As one of the many career options for youth, this can quickly pay your pocket money

Social media manager

With the increasing number of influencers and social media marketing, you can work as a social media manager. As a social media manager, your job will be to represent your company on various social media platforms. You will be organizing multiple campaigns for your company. It is a fun job, and you will also create a vast network of people that will help you in the future.

There are tons of new-age career options available for you which didn’t exist decades ago. You need to pick one or more than one.

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