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Nature has always been a part of our lives since time immemorial. Whether it be the exile of Lord Rama to the various species of plants and animals found in the Amazon forest today, nature has always been an integral part of Indian culture. People not only like being in the company of nature but nature as a subject is also gaining scope day by day. Right from natural sciences to the environmental studies, a large number of students are opting for these fields. This article presents the various in demand career options with natural science as a subject.


Biological Technicians

Biological Technicians basically assist the various scientists in the laboratories. They are responsible for conducting field samples of the air, water and soil, collecting samples for analysis, maintaining and cleaning laboratory equipment and performing various experiments. They work under the supervision of biologists such as microbiologists who evaluate their work.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in biology or any other related field.
  • The average salary of these is around 5 to 6 lakhs.
natural sciences

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants maintain the administrative work and prepare the patients for the visit. They are responsible for preparing patients for examination, performing basic laboratory tests, assisting the physicians, instructing the patients etc. They basically perform all the administrative duties.

  • The minimum eligibility is graduation with any relevant field.
  • The average salary is around 3 lakhs.

Chemical Scientists

Chemical Scientists job opportunities depends on the area of their specialization. They direct the technicians to analyze the components, conduct qualitative and quantitative experiments as well as developing new products to improve existing ones. These typically work in laboratories and offices.

  • The minimum eligibility is graduation in Natural Sciences or any of the science stream with majoring in chemistry.
  • The average salary is around 3 lakhs.

Natural Sciences Manager

Natural Sciences Manager basically supervise the work of scientists. They direct research and development projects, formulate budgets for projects and programs, hire scientists, coordinate the activities such as quality control, testing and production as well as designing and documenting experimentation procedures.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in natural sciences or any science stream.
  • The average salary is around 8 lakhs.
natural sciences

Licensed Practical Nurse

LPN‘s are a vital part of the healthcare system and are responsible for providing more basic nursing care as well as taking care of them. The responsibility of an LPN include recording patients medical history accurately, performing basic nursing functions, comforts the patients and records medical history of the patients.

  • The minimum eligibility is a diploma in practical nursing.
  • The average salary is around 3 lakhs.

Environmental Restoration Planners

Environmental Restoration Planners basically work with or for  the restoration of the environment. They work for various scientific, technical and professional firms or for state or local government. They conduct field and laboratory tests to monitor the environment and collect and analyze data to determine environmental conditions and restoration needs. They oversee the implementation of restoration projects and develop new products.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences or any science related field.
  • The average salary is around 3 to 4 lakhs.
natural sciences

Park Naturalists

Park Naturalists are the persons who establish a connection between the park and the public. They plan various programmes to inform the public of cultural, historical, natural or scientific importance of the particular park. They provide information about the sights of attraction and educate the park visitors, student’s group or school groups. 

They explain the regulations and other information about the park and surrounding areas and deal with the complaints of the visitors.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in natural science or environmental science.
  • The average salary is around 10 thousand to 75 thousand per month.

Science Teacher

Science teachers help the middle and high school students to understand the various scientific phenomenon. They help the students in not only answering the questions but also to seek the answers by themselves. They are responsible for creating lesson plans, evaluating students performance and guiding students to become responsible. They also present science demonstrations, grade tests and assignments.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in science field.
  • The national average salary is around 24 thousand per month.

Industrial Ecologists

Industrial Ecologists basically do laboratory and field tests to monitor the environment. They identify environmental impacts caused by products or systems. They are concerned with the impacts that industrial activities can have on the environment.

  • The minimum eligibility is qualification in science, chemistry or engineering.
  • The average salary is around 38 thousand per month.

Natural Sciences professionals are employed in various sectors including the public and private sectors. 

Hope this article helped you to know various career options in the natural sciences. Dream big and Work hard.

All the best!!

By – Anshima Shrivastava 

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