Top 5 New Age Career Options in India

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Gone are the days when there used to be just two career options viz. engineering or MBBS. It is a completely new India which is globalizing superfast. The untouched areas are now being touched or rather nurtured properly to gain the best out of it. Every stream has much more to offer than what we actually know. Now Science is not just limited engineering or MBBS, there are multiple career options both in technical as well as non-technical fields.

One become now opt for genetic engineering if MBBS was not an option or one can be a data scientist if coding and handling data excites them. Similarly, for Commerce and Arts, there is a lot more career options apart from a bachelor of commerce or a bachelor of arts, like digital marketing, graphic designing, journalism, and so on and so forth. This article will reflect the top 6 career options that are budding and are expected further to grow in next 5 years. The top 5 new age career options in India are following:

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is very important for almost every company for its advertising. A graphic designer is responsible mixing art viz. may be images, words, and ideas to present to the audience. Graphic designers are nowadays mostly hired in web designing companies and they work closely with the web developers to enhance the designs and looks of a website. Graphic design is considered as one of the flexible jobs when it comes to switching between jobs as requirement of a talented graphic designer is always there in some or the other company. The role of graphic designer may also vary to making videos, posters or brochures for the purpose of advertising. Apart from having minimum a bachelor degree in graphic design, one need to know programming languages like HTML, Java, etc. They are also expected to have exemplary skills in handling the tools like Adobe Photoshop for better output.

Data Scientist

Data Science is growing in India every day, with a lot of variety of available certifications and a lot of job openings, data scientist seems to be an ideal career options who are data enthusiasts. The qualifications are tough and hence the degree stand at the pinnacle with respect to other jobs in 2021. One need to have a bachelor degree in Statistics or Mathematics with knowledge in programming languages like Python. The number of job openings and the average salary in India makes it a perfect career option for data lover and who are looking to settle in the field of data science.

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is the only non-coding career option which has the potential to give the toughest competition to all the coding career options. Digital marketing is an essential part of both product-based companies and service-based companies. With the fall in offline shopping, digital marketing has taken the place of conventional shopping and with everyday increase in netizens, digital marketing is bound to grow exponentially. A digital marketer usually sets up an online campaign based on certain factors like target audience, buying needs, and location/geography. This results in similar advertisements in the buyer’s network everywhere, be it browsers, social media applications or anything else and this happens with the technology of Artificial Intelligence. A digital marketer generally uses web and email as channel to expand their brand’s and product’s reach.

Career Counsellor

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Career Counsellor

Career counselling has started gaining popularity since past few years. As the number of career options are expanding, people are bound to get confused and thus to minimise the risk of choosing wrong career path, people have started opting for career counselling. The current worth career assessing industry is somewhere around INR 5000 crore and looking at the student-counsellor ratio, India is definitely in need of over 1 million certified counsellors to manage a student population of over 355 million. A career counsellor needs to have minimum masters in phycology and along with certain certifications.

Ethical Hacking

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We all are well aware that data is the fuel that is driving the world altogether towards a new destination. Ethical Hacking is nothing else but a branch that connects data with its security. As the world is moving towards modernisation, the risk of malpractices also increases. An ethical hacker is thereby responsible for security and safe of data held my large companies. As a company has a lot of data stored, them getting hacked viz their data getting stolen and misused by pernicious hackers is always a risk. As Indian companies alone have been losing over billions of dollars since last 10 year due to nasty hackers, the demand for ethical hackers has seen an upward trend. JavaScript, PHP and SQL are the most common programming languages used for ethical hacking.

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