New Age Career Options Available for Class 12th Students

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There are lots of career options for class 12th students. Choosing a suitable career option for themselves is very important as per their interest. Deciding the right course for graduation seems like an impossible decision to take. To take the first step toward choosing the right course after class 12th you must first know what options are available to you and which ones are best suited to your interests. Here is an article on New Age Career Options Available For Class 12th Students .

New Age Career Options Available for Class 12th Students

Some of the major points that students should factor in while deciding upon the best professional courses are future prospects, interest, and understanding of the course. So here are a few options a student can pursue accordingly:


Engineering is a great career choice for those who are interested in applying science, technology, and mathematics to solve real-world problems. Engineers design, develop, and test products, systems, and structures using their knowledge of science and mathematics. There are many different types of engineering, including mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, and software engineering, among others. Each of these disciplines has its own unique focus, but they all share a commitment to innovation and problem-solving. Here is an article on Engineering As A Student.

A career in engineering can be very rewarding, both financially and intellectually. Engineers are in high demand and typically earn a good salary, especially those with specialized skills and experience. In addition, engineers have the opportunity to work on exciting projects that can make a real difference in the world. Know more details On Career Counselling.

Medical & Allied Subjects

Medical and allied subjects are a broad range of fields that are involved in the provision of healthcare. They include medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied health professions, and biomedical sciences :-

  • Medicine :- The study of human health and disease is known as medicine. Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and pathology are just a few of the many subjects covered by this enormous science.
  • Dentistry :- The study of teeth, gums, and jaws is known as dentistry. Dentists offer preventive care, including cleanings and fillings, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses of the teeth and oral cavity.
  • Nursing :- Care is given to patients of all ages in a variety of settings by the nursing profession. In hospitals, clinics, schools, and other healthcare facilities, nurses are employed. They offer a variety of services, such as social, emotional, and physical support.
  • Allied health professions :- The term “allied health professions” refers to a set of healthcare jobs that do not include being a doctor or a nurse. These careers include radiography, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and more. Allied health workers collaborate with patients to maintain or assist them recover from disease or injury.
  • Biomedical sciences :- The study of living things and how they interact with their environment is included in the large subject of biomedical sciences. Human genetics, cancer, and infectious diseases are just a few of the many areas in which biomedical experts do study. Their work is crucial to the creation of novel illness treatments and cures.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is an undergraduate degree that takes about 3 to 5 years to complete. To be eligible to study this degree, students have to pass12th with a minimum of 50% from any recognized board. There are many entrance exams which students can give or need to give to get an admission in their desired universities.  There are many career opportunities in this field as well as a great salary as you involve yourself further into this field. Bachelor’s in Science is an interesting yet difficult course to study. There are many branches that students can choose to study further. So, below are 8 Career tips in Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc.) after 12th.

After four years of full-time study, BS degrees are commonly granted. Nevertheless, depending on their particular situation, some students might decide to finish their degree in five or more years. A BS degree might be difficult to obtain but ultimately rewarding. Students can acquire the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their chosen field with effort and dedication.
A bachelor’s degree in science can provide the following advantages :-

  • Greater earning potential :- According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, those with bachelor’s degrees make more money on average than people with merely a high school diploma.
  • More job opportunities :- There are more career prospects because many employers only hire people with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Enhanced professional mobility :- You can rise in your work and earn more money with a bachelor’s degree.
  • Gained information and skills :- A bachelor’s degree gives you the knowledge and abilities you need to be successful in the field of your choice.
  • Personal fulfilment :- Receiving a bachelor’s degree is a significant accomplishment that can make you feel proud and successful.

Chartered Accountancy

The professional designation of “Chartered Accountancy” (CA) is in accounting and finance. It is a credential that is granted by professional accounting authorities in numerous nations and is accepted around the world. CAs are capable of doing a variety of tasks, such as auditing, tax preparation, financial reporting, and business consulting.

You must finish a demanding training course that usually takes three to five years to complete in order to become a CA. The programme combines classroom learning with real-world application and professional exams. CAs are highly skilled professionals who play a vital role in the business world.
Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Company Secretary :-

  • High earning potential :- Chartered Accountants can expect to make a comfortable living, with an annual compensation of over $100,000 on average in the United States.
  • Job security :- Chartered Accountants are highly sought after, and demand is projected to increase in the upcoming years.
  • Opportunities for career advancement :- Chartered Accountants can rise to top positions like partner or chief financial officer.
  • Professional recognition :- Governments and businesses all across the world accept Chartered Accountants as professionals.

Company Secretaries

An expert who is certified to advise and assist businesses on a variety of legal, regulatory, and administrative issues is known as a company secretary (CS). CSs are in charge of making sure that businesses abide by all applicable laws and regulations, and they also play a crucial part in the administration and planning of businesses’ strategic initiatives.

People must successfully finish a three-year programme of study and a set of tests given by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) in order to become CSs. Here are some of the key responsibilities of a Company Secretary :-

  • High earning potential :- CSs can command incomes that are significantly more than the national average because to their high demand.
  • Job security :-  As organisations get more complicated and fall under more regulatory scrutiny, there will likely be a greater demand for CSs in the years to come.
  • Career satisfaction :- CSs have the chance to work in a range of industries and truly impact the prosperity of companies.

Bachelor of Business Administration

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, known as a bachelor of business administration (BBA), is given by colleges and universities to students who have successfully completed four years and 120 credits of undergraduate study in the fundamentals of business administration.

These studies typically include advanced courses in business analytics, business communication, corporate finance, financial accounting, macroeconomics, management, management accounting, marketing, microeconomics, and strategic management. Here are some of the benefits of earning a BBA degree :-

  • A BBA degree can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the business world.
  • A BBA degree can open up a wide range of career opportunities.
  • A BBA degree can help you earn a higher salary.
  • A BBA degree can help you advance your career.

Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com. or Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most popular courses around India. It is a three-year undergraduate program that deals with various aspects of commerce and finance. Being an integral part of the mosaic of the world, it is important to understand that the world in the sense of numbers, and this field is all about that.  This course can prepare you to see the world from a different perspective. What is important to understand is how to deal with the subject and what prospects lie beyond it. There are several skills that can help you have your command on the field and give you an extra edge above the other students in this Stream Selector™ Test.

The first reason is that B.Com is relatively easier in comparison to other professional courses like CA, CS students can easily appear in the exam without having much preparation and get the first division. Another advantage of doing is that it opens the door to pursue many Govt. courses like IAS, UPSC, etc. The third advantage is that one can pursue MBA or other post-graduation courses after completing his

B.Com is a three years graduation program that can commence right after 12th. After completing, one may go with which will take a minimum of two years to complete.

Bachelor of Statistics

A Bachelor of Statistics (BSc) is a bachelor’s degree program that focuses on the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Students who earn a BSc in Statistics learn how to use statistical methods to solve problems in a variety of fields, including business, government, healthcare, and education. A BSc in Statistics is a challenging but rewarding degree program that can lead to a successful career in a variety of fields.

Here are some of the benefits of earning a Bachelor of Statistics degree :-

  • Potential for more income :- According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, statisticians make an average annual salary of almost $100,000.
  • More employment opportunities :- Over the coming ten years, the need for statisticians is predicted to increase by 23%, which is significantly faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Enhanced career mobility :- You can grow in your work and earn more money by getting a bachelor’s degree in statistics.
  • Increased knowledge and skills :- A bachelor’s degree in statistics gives you the knowledge and abilities you need to excel in a number of careers.
  • Personal fulfilment :- Receiving a bachelor’s degree is a significant accomplishment that can make you feel proud and successful.

FAQs About Study New Age Career Options

Q. What are new age career options?

A. New age career options are emerging job roles and industries that have gained significance due to advancements in technology, changing market trends, and evolving societal needs. Some examples of new age career options include data scientist, cybersecurity analyst, virtual reality developer, blockchain expert, digital marketing specialist, renewable energy engineer, AI ethics consultant, UX/UI designer, drone operator, and sustainable business consultant.

Q. Why are new age career options becoming popular?

A. New age profession alternatives are gaining popularity for a number of reasons. First, as the world becomes more digital, there is an increasing need for qualified professionals in the technology industry. Second, as the global economy evolves, there is a demand for workers who can adopt cutting-edge techniques and fashions. Third, there is a growing need for professionals who can assist companies and organisations in becoming more sustainable as society becomes more conscious of the significance of sustainability.

Q. What advantages come from researching new age career options?

A. Studying new era career alternatives has many advantages. First, these professions have the potential for significant growth and influence. Second, they give people the chance to collaborate on innovative concepts and technologies. Thirdly, they can offer stimulating difficulties and chances for professional and personal growth.

Q. How do pick new age profession?

A. There are a few things you can do to select the best new age career for you if you’re interested in doing so. Think about your interests and skills first. What do you excel at? What do you like to do? Second, look into potential careers in the new century. What are the possibilities for employment? What are the ranges of pay? Third, converse with those who pursue new age careers. What aspects of their work do they enjoy? What are the difficulties?

Ideal Career Test

A thorough evaluation tool called the Ideal Career Test was created to help people choose careers that match their interests, aptitudes, values, and personality qualities. This test seeks to help people make educated judgements about their career choices by offering insightful information about the kinds of jobs and work environments that would be a suitable fit for them.

The test begins by evaluating an individual’s interests and passions. It explores their preferences for various activities, hobbies, and subjects. This assessment helps identify areas that genuinely captivate the individual and can guide them towards career paths that align with their personal interests.

The assessment also evaluates an individual’s skills and aptitudes. It explores their strengths in different areas such as problem-solving, communication, creativity, leadership, and technical abilities. By understanding their skill set, individuals can identify careers that allow them to leverage their natural talents and develop their potential.

Personality factors have a significant role in the evaluation as well. The test investigates a person’s personality traits, including agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, openness to new experiences, and extroversion/introversion. People can find employment that suit their temperament and work methods, as well as jobs that offer a supportive atmosphere for personal development and professional satisfaction, by taking into account their personality profile.

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