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In the past, there were only a few fields to choose from, each of which led to a limited number of occupations that gave a steady stream of money. However, we now have so many possibilities to pick from that we may choose anything that will either help us create a new set of skills for the work or help us enhance the skills and aptitude that are already required. This is when the body of knowledge about career counseling comes into play. So, here are some pointers for Is Career Counselling a Profitable Business:

What Are the Benefits of Consulting a Career Counselor?

A career counsellor can assist a student in finding a better employment prospect that will lead to ultimate job satisfaction by using the proper combination of listening and evaluating.

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The Importance Of Career Counselling

  • It creates a safe and secure environment in which people may talk about their lives and careers.
  • Throughout the discussion, confidentiality restrictions are observed.
  • The procedure aids in the development of trust and confidence.
  • Tests and assessments in the field of psychometrics that are reliable and valid to assure a suitable career option that will lead to employment satisfaction.
  • Discussions that are relevant and helpful and can help the person with their professional development and other concerns.
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What Does It Take To Become A Career Counselor?

  • In the discipline of social sciences or applied behavioral sciences, a bachelor’s degree is required. This would help to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking, both of which are important in this line of employment.
  • A master’s degree or postgraduate diploma in counselling will help you improve your communication and people skills, as well as your body language, so you can better grasp the human mind’s mentality.
  • Post-graduate and internship experiences will provide the essential exposure while also assisting in the understanding of licensing terms, salaries, fee structures, registrations, and the environment for career advice.
  • Apply for extra courses and certifications to help you better support customers who are looking for  counselling for advice and preparation.

Is It a Business Opportunity?

Career counsellors are in high demand right now, and the typical wage is determined by a combination of education and experience.


The US Department of Labor believes that 65 per cent of today’s kids will end up working in jobs that don’t exist yet, according to Ketchell (2016). It’s impossible to avoid change. As a result, career counsellors must ensure that their clients develop job adaptability and, most crucially, employability (Ketchell,2016). It is critical that children learn skills that will enable them to not only survive but also thrive in times of change (Ketchell, 2016).

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  • Career counselling is a booming field, with more and more people taking up this employment, despite the fact that the art of counselling has been around for a long time.
  • Aside from the possibility of earning a good living as a career counsellor, it is now essential as an increasing number of clients seek career counselling for a sense of self-achievement in the job.


A Career Counselor’s Work Environment

Career counsellors can operate in a number of different contexts.

  • Some work in vocational schools, where they inform students about the various career options open to them.
  • Many works are also produced at colleges. A college’s career development office assists students in finding internships and jobs on and off campus. Counselors at colleges may also assist students in writing resumes and cover letters.
  • Unemployment offices may hire career counsellors to assist unemployed workers in finding new jobs or enrolling in career training programmes.

In India, career counselling is becoming more popular.

  • According to Santra (2019), India requires at least 1.4 million career counsellors to sustain a student-to-school-counselor ratio that is considered globally acceptable.
  • A poll of 150,000 people was performed in 2015, and the results revealed how likely it is for a highly qualified Indian to be unemployed, compared to someone who is barely qualified.
  • Despite having a bachelor’s degree, almost 35% of Indians are unemployed, whereas 6.2 percent of those who are less qualified or ignorant are more likely to find work.
  • This data merely demonstrates that there is a significant gap between skill development and available jobs, indicating that many Indians are unable to get or do not have access to competent guidance that may have led to a suitable career and workplace satisfaction.
  • As a result, an increasing number of career counsellors have emerged, with the expectation that, over time, unemployment will decrease for everyone, regardless of qualifications.

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Why Would You Want To Work As A Career Counselor?

  • Professional counsellors help those who aren’t sure what they want to do with their lives or who need help deciding on a future career path.
  • Is Career Counselling a Money-Making Thing will also listen to students and clients, assisting them in identifying their goals and achieving them.
  • One can live a nice life with a steady income once they have obtained the relevant credentials and licenses.

It is commonly acknowledged that India lags behind other countries in terms of career advice. As a result, pursuing career counselling will be a lucrative choice that will prove to be Career Counselling a Money Making Thing.

While choosing the right employment may not be easy for every young person, with the right career counselling, they can excel in their chosen field. If you have no idea how to plan your career, join CareerGuide. With the help of CareerGuide’s greatest career counsellors, many students have developed successful career paths. Visit CareerGuide and make your successful career path.

By: Sananda Kumari 

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