How To Become A Professional Personality Development Trainer

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Any training that enhances one’s self-awareness or proficiency to adopt new thinking or ideas entirely and positively, can be characterized as personality development. A certified personality development coach is a professional who helps people achieve their specific goals and overcome impediments to personal growth. Goals could be associated with any area of personal and emotional development, including relationships, businesses, and finances, or health and wellness. A personal development trainer is often referred to as a life coach.

How to become a Personality Development Trainer?

How to become a Personality Development Trainer

To become a certified personality development coach, it’s crucial to complete a certified training program and obtain a training certification. There have been cases where someone would call themselves a trainer just after three-hour coaching or tutorial. So there is really no one to judge you except your clients. A trainer’s job is not easy as it looks. A trainer’s job is to rescue the sinking of their client and requires a lot of interpersonal skills and knowledge and experience.

Skills Required

personality development trainer
  • Empathy: You cannot give an accurate solution to a client’s problem, until and unless you have been in that very same problem. While the job deals with solving client’s personal problems, empathy becomes a lot more essential.
  • Communication skills: As a personality development trainer, it is important that you are able to communicate your thoughts well to your clients and interpret theirs accurately as well.
  • Leadership skills: As a certified life coach, developing leadership skills is of utmost importance. Developing an aura of yours that makes your client listen to you is important. As a personality development trainer, if you are not influential enough to make your client have faith in you, completely trust you, and follow your advice, your place as a life coach is at risk. For this, you don’t have to be manipulative, just stand up to your client’s needs and expectations.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: A trainer is served with a problem more than often. In fact, a trainer’s whole job is based upon problem-solving. The more efficiently you solve a problem, the better coach you are.
  • Team-Work: As a life coach, you and your client make up a team, where you both compliment each other. While a coach helps his client grow on a personal level, the client also adds his contribution to the coach’s efficiency by serving him with problems that require effectiveness, increasing his efficiency in return.

How to get Certified as a Personality Development Trainer?

personality development trainer

Although you can start out your personality development coaching without any formal training at all, it is still advisable to undergo training from a respected institution to attain the essential proficiency and skills of a personality development trainer. Besides the training, as a beginner coach, you will need to complete a certain number of hours of “direct client contact” under the oversight of a certified coach and complete an examination to become a certified & credentialed coach yourself.

The ICF, Integral Coach Factory, offers three levels of credentialing based on the type of training and education you’ve obtained. Becoming a certified coach becomes more important for letting the community and your clients know that you have met specific professional and competent standards. The ICF, Integral Coach Factory, offers three coach credentials — the Associate Certified Coach, the Professional Certified Coach, and the Master Certified Coach.

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