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Photographer’s career is involved in creativity and building working relationships with different people. These jobs involve a variety of skills where you can be behind the camera or in front of a camera working in the background of photoshoots. The jobs under photography can offer exciting opportunities to travel, meet new clients and develop your craft as a visual artist. Below are the 8 highest paying photography jobs.


Primary duty of a photographer is to design an outfit by choosing clothes for a model for a photoshoot. In photography, the stylist work app photoshoots for magazines Publications the stylist know fashion and they can make sure that each person being photographed looks as per need of the director. The salary for a stylist in India is around rupees 15000 a month and professionals who have experience in the field can earn Rs. 30000.

photography Fashion Designing Stylish Drawings Sketches Textile Fabric Materi

Wedding photographer

A wedding photographer must get photographs before and during the wedding. Wedding photographers work to make sure each photo is timeless and beautiful and are aware of how to showcase the subject in action. Wedding photographers take Candid shots for people who are posing for photographs and then they add each collection of photographs after the wedding before providing the collection to the client. The national average salary of a wedding photographer is rupees 40000 in India.

Wedding Photographer Photography


Photojournalist takes a picture and displays them in a way that it tells a story and focus on current events or focusing on developing new stories it achieves a narrative effect through editing and ordering their photos in a way that it conveys a story photojournalist my work as a freelance photographer but they can work for Publication like newspaper, magazines or even on the internet or television. The average salary of a photojournalist in India is rupees 35000.

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Freelance photographer

The freelance photographers Run their own photography business. They only take projects in which they are interested and want to work. These Photographers are specialized in specific kinds of an object like pets, portraits, family Children’s and many more. They can also have their photography studio for shooting on a location or both. The average salary of a freelance photographer in India is around rupees 19000.

Photo editor

Duties of a photo editor are working on photos that are taken, to improve the design and visual appeal of a photo. Some photo editors work for Publications or websites while some work on a freelance basis. Photo editors can have a command of specialized software that allows them to adjust slides color saturation exposure and few other settings that affect how a picture can look. The average salary for a photo editor in India is rupees 18000 per month.

Photo Editor 1

Photographer's Assistant

A photographer’s assistant work is to help photographers with whatever they need during the photo shoot before the photoshoot and after the photoshoot, you can also get involved in communicating with clients to set up their appointments for photo shoots or other venues to shoot at it and carrying the equipment which is required for the photoshoot photographer’s assistant can also help the photographer in editing or in preparing photos.

Commercial photography

When we talk about the highest paying jobs in photography, that is commercial photography. These photographs refer to the images which are clicked for marketing and advertising purposes. Licensing fees make commercial photography so profitable which is a Universal source of income. They are paying for actual photoshoots and also the images which are an editor. Commercial photographers in India can earn up to rupees 80000 lakh to 1 lakh, which is the highest paid job in photography.

Photography freelance photographer coverimg

Portrait photography

The most popular and famous photography type is portrait photography it is similar to commercial photography, as the Portrait world is divided into so many subcategories that it is very hard to keep a track of every category. The categories which are known are actor senior portraits photographer, professional LinkedIn profiles, and acting headshots. Photographers work on freelance basis did not work as photographers in salary they are more likely to work as a self-employed individual. A portrait photographer can earn up to rupees 200000- 350000 per year.

By: Varsha Yadav

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