How To Become A Professional Chef

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Anybody who loves cooking and is passionate about it loves acting as a chef in their kitchen. Let me tell you that it’s not easy, like all the careers this one is also full of struggles but not impossible to achieve. Hard work will pave the way for you and here are some tips that you will need to excel in this career that we are going to discuss further.  Here is how you can become a professional chef and achieve success in your career.

Finding a kitchen for yourself

The first step in becoming a professional chef is to find a restaurant near you or anywhere you want to apply for a job. Let me tell you that becoming a chef needs practical knowledge not some jibberish from the books. You won’t be given the position of the head chef as fresher. As a freshman, you have to clean dishes, cut vegetables or maybe throw away the trash. And if you can handle these things and still have a passion for becoming a chef, then you are ready for the next step.

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High school diploma or GED

In this field, the food tells a lot about you and to be ahead of others it will be a better plan to get a diploma or any certified course in the field of hospitality.

Some courses are of four years and some are less depending upon the institution you choose and with the course, you will achieve some specialized skills that will go to help you, as having an extra skillset always keeps you ahead of others.

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Practical experience

Gain as much practical experience as you can. Making a delicious meal is another thing and being a chef is little more than that. So for becoming a proper chef you need to work as an intern or with a professional chef for learning some extra skills that will help you in the kitchen. This is a great way of increasing your skill sets and a wonderful opportunity for building connections and growing your network.


In India, there are a lot of courses that you can pursue to become a chef. The courses that you can enroll in our BA (honors) Culinary Arts, Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts, Diploma in Dood & Beverage Service, Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery, Diploma in Kitchen Management, Diploma in Bakery & Patisserie, Diploma in Culinary Arts, Craft certification course in Food Production, Craftsmanship course in Food & Beverage Service, Craftsmanship course in Food Production & Patisserie. Usually, it’s not important to have certificates, if you do not have the budget but you need to learn and have some skillsets, you need to tell the employer the reason for hiring you and those certificates are the best options that I can think of if you need a good job.

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The main or say the superior one in the kitchen is called the executive chef and he is the one who creates the menu and manages the personnel. The executive chef is followed by another chef called sous chef and he is the one who helps the executive chef with his work.  And after the sous chef comes to the expeditor chef whose duty is to do the plating so that the waiters won’t be late in delivering the order and at the end comes the group of chefs who are appointed for cooking some specific cuisines like only for Chinese, Continental, dessert, French or pastry.


In a three-star hotel, a freshman can earn more than 2.5 lakhs per annum. One can always earn more with better skill sets. Some freshmen can earn up to 6 lakh per annum. The least a sous chef can earn in a restaurant or a hotel is 4 lakh per annum. For the executive chef, the sky is the limit.

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Culinary certification

Culinary arts certificate courses are usually 1 year long and deal with some specific skill. Some of the culinary arts certificates are as follows:


In the baking program, students will learn the ways of creating different types of bread and dough, sweet and savory items like pies, cookies, pastries, bread, and so on. The skills you will acquire in this program are the preparation of yeast dough and proper baking techniques for large-scale production.

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Culinary skills

In this program, students will learn about the various kitchen equipment, and different tools, and the cooking techniques that are commonly used in the preparation of delicious foods. The skills you will acquire after this program are effective procedures for food sanitation and common cooking methods or techniques and tools used for the creation of a variety of dishes.

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Food Science

In Food Science, students will learn how different ingredients react with each other to create certain dishes and also how and why certain methods of food preparation affect the taste of the dish. The skills you will acquire after this program is the way a certain ingredient reacts with other ingredients and which cooking method should be used for getting the results you want.

Culinary associate degree

This kind of degree is offered by many institutions and the duration of this course is about 2 years. Some of the degree courses are as follows:

International foods

In this program, students learn how to make International dishes and the technical aspects of using different tools and ingredients and preparation methods. The skills you will acquire by doing this course are the preparation of different authentic International dishes and the way of using cultural and non-conventional cooking methods.

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Food safety

In this program, students will learn about the sanitation protocols and measures of avoiding foodborne illness, and also the applicable local laws and ordinances are discussed. The skills you will acquire by doing this course are proper food storage and handling methods and also management techniques to teach other staff the basics of kitchen safety.

Food procurement

In this program, students will learn how to acquire ingredients and supplies in logistically efficient and profitable ways. The skills you will acquire by this course are the ways of identifying proper ingredients and making sure they meet desired specifications and an understanding of the efficient purchasing method so one can have a continuous supply of ingredients.

how you can become a professional chef, culinary arts, Chef, become a Professional Chef

Ingredient Bins for Professional Chefs: The Key to a Well-Organized Kitchen

Ingredient bins are an essential tool for professional chefs. They help to keep ingredients organized and easy to access, which can save time and improve efficiency in the kitchen. Ingredient bins also help to prevent cross-contamination and keep ingredients fresh.

Benefits of using ingredient bins:

  • Organization: Use Ingredient bins help to keep ingredients organized by type, size, or expiration date. This can make it easy for chefs to find the ingredients they need quickly and easily.
  • Efficiency: Ingredient bins can help to improve efficiency in the kitchen by reducing the amount of time chefs spend searching for ingredients.
  • Cross-contamination prevention: Ingredient bins can help to prevent cross-contamination by keeping different types of ingredients separate. This is especially important for food safety reasons.
  • Freshness: Ingredient bins can help to keep ingredients fresh by protecting them from air, light, and moisture. This can help to extend the shelf life of ingredients and reduce waste.


If you are interested in cooking meals and doing all the kitchen work and if you are still passionate about becoming a chef even if you have to dispose of the garbage, then you should go for this career.

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