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Living in a hostel can provide different individuals with different experiences. While living in a hostel can prove to be a truly enriching experience for some, for others the experience may not be satisfying and for some, it can even be traumatizing. However, we can say that living in a hostel can prove to be a lesson in itself for each and every individual. Since students realize that they have learned to manage themselves even when they stayed away from their families, it gives them a sense of self-reliance and boosts their morale. Here is all about the hostel life.

However, hostel life can also have its challenges. Living in close quarters with strangers can be stressful and require a great deal of compromise and communication. It can also be difficult to find quiet spaces to study or relax. Additionally, safety and security can be a concern in some areas. Overall, hostel life can be a wonderful experience for those who are open to new experiences and willing to adapt to different living situations.

Hostel life refers to the experience of living in a communal living space with other people, typically students or young professionals. Hostel life can be a rewarding and enriching experience, as it provides an opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds, learn new things, and develop independence and social skills.

first time in hostel

Taking Risks (12)

While some might find a new family while being away from their own ones during their first year of the hostel life, others may find it difficult to adjust themselves in the hostel life till the very end. Nonetheless, hostel life teaches every individual to become independent in many ways. Individuals learn to perform tasks that they thought they never would do. Students learn to live on their own and become practical. Students living in hostel become street-smart as they know they have to sustain themselves in this new world without any pampering from their family.

Cultural mix in hostels

Another astounding feature of hostel life is diversity. In a country like India, we can find students from even the remotest corners coming to study in the metro cities, and accommodating themselves to the living conditions in those metro cities, which is truly appreciable. Students living in a hostel learn to eulogize diversity. They make friends with people belonging to different states. This helps in breaking prevailing stereotypes in the mindset of students against people coming from any particular region. This, in turn, helps in creating an inclusive environment for a better tomorrow.
Living in a hostel and away from home helps an individual to appreciate the difference between various cultures. The fact that a student from the remotest place in India is moving across the country, residing in a completely different part, and still loves being there, highlights the unity in diversity that is present in Indian society. No matter how far that place is from his or her hometown, he or she will still feel at home, which needs to be appreciated.

With independence comes responsibility

Hostel life makes an individual more independent. At the same time, it also makes sure that an individual becomes responsible for his or her own self. ‘With independence comes responsibility.’ This phrase is perfectly understood by students living in a hostel. Students learn to adjust to accommodate themselves in a new environment. They make a number of compromises in this new environment. They make space for their roommates and start caring for others. They learn to respect others’ habits. After a certain point in time, roommates become family, but at the same time, they also learn to respect the need of their roommates to have some space.

Living in a hostel makes an individual learn some basic skills which are quintessential for survival in later phases of their lives like cooking, saving, etc. They learn to empathize with other hostellers when they are going through any issues like being homesick, as they themselves might have gone through the same issues at a certain point in time. Students improve their socializing skills while staying in a hostel. They learn from their peers and teach a lot to their peers as well. Living in a hostel helps individuals to ensure their psychological well-being as they might be able to share their problems with their peers which they might have found difficult to share with their family members.

hostel teaches cooperation and management

Being responsible for own self gives them the confidence of facing the obstacles that might come in their way in the future. They learn to manage their sustenance within the limited amount of money given to them by their parents. Individuals learn the value of sharing and mutual cooperation while staying in a hostel. Staying away from the family makes them realize the importance of their families. Hostel life teaches the most important lesson of living together with different groups of people, coming from various backgrounds.

To conclude, we can say that choosing a hostel life over the comforts of your family might seem to be a scary option at first, but it can truly prove to be a nourishing experience. Hostel life helps an individual to explore various domains, dimensions, and aspects of one’s life that they never even thought they had. If an individual comes with an open mind, the hostel will definitely become a place that they are going to miss the most in the later phases of their life because the selflessness that prevails among roommates might be difficult to find in this world. Roommates surely become a family. It is altogether a new experience and one should definitely give it a try.

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