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The best phases in life are college life. Staying in a hostel can be great fun. But students encounter many challenges too. Students gain freedom all of a sudden. So, often they misuse their independence. It takes some time to adapt to a new environment and ensure their safety. Since we don’t get our parents every time during needs, we often get confused about what is wrong and what is right. The experience of hostel life is unique and unforgettable. So, to make our hostel life more memorable, we need to avoid its drawbacks. In this article, many tips can help you to have the best experience in your hostel life.

1. Befriend People

This one is the most vital tips that will help you throughout your hostel life. Make friendship with not only your friends but also the day scholars and seniors. They can help you with your need. Avoid ego and too much arrogance, as these qualities can harm you. Always remember you are alone and struggling to make your life successful. It is a very wise step to maintain friendly relations with all.

2. Avoid Conflicts

It is okay to fight for the right thing, stand up for what you believe. But try to avoid unnecessary conflicts as much as you can. Keep yourself side from uninvited problems and maintain peace in life. Always stay happy and positive in life.


3. Respect your Seniors

Always take suggestions and admit that they know things better than you as they are in the hostel for a longer time. Respect your seniors. Not only seniors, but it is also always suggested to respect all human beings. If you respect others, then only you will get respect in return. Seniors can only help you better in studies and all other hostel related problems. So, always show a lovely nature to them and respect them.

4. Learn Basic Life Chores

Wash your clothes daily to avoid infections. Brush two times a day. Always wear clean clothes, wash hands frequently and make a schedule to maintain your lifestyle. You can become the inspiration of your friends. Wake up early in the morning, and develop good food habits.

5. Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness

You will not get your parents to force you to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in hostels. So, it is better to grow up and do the needful of your own. Clean your room and your bed daily. Take bathe every day. Not a single person will love you if you look dirty and untidy. Always stay fit and steady. Practice yoga and workouts to stay healthy.

6. Sound Sleep

You will never get absolute silence for sleeping in hostels. And if you can’t sleep in noise, you are in for a lot of sleepless nights. Practice sleeping with music sound or tv before moving into the hostel. This practice will help you to sleep in noise and not affect your health. Also, you may have to sleep with lights. You can keep a sleeping mask with you, which will help you to sleep peacefully.


7. Be Friendly with Hostel guards, cooks and Wardens

Hostel guards, wardens and cooks are those who give you the most perks during your stay. They can only make everything easier for you. Talk to help friendly and respectfully. This habit will help create a good image of yours in front of your seniors, teachers and friends.

8. Have the courage to Say "NO"

If you are hesitant to say no to anyone, then you can never survive in your life. It is easier to say yes to anything initially, but don’t become taken for granted. Never make yourself available. If you think you cannot help someone beyond the limit, dare to say no. it makes you more positive and confident in life.

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9. Save Money

Whatever be your background, rich or poor, try to save money instead of wasting it. Your parents love you and believe in you. They work day and night for your comfort. Don’t break their trust and save money. Don’t waste too much as these can make you lend money to others which are considered an atrocious habit. It is good to enjoy yourself with your friends once a week. But don’t involve in everyday outing and enjoyment. These can affect your studies and make you left with an empty wallet.


10. Learn Subtle Technique to avoid harmful Company

You may not get everyone good in your hostel. Different people are living in a hostel with different cultures and habits. It will be advantageous if you stay alert all the time. Recognize the toxic and harmful people in your hostel. And instead of using your words to express your disliking, try to avoid them using subtle techniques like plugging in earphones, pretend to be busy etc.

By – Sanchayita Chattopadhyay

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So this is the end of the post Tips to make Hostel Life Easier. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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