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Students like to listen to music as they complete some tedious academic assignments. It helps them relax and receive emotional satisfaction, which is particularly valuable because studying may be stressful. Proponents of listening to music while studying argue that it improves mood and helps concentrate. Opponents, however, maintain that music distracts students and results in decreased performance. There is also no unanimity as to the music style most suitable for studying. The make an essay for me service writers explored these issues to help you make the right choice.

Effects of Music on Studying

Research shows that many benefits of music make it a useful addition to the student routine. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Boosts the mood
  • Decreases cortisol levels and stress
  • Activates the brain and promotes creative thinking
  • Improves memory
  • Increases willpower to keep working
  • Creates a more private environment free of distractions 

If students live in a dorm and are continuously distracted by multiple sounds and noises, music may help block these irritating distractions. The same is true for any public place that students use for studying and writing, such as cafes, parks, libraries, etc. 

However, there is also evidence that music itself can be a distraction. Listening to music and completing academic assignments is considered multitasking, and there is a correlation between multitasking and poor performance. Trying to focus on studying while listening to music can decrease cognitive performance and prevent students from memorizing the information. The problem is that the lyrics and sound confuse the brain as it focuses on some specific tasks such as memorizing lists, foreign words, etc. 

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Does Music Enhance Writing?

Is background music a benefit or a hindrance to academic writing? There is no simple answer to this question, at least based on the available evidence. Research shows that there are many variables to be considered when evaluating the effect of music on the writing activity. For example, it has been found that more advanced writers may demonstrate higher writing speed when the background music is on. 

Working memory may also moderate the effect of music. Researchers found that students with lower working memory demonstrate a reduction in the quality of their writing when they listen to the music. This phenomenon can be compared to computer memory functioning. If the memory is low, the user will likely face the challenges of running several apps and browser pages simultaneously.  

Musical training is another factor to consider when evaluating the effect of music. Research revealed that students with musical training who listened to background music wrote essays of better quality and used longer sentences compared to their peers with no musical training. 

Thus, it is possible to suggest that for some students, music can positively affect writing, while for others, it can be a distraction leading to poorer performance. 

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What Music Style Is the Best for Studying?

The genre and tempo significantly moderate the effect of music on writing. Music with lyrics was found to have a negative effect on concentration compared to classical music. Anyone who tried listening to their favorite songs while writing must know that it’s practically impossible not to sing along. 

Classical music is believed to be the best background music for studying. Researchers found that listening to classical music helps improve reading, while rock music and no music have no such effect. However, it is not clear whether the same is true for writing activities. 

Everybody’s Different 

However, an important thing to understand here is that everybody is different. Some students prefer silence and can concentrate if there are no distractions whatsoever. For such students, listening to music, even classical one, may be detrimental to their academic performance. 

Conversely, students who got used to listening to music all the time may find it difficult to concentrate on their writing tasks without their music turned on. The preferred music genre may also play a crucial role in such cases. Students who like listening to jazz will likely experience no positive effect of an unfamiliar music genre on their writing. 

So, it is possible to conclude that as long as music helps you focus, feel free to enjoy it. However, it’s probably better to select the music without lyrics, which may distract you. It’s better if you follow these simple rules:

  • Select the music you really like
  • Do not make it too loud
  • Choose the right pace 
  • Make sure you use headphones and do not distract others.

Try to experiment with different music genres and see which one works for you. If listening to it while writing makes you feel more inspired, focused, and determined, then there is no reason to miss out on this pleasant activity. 

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