7 Tips To Managing Study And Work

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Managing Study and work at the same time can be very stressful. Due to responsibilities and obligations, the study takes a back seat. Constantly switching between two is also challenging. Aspirants also feel problems like laziness, lack of ambition and concentration, distractions from social media, etc. There can be different reasons for people to not get time to study – tough day job, internship or studies, working profession, moving to a new city, any loss in the family, or too much responsibility.

With productivity, a good plan, focus, and activeness, you can manage a job with studies. Here are some suggestions that you can apply in your life:

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Understand yourself

Manage yourself to manage your job and work. Start your day right. Eat healthily, have good sleep, include any exercise in your day to energize yourself. It can be a 15-minute fast walk, socialize, network, and a break and tour when necessary. It is scientifically proven morning study helps productivity and speed learning. Study a little bit early in the morning before you are going to work.


Having a job is like something else on the side. Always make sure your studies are your priority although, you do want to make money and be successful. You are studying to be successful later in the future. Focusing on the money-making aspect and just wanting to make sure everything gets paid for and you are not focusing on the preparations and, studies you are defeating the purpose of being in college. When you are at working professional , focus on the work at that time. The plan leaves two weeks before your exams to prepare for exams.

Make a plan

Understand time management. Write down your job schedule and important work you need to complete between shifts. Value your time and section your study time, assignments, important dates, etc. If you don’t have a planner and you can’t write what you are doing, it will be hard and chaotic. And if you are doing a job, you know your schedule of two weeks in advance, so you have time to request if you have a major exam. Thus you can plan and save tasks from overlapping.

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Know your strength and weakness

Visualize your time and goal, keep calm. Things can be unpredictable. Self-explore yourself and discover your strength and weaknesses to know what works best for you. Experiment with your schedules and keep on modifying till you can give time to all important things. Don’t fall for a small hike in your salary because it will increase your responsibility. If you are working, be clear about your career why you are working, you need to survive till you reach your goal. Also, if you are studying, learn to be happy with the average score as you are also learning from your job.

A right mindset

Have a positive mindset, handle your stress, stay balanced, it will free a lot of unnecessary things from your mind. The more burdened you feel, the more tired you will be. Don’t live with this belief that things will figure out by themselves, otherwise, you will feel drained and, nothing can be done. When you have limited time to prepare, there has to be one thing in your mind. Try to connect and correlate in your work what you study. Use every opportunity for a study like in your travel time take help of apps and technology for it. Some people are in the same situation as you are but, you are convinced that it cannot be done, try to stay away from them.

Take help

Have a good support system of family and friends, take help from your professors and colleagues. They may help you and can accommodate you at the time of exams and tests. Utilize apps with help of mock tests and test series for preparations. If anyone else can do the particular work, take help or give others that work instead of doing it all by yourself. Ask people not to disturb. Also, you can’t keep everything in your head sharpen your sense of priority with the help of technology. It will increase your productivity.

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Focus for exams

If you are focused, it will give you fruitful results time you have. If you are doing a job and preparing for a major exam, it will need hard work from your side. Also, with college studies, if you are preparing for other exams, it will need smart studying and effort. Remember your aim and why you are preparing for an exam. Because when you are working from home, a clear target will help you achieve your goal. And be fully focused take time from personal life temporarily. Amplify positivity, use your time very effectively and block all the negativity and distractions in your life.


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