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Dear friend, your question is also concerned to those who cant afford the high price of quality education. There are many governmental of semi governmental colleges which offers the science based courses at very nomical fee structure. Since you have got 60% marks in 12th standard. The best opportunities for you could be the following subjects combinations;BSc Botany, Zoology, ChemistryBSC Botany, Microbiology, ChemistryBSc Microbiology, Biotechnolgy, ChemistryBSc or BTech in BiotechnologyBSc in MicrobiologyBSc in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Computer ScienceBSc in Microbiology, Botany, Statisti

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Hello, Thanks for Asking..!! Many Students search for the best career options after 12th Science except Engineering. It is very hard step of your career as your future depends on this decision. Like you can go with B.Sc., BCA, Diploma Courses. Check Complete List of various Career options for 12th Science Students here : Career After 12th Science I hope it will help you. Best of Luck :)

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Hello Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in Environmental science. Having you studied PCM, you may not qualify to apply for a BSc Environmental engineering and yes you are right, Biology is an important subject to study Environmental engineering. The reason is because as a part of this environmental engineering degree, you will be studying about bio diversity and that includes plants, microbes on water, land or air. You will also learn about conserving endangered species and for all this you will need a very well understanding of Biology

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Dear Shraddha,Thanks for approaching for seeking guidance and help in your further career decision making.I personally feel that scoring 50% in science is a very low score compared to the lot of scoring questions in the subjects. I  feel, that science is not made for you for a career. I am saying this not to discourage you, but to save from the future frustration and depression if you choose science and dont get successful and may be dont like what you have choosen as a career.Wrong career choice can land you in high trouble and then at that time it will be a total waste o

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Hello Akshat, Welcome and Thanks for approaching to !!! I hope you have been doing well at your side. Well very few people are aware about the PCME group i.e Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics and Electronics. Alike of PCME there is also a group of PCMC - Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics and Computer Science; BCME- Biology,Chemistry,Mathematics and Electronics. These are the further education options that are available for the students after 10+. Very few parents and teachers are aware about such kind of Options after 10+. Well talking about the career options with PCME group ther

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Dear StudentThank you very much for approaching As your state of mind is not in comfortable situation so my first advice to you to take proper rest and then initiate anything. Education system has been designed in such a way where student like you could be beniftted as per your suitability and fitness. Then why you are in hurry and feeling insecure for the future. Your future is kept in your present so just focus on your board and give your level best to score the maximum. Agian it is not possible if your second thought regarding the future perpectives dominates your present g

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Hello Abhishek, Welcome to CareerGuide,   Congratulation's for your good percentage and success in 12th class exams. 84% is really a respectable score and opens a wide array of opportunity for you. As mentioned above, regarding economic condition...... Believe me it will never come in your way in making a good career. You are a good student and hardwork has no competition. First try to find out your interest, passion, skill set, aptitude and personality and accordingly decide on a course so that you enjoy your studies and move ahead in making a career. As a PCM student, you can go for a g

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    Hello Abhi,  Other than engineering, you have many options, but why not an M.Sc?. Because after a B.Sc if you wish to pursue higher studies closest option is M.Sc or an MBA. Anyways listing down few options. Before making a choice, best would be to read and research on the given options as in what the course entails, future prospects both career and studies and skills required to succeed. Some options you have includes:  Pharmacy Biotechnology Astrology Astronomy Computer science / IT/ BCA BPT ( Bachelors in physical training) Genetics Medical lab technician Wish you

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Hello Mehul, Your question is too general. Be specific as to which stream are you talking about. It would have been better. Never the less, I would list down few options in all the streams. Do read on the courses as to what are the skills required, future options etc. Courses any 12th pass student can opt for includes: Hotel Management Management studies ( BMS / BBA) Mass-Media Literature Web designing Animations Courses after 12th Science ( PCB): Medical Botany Microbiology Bio medical sciences Medical Lab technician Para medical Nursing Physics Chemistry Pharmacy Life sciences Courses af

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Hello Sudhato,  Interesting question. We are here to help you, but I would be able to guide you only if you had clearly specified what you currently doing.  Be specific as to what you are currently doing, stream, area of interest etc. Wish you good luck....

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Hello Dear,    after 12th science so many career options are here like few options i am sharing with you less demanded courses like -    BMS - Bachelor in Management Studies BAMS - Bachlore in Ayurvedic Medical science  BHMS  Degree in Animation Degree in Actuarial science Degree in Aeronautical engineering Degree in Geo informatics Degree in Marine engineering    less demanded course but highest scope in career.   Thnx & Regds     

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Hello Fahhad, Sorry I am unable to understand your question.  12th is just the beginning of a career for a student. Whether through regular mode or through correspondence, a student needs to complete his education, all depending on his circumstances. Thus, after your 12th, you would have to decide which field you wish to make a career in. In case of confusion, opt for an Aptitude test or career counseling test, which would reveal your potentials, Aptitude, interest etc, and help you make a confirmed choice. Do write back if any more doubt. Wish you good luck...        

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Hello Anfal, Looks like you are interested in Accounts. But then why is your question posted in the Science stream. Hope you could manage studying accounts all by your own. Since the difficulty level of ACCA, seems equivalent to CA. Please note ACCA, is not a degree per-say, but like CA, it does have value in the market. But at the sametime, would advise you to simultaneously complete your degree course too. Yes. after 12th, you can join ACCA directly. There are exams that you need to clear which once you join they would inform you accordingly. For more information, check:  Wish you good

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Dear Aspirant, You are looking at complete non science career options. What made you look at them and how did you come across them being into the science stream for 12th? PCM with computers is a good stream you have already selected and therefore choosing any other stream should be done very carefully and with 100% surety. Civil Services, Fashion Designing and Law are all different from each other. It is obvious that you are not reaching a deciding point for your future career. I would suggest you to take the Ideal Career Test first from This is a psychometric test which 

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Hi Nihal, It is great that you are asking this question. Yes, this decision will have a major impact on your life; going forward. Please be advised that today's world does not tolerate mediocrity and appreciates excellence. Whatever you may choose now will be the foundation for your career. And in your career you need to be at the top of your game. Be the very best in that field. AT least in the top 10% in that sector.  With this in mind; you need to make a measured and a calculated decision.  Do you have any passion? Studies, Arts, culture, sports, anything. Where you feel and other

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Dear Aspirant, After 12th, based on your percentage, you can select BA English or BA English Honors from a recognised State University. After BA English, you may opt for MA English or you may diversify to one of the below job oriented career options: 1. Journalism. 2. Mass Communication 3. Foreign Languages 4. Teaching and PhD 5. Travel and Tourism 6. Media Studies However do not choose randomly or by names of the careers. All the above careers are challenging and therefore you should be very clear about what to choose for a long term career. Take the Ideal Career Test from to

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Dear Aspirant, It is not absolutely compulsory to shift courses after 12th MEC group. You can continue with the Commerce graduation like BCom. However, you can definitely choose professional courses like CA, CS, CWA along side with the Commerce graduation studies. You may consider shifting to LLB course after 12th which is of five years duration.  Since there are plenty of diverse options in commerce stream and choosing one of them is confusing at times, in this case I would strongly suggest you to take the Commerce Career Selector psychometric test from This is a sp

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Dear Aspirant, You have chosen the PCM category to ask your question and since you have not mentioned clearly by yourself that which stream 12th grade you will be passing, I am assuming that you are 12th Science stream student and wish to know what career option you can do after 12th. Well, with PCM as the combination, you certainly can think of Engineering as a career, where Maths proficiency is required. Hope you will be able to score good in 12th. For Engineering, you will have to prepare for JEE examinations which is competitive in nature and aim for getting into the IITs or NITs or IIITs

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Dear Aspirant, Combining a foreign language with the language learnt is recommended. Language experts are required BPOs, for translation, travel industry, hotel industry, media industry, advertising, teaching. Masters degree in the language of your choice and combined with a foreign language can be a very good career proposition. Best wishes

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Hello It’s good to see that you are concerned about your career choice in eleventh standard as you have one more year in hand to finalise it. The well known options for science stream with PCM group are as follows Pharmacy, Engineering, Architecture, Fashion designing, Compute applications, graduation from any of the subjects in pure science, Travel and Tourism, Merchant Navy, Hotel Management etc. Few less known options are Aviation, Agriculture science, horticulture and floriculture, Jewellery designing, Forest science, pursuing competitive exams etc. The best way to select a career is

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Dear Aspirant, You have selected the PCM category to ask your question, so I suppose that you have scored 54% in the science stream with PCM. I would like to ask why so low percentage when the PCM combination enables one to score maximum marks. 54% is a very less percentage and therefore you are not somewhat eligible for engineering or medicine admission. Did you choose the science stream after serious thought and after checking your level of aptitude and interest? Your poor performance suggests that you are not suitable for science stream. I would suggest that you should continue with the Sci

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Dear Aspirant, Since you have chosen the PCM category to ask this question, should I suppose that you passed the 12th with PCM as the subjects? If not let me know which stream you belong to. However, I would too require some more details about you and your specific concern or problem or doubt in your career. Also, I would like to know what percentage have you scored in the PCM 12th? As far as PCM subjects are concerned, you can make very good careers in the below areas: Any Engineering (preferably Mechanical, IT, Computer Science, Chemical, Electrical, Civil, Instrumentation)   Archite

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Dear Aspirant, Firstly I would suggest you to take the Ideal Career Test and know which career option suits you based on your aptitude, inter personal capabilities and likings. These are necessary to be judged for selecting the course. There are good options after 12th PCM. PCM is a strong combination for career. Some of the options are as below: Any Engineering (preferably Mechanical, IT, Computer, Electrical, Instrumentation)   Architecture   Computer Science   Mathematician   Statistician   Astronomy / AstroPhysics   Actuarial Science Best wishes

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Dear Friend, there are many avenues to be chosen, like you may go for pursuing B.SC. or choose certain paramedical courses like, B.Mlt etc or get a specialization as a dietician etc. Overall you must check what your area of interest is and as per that only make a choice for your career, try seeking admission at any one of these - Christian Medical College, Vellore,..................AIIMS, Delhi,................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara

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