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Dear aspirant & Thank you for approaching counsellors at I perfectly understand your confusion as it is more common for students to experience this. As a counsellor i get to hear this question almost at least twice a day and be relaxed that it is not something that worries only you. You have two options in hand and they are [economics and business][1]. Ask yourself what you like business or economics? If you cannot answer or understand clearly then take a [psychometric assessment][2] test from this website. Taking this test you will understand what you like to do in future and

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Hi There, Firstly, before I answer your query, would like to know what you had in mind, while selecting Hindi Honours. Secondly, what are you currently doing??????? Anyways trying to answer your question. As a Hindi Graduate, you can opt for the job of an Interpreter. Most of the media houses and literature houses, generally have this vacancy. Apart from your language command, you must also have knowledge over other languages, especially regional languages. So if you are interested in this job profile, you can opt for learning different languages. Other than this, you could opt for course

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Hi check your previous query for the answer.

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