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Principals are the major supervisors of the School. Their work pertains in the education departments of schools. They are responsible for the development and implementation of new policies and programs and they have to take care of the job of maintaining of curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school. The principal of the school has to plan, organize, co ordinate all the activities of a school. A principal also has to recruit new academic teachers and staff. A principal should maintain formal work relationships and ensure the efficient functioning of the respective organization.

Hi Surabhi, You have large number of choice after 12th and you can choose as per your interest. Just browse this link where you will get different career courses after 12th.

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for putting up your query here. Well, to become a clinical psychologist, minimum qualification is MPhil in Clinical Psychology. Following is the career pathway to become a Clinical Psychologist: MA/MSc in Psychology (preferably specialize in clinical psychology if you want to do become clinical psychologist) MPhil in Clinical Psychology (you have to appear in entrance test and interview) PhD in Clinical Psychology (is desirable but not mandatory to work as a clinical psychologist) When you choose institutions for MPhil, please consider institutions which are recognized/

Hell friend, The career in library and information science is in demand because the libraries are considered as repositories of knowledge and information and are indispensable in the information age. with the merging of information technology with library science, the nature of libraries and the scope of their services have radically changed. The job involves wide range of reading and processing of the information content through cataloging, classification and indexing, storing documents and retrieving the required information and so on. In your query you have not mentioned your academic q

Dear aspirant If you love psychology then you are definitely free to study this course. I understand your basic bachelors degree is in political science but you should ask yourself why you want to study psychology. I have seen as a counsellor that many students get sudden interest into a new subject and it will be completely irrelevant to their bachelors degree. It is no harm to get sudden interest but you should also judge if this will prove useful to your future. You can also find ways to some how link this new subject to your bachelors degree. I will give you few examples. I know

Communication skill plays  a vital role in every field.Some people inherited it generation wise and family teachings.It is also a God gifted art.For example,our noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore was a brilliant personality who had all the best qualities in his field without going to even formal School and founded world famous institute - 'Shantiniketan'. But certainly one has to make best efforts to learn,speak,analyse,participate in debate,discussion,critical thinking,understand psychology,writing flow,to earn knowledge in every field, careful observation capability,reading,delivery of

Hello friend, The professor in university is a senior person who joined the university or college as Assistant Professor then promoted to Associate professor and then finally to Professor. To become a professor in a university, it takes generally 15-20 years, depending upon the performance of the person. As per the UGC (University Grant Commission) guidelines, the salary of a Professor is as follows: Assistant professor Grade One Rs 15600-39100 plus academic grade pay of Rs. 6600 per month. Total salary = 36240 Assistant Professor Grade Two Rs. 18600-39100 plus academic grade pay of

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Hi, Getting selected in Campus Interview is everyone’s dream while pursuing the higher education. So the term Campus has been in vogue and has gained importance these days. Let’s discuss your aforesaid query in detail.  For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test The outcome of all the years spent in the college, studying, assessments, labs and practical’s, exams and the hell lot of assignments are measured by one simple parameter, called as campus placement. Campus placement is the acti

"There is no greater honor than supporting someone’s growth and evolution as a human being" —  Ellie Burrows                                                                                                                                      

Well, The query is worth explaining in detail. Owing to the significance of the Economics in the present time, your decision to take education in this field is commendable. The two mentioned branches i.e. Economics and Commerce can be attributed to with the same genre and that is in a broader sense, the Economics. Both the educational branches lead you to the same fields though with some type of variance in the job position and work nature.     Take here Psychometric Tests – Stream Selector and Ideal Career Test   The difference between the two: BA (Hons.) Economics and B.

Well, The boards you have mentioned for the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education are considered the top most boards in the field and they are famous for quality education. The trail of success by the students in their career path has proved the prowess and capabilities of these boards. I have mentioned some of the salient features and the strengths of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate).   Take Psychometric Tests Here for Choosing Right Career Options   Benefits and Advantages of CBSE over State Boards National level board for s

I guess you would like to learn English more and fluency in speaking.Speak in English with your well-wishers.Also tell them to correct it wherever and whenever necessary.Don't feel shy in speaking even if you are wrong. Read English newspaper daily,watch English news,keep practice in going through English dictionary etc. Best wishes.

Hello Sanjiv,  Speaking about teaching as a profession it is a noble profession, respected all over. It does not vary from state to state. Only guideline would be a little here and there but nothing major. I would suggest you to visit Haryana and meet few teachers and get an opinion. Since being in another state one cannot and should not predict the status of other states. And another possibility is reading online. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck....

Hello there,  I am unable to understand your querry. Which position are you referring to?. Please do write back being specific so that can help you better. Wish you good luck...

Dear Aspirant, You do not wish to do MA in Economics and do not wish to be in the teaching profession too, but who told you that doing MA Economics only gets you into teaching profession? There are plenty of jobs available on the basis of MA Economics in corporate industry. Don't you know this? I am sad that somebody has mis guided you or you have made some wrong apprehensions about you and careers. If you wish to get into the corporate jobs, MA Economics can be a very good qualification. If you can do MA Economics from top economics institutes like Gokhale Institute, Pune, Symbiosis School Pu

Dear Aspirant, NEET is the national level entrance test for medical courses admission. NEET tests the medical career aspirant's knowledge on 12th science (PCB) subjects. To prepare for NEET exam, you need to be very well competent in PCB subjects till 12th level. I would suggest that enrolling yourself to a good NEET coaching class is recommended. In the coaching class, you will be benefitted by systematic study, practice and this will build your confidence to score high in the NEET exam. Self study can also be one, however a guide is necessary to check your progress and tell you how you shoul

Dear Aspirant, If you are qualified in education like Graduation plus B.Ed. or NET/SET qualification, then you can get jobs in teaching industry only. You may teach in colleges, private coaching institutes or take private tuitions. These days there are also online tutoring possibilities where you can teach online through internet/video conferencing.  Apart from teaching, with qualification related to education field only, you wont be able to get corporate jobs. However, as a fresher with no education related qualification, you can get corporate industry jobs. Apart from teaching, you coul

Dear Aspirant, There are different levels in the teaching field. Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Academician, etc. All these levels have different eligibility norms. By your question, it appears that you wish to become a Teacher. However I shall enlist the eligibility norms for all the above levels. 1. For becoming a primary or secondary school teacher, you should be a graduate and B.Ed. qualified candidate. Preferably all through English medium. After this, you can apply for school teacher jobs. The subject of specialisation can be of your choice. 2. For becoming a pre-primary teacher, you need

Dear Aspirant, Since you have selected the Lecturers category to ask this question of yours, I suppose that you wish to become a Lecturer in colleges. For this, you should be a minimum graduate and pass the Bachelors in Education (B.Ed) qualification. Preferably a Masters degree holder with B.Ed is preferred for college junior college teaching. For teaching in senior colleges, you have to pass the National Eligibility Test (NET) or State Eligibility Test (SET) conducted by the UGC. For this you will have to a minimum Masters degree holder. With this eligibility, you can apply for full tim

Dear Aspirant, By your query and the category you have selected, it appears that you are interested in becoming a school teacher. For becoming a school teacher, you must be a graduate as a minimum qualification. Then you will have to get the Bachelors of Education (B.Ed) qualification. You will have to also pass the Teacher Eligibility Test in order to become eligible to teach in schools. After this, you can apply for vacancies with schools (central and international schools are also applicable to you). Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Nice to see that you are interested in brightening your IT career. Many of them though get frustrated unnecessarily and leave the sector for at times silly reasons instead of thinking ways to upgrade themselves and grow. Upgrading oneself is very necessary in every sector and for a long term career success. For IT career, I would suggest the following to take your career ahead: 1. Do not leave your job if you feel frustrated due to stagnancy. Stagnancy is in the mind. Avoid it. You should atleast spend three years in a company before thinking of switching. 2. Learn new technolo

Hello Abhijeet, The thing I liked most about you is your self evaluation. Please note, certain jobs like Media specifically requires a bold personality, but any kind of a back end job or desk job would require a pleasing personality to succeed. Never the less, I would suggest, go in for a personality development course, a short term and get over certain traits. Because, any industry you join, to move up the career ladder, you need to be an extrovert and interaction is a must. So do not choose  a career based on your personality trait as of now.  Choose a career, and please understand

Dear Aspirant, When you say that you are not interested in finance as a career inspite of being qualified as PGDM Finance, you need to look at options afresh as if you have not done PGDM. Hope you are aware that once you choose another career field, your money, time and efforts for doing PGDM will be go completely waste. I am surprised that how you are casual and feel so easy to leave things. Hope your parents are aware of this and fine. To choose a career which is suitable to your new interests has to be checked and verified scientifically. I would strongly suggest for this you to attemp

Dear Aspirant, Getting confused is in a way natural due to a large number of career options available to pursue. However, here requires caution. I am happy that you came with you confusion and asked us to help. Do not get confused anymore. Just tell me what is your exact concern, doubt and confusion. I am sure I will be able to help you out and arrive at a correct career decision. Further and additionally, I would strongly recommend you to get yourself checked through the Ideal Career Test from This is a scientifically designed psychometric test which will help you know w

Dear Aspirant, You are expecting and asking before time. You will definitely improve and progress in your career, but not with little experience. Three years experience is small to progress to the Manager level. Why are you so desperate to climb up, when you have just gathered small work experience? Quality Assurance is a good domain and I would recommend you get certified by doing ISO Certifications etc which will justify your promotion coupled with a little more experience added. Best wishes